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A lot of magicians do tricks in pubs for free. They go into the bar, and are known as a magician. The men usually ask to see a trick.

There are ways to break into getting money out of the punters if you are not already a regular money earner from bar magic. If it's your regular bar that you visit, you could say that you've decided to only do your magic in the future, with all profits going to charity. Note the word profits. You will see the same reasoning and wording used on books, music CD's and so on. "The 'profits' go to charity" they say. With the landlord's approval, tell the punters you will show them a trick if they all make a minimum donation of a £1 or $1. Make your first trick a really good one, and then pass the hat round.

After you have done the first trick and collected the money, you can say, "would you like to see another one" and pass the hat round again. Give 50% of everything you take to charity, and you are in business. Use the same ploy in a strange bar by doing a free trick for the landlord and then ask if you can go round the tables, or even sit or stand in one corner and do your stuff. Tell him if any customer objects, you will stop immediately -you merely want to entertain and raise a bit of money for charity.

Some pubs or bars actually have a night normally reserved as a music night, when they put either solo singers or groups on a little stage in the corner. If you see that sort of event being planned, remember that these performers take frequent breaks during the evening. Ask the landlord if you can perform for free because you are practicing your act, and if he agrees, it can easily lead onto paid work.

Where you are working for tips, or passing the hat round, don't be afraid to ask. You are providing entertainment, and the customers can pay for it at their discretion.

Where you are standing on a small stage in a pub, most likely between music acts, remember that your magic must be able to be seen, and therefore, you are stepping up the ladder from performing close-up to performing platform magic. Therefore your tricks need to have larger gestures and presence in order to fill the stage.

As an alternative to performing between music acts, once you have proven yourself, you might well persuade the landlord to let you present a longer presentation. You might do an hour of mind reading, or general magic for the sort of fee he would pay the musical groups.

Remember, you have a talent, and it was expensive to acquire it in terms of purchasing books, props etc and in hours of learning. Why should you perform anywhere for free?

This kind of knowledge, working knowledge will also teach you that you need never starve when you know how to perform magic well. You can always learn a living, supplement another job, or merely go earn money from magic as and when you need it. All you need is the ability to talk to the landlord.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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