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What kind of relationship?

You need to establish a friendly rapport with anyone who might be interested in your magic, and keep doing that consistently. Let's illustrate this with a common scenario:

You are in the supermarket and you overhear some women talking about an event they are planning - perhaps a party for one of their sons. Seize the moment, and politely talk to the women, "Excuse me, I couldn't help over hearing you say that one of your children is having a party. I might be able to help you out." And so on, the point is you were prepared for the opportunity, you had a business card with you, and you politely offered your services.

Let me help you I see you bought a Harry Potter gift set.

Do the kids like Harry Potter? I'm a magician...

Let me help you I see you bought a Harry Potter gift set.

Do the kids like Harry Potter? I'm a magician...

Now, let's say that you got the show, you did a great job, and you took the opportunity of promoting your services at the show itself. Now, you have another twenty mums and dads who know about you. They talk about it the next day to some of their friends, and can you see what is happening.

If you are shrewd, you will carefully note the details of all these people, and keep them informed with a little postcard, a leaflet, simple brochure or whatever. Even if they don't book you for six months or a year, you still keep sending the special offers and coupons, promoting your services. Trust us, sooner or later, some of these people will book you, because you developed a following.

Whatever you are doing, take the opportunity to weave into the conversation what you do. You just never know who might need your services in the future. Don't be shy about talking about your magic. Remember what we said in an earlier module about people's reactions? Their ears will prick up and will be fascinated. Most times, it will be you who will have to stop the conversation!

Something else that will help you is if you are good, dare we say, really good at what you do. This promotes conversation by itself. "Did you see what that magician did tonight? I couldn't believe it, I was stunned. You know, I'm definitely going to ask him to perform at my retirement party next June."

Wherever you go, remember names and little details. No encounter is too insignificant. Let's say you perform at a school fete. When you are introduced to the organisers, stall holders, and teachers, make a note of these individual's names as soon as you have spoken to them. You can then write to them afterwards, saying something like, 'Dear (name), we met recently at the fete, and I thought you might be interested to know that as well as performing at fetes, I also specialise in (name speciality) magic. I remember you said you were interested in card tricks and I've enclosed a copy of a trick that you can try out on your friends, it has a great surprise ending. It's fun to do, and I hope you enjoy it. Incidentally, I'm performing regularly at The Riverside Bar every Friday, I'd love to see you there if you are able to come along. Bring a couple of friends and I'll make sure you are well looked after."

That's just an example of how you can simply tap into ready made situations to build your following. The fact that you remembered the persons name, the detail that they liked card tricks (rope magic, coin magic or whatever), and that you thoughtfully enclosed a neat little trick, means that they won't forget you for a long time.

Also, be sure to keep your friends and family in the loop as to what events you have planned, and where you will be performing. They are your greatest allies. Maybe you could get a little competition going amongst them as to who can bring the most people along to your show. Most relatives will rise to the occasion, especially if given a little incentive. Remember, they want you to succeed anyway!

In summing up then, be prepared for all these kinds of situations. Act now to get your business cards, a little notepad and pen, and a few simple tricks that you can carry everywhere with you. You'll be so glad you did!

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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