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In the United Kingdom there are still what are known as working mens clubs. There are still a few night clubs, and of course, there are comedy clubs too. The latter are peculiar in that they seem to live off young people who want to be comedians so much that they often do it for nothing. We repeat, you should never work for nothing. When a manager or agent says to you that it's a good place to be seen, point out that it might well be, but you still have to eat tomorrow!

In the United States too, there are many clubs or organisations that have social events. We are talking about sports clubs, social clubs, womens clubs and so on. Many of these have events at lunchtime and in the evening. All you have to do is come up with a talk about some aspect of magic. It should include demonstrations that are entertaining.

Remember particularly at women's meetings to hand out your business card, and point out that you have created very special children's shows. Just about every country on the planet has their own kind of social clubs where men and women get together to socialise.

There are even some clubs where every member is interested in magic and will pay you to go along and demonstrate your skills, usually with good after sales opportunities. These are magical societies and magic circles.

Why should a tennis club, a golf club, a philatelists society and so on book a magician? Paul by the way, has worked in many of these, and many more. If you have been to a magic convention, you will be aware that the act on the convention show that gets the most applause is the juggler.

The reason for that is, the audience is well sated (satisfied) with magical performances and truly enjoys anything that is different.

Sometimes a club or society will only deal with one booking agency. That's okay, ask for the agents name, address, contact etc, and send them some information about yourself. In any situation when you send out information, always make a phone call a couple of days later to make sure they have received AND read it!

Always be honest - if you are just beginning in magic, tell them, and ask for their help. Most times, it's worthwhile turning up at the agents office because "I was just passing by." Have couple of tricks in your pockets that you know very well, and offer to show them some examples of what you can do, that are included in your regular performances or talks.

Whilst you are there, tell them about all the other things you can do that are associated with magic. You might well do one or more of the so called 'allied arts.' You might have learnt some juggling, a shadow show, and so on. Equally, sometimes agencies simply need smart presenters for sales conference etc, and you may fit the bill for that kind of role.

With all bookings, regardless of the type of organisation or venue, you should arrive early. Organisers appreciate this, as well as helpfulness, even when conditions are awful for you. They have enough on their minds without some miserable, complaining conjuror adding to their problems.

Don't ask us which tricks go best. The answer is obvious. The tricks that go best are the ones that you do best! Ultimately, it's about you, not the tricks. That's the real secret that we have repeated through the course.

Working in restaurants is a more formal and organised of doing pub work so in that sense it's not that far removed from what you may have been doing. Generally, the surroundings are better though!

Let's consider performing magic in restaurants. Many magicians are making good money by working in restaurants, and this module contains the best hints and tips to help you succeed in this fascinating sub-specialty of magic. Even if restaurant magic does not appeal to you, you will still benefit greatly by the techniques explained, as they apply to many other areas of magic too.

Restaurant, walk-around, or table-hopping magic as it is sometimes referred to is very popular in certain areas, although there will always be plenty of scope in the market due to the sheer number of restaurants available. Incidentally, isn't it funny how different generations use different titles for their magic. Years ago it was called pocket magic, then micro magic, now close-up!

Whatever the name, in essence, the magician entertains diners, normally during a natural lull in the proceedings, such as after ordering, whilst waiting for the food to arrive, and for the bill at the end. Virtually all types of restaurants hire magicians, apart from perhaps national chains that have a policy of everything being coordinated through the HQ.

Everybody wins in this type of magic - the diners are entertained, the magicians get paid, and the restaurant owners get satisfied customers and more repeat business.

But where do you start, how do you break into this field? Getting the Gig

I know several magicians who all use different techniques to start working in restaurants, but generally the following approach seems to be work well:

Have a look in your local area to find restaurants where there are expensive cars parked outside. That way, you can identify which restaurants are likely to have the right kind of clientele, and that can afford to pay you.

By eating out at prospective venues you will find out what type of customers frequent the place, what kind of ambience it has, and what the pace of service is like. Make sure you are happy with these elements before proceeding.

There is no point trying to be employed somewhere that is so hectic you feel constantly under pressure (unless you like that). Also, bear in mind that your main selling point is that you will bring more business in, so if you choose somewhere that already has plenty of business you are needlessly making life difficult for yourself.

Drop in to the restaurant at a quiet time such as in the morning or afternoon and take a few tricks and perhaps a magic book with you. Whilst you are seated, practice some routines and the staff are bound to ask what you are doing, they are naturally inquisitive. Tell them you are a magician, and show them a trick when invited (they will always ask).

You may well find that one of the staff is the owner or manager anyway, but if not, ask the staff if you can show a trick to the manager. Perform a powerful effect that you know inside out, and sometimes the manager will ask you outright if you would like to perform in the restaurant. If they do not, don't push the issue at that time.

On the next occasion, speak to the manager again, and demonstrate a trick that you might typically use in the restaurant environment. By this time you have built up more of a rapport with them, and you can explain that you provide professional tableside magic for restaurant guests.

Be sure to focus on the benefits to the restaurant as quickly as possible. Reason with the owner as to how your service will increase their repeat business substantially. Let them know that you assist in keeping customers happy all evening, whilst they are waiting to be seated, after ordering, and whilst waiting for the bill to arrive.

If the owner is a sensible business person, they will agree to hire you, but if not, just move on to the next one, you can be sure that someone will want to benefit from your service.

If the owner is slightly sceptical, offer to perform one night for an hour or so, free of charge, on the condition that if proved successful you will be hired regularly.

If the owner agrees to a long-term booking, give him a choice of two days out of perhaps three specified. So, you might say you are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and what two days would they like? Do this even if you are available every day, as it doesn't look good if you say you are available anytime! Also, your services will have greater value if you only appear several times a week. It also leaves you open to opportunities at other restaurants, or to take other bookings.

Don't expect to get a restaurant booking on your first try as not everyone will see the benefits as clearly as you do. But keep persisting, and your efforts will pay off, that's guaranteed. Remember how Disney was not put off by a few no's?

Select a restaurant with the right kind of atmosphere as you need to be comfortable

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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