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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Progressive Relaxation Technique

We are going to enhance the progressive relaxation technique we learned in Chapter 3. We will change it just a little bit, and give you a more powerful script. Are you ready Let's begin Each and every time during these exercises that I suggest sleep or relaxation to you, your relaxation will grow deeper and sounder than ever before. (PAUSE) Feel the relaxation growing in your arms and hands. It feels so good to allow your body to relax this deeply. (PAUSE) Each and every time I suggest sleep or relaxation to you during these nighttime exercises you will go deeper and sounder then ever before. Allow this wave of relaxation to go all the way down your legs to your feet. (PAUSE) Feel your feet relaxing now. Allow all of the muscles in your feet a sense of deep, perfect, relaxation. (PAUSE) Picture all of those muscles going loose, limp and relaxed. (PAUSE) You and your lover are becoming very comfortable with the process and are receiving the benefits that deep relaxation can bring to...

A simple way to speed up relaxation

If you then use any of the above schemes to enhance relaxation you should find that they will work much more quickly and effectively. In this section we have laid a foundation for one of the most useful starting points in hypnosis how to induce complete muscular relaxation. You will have explored the process of inactivating the muscular system via the verbal, visual, emotional, musical, humorous systems, and perhaps some others. Consequently you should be aware of the fact that using the systems approach you will be able to tailor your approach to each particular person.

Deepening By Muscle Relaxation

NOTE TO HYPNOTIST THE FOLLOWING TECHNIQUE SHOULD BE USED AFTER THE HYPNOTIC INDUCTION. ALTHOUGH THE CLIENT WILL ALREADY BE EXPERIENCING A DEGREE OF PHYSICAL RELAXATION, THE FOLLOWING SUGGESTIONS WILL ALLOW THEM AN EVEN MORE PLEASANT FEELING, AND WILL DEEPEN THE HYPNOTIC STATE. In the same way, if I asked you to relax your hand, you could relax that hand so far that it would seem impossible to relax it any further. That would be the ultimate level of relaxation. Now, relax your feet. Relax every muscle in and around your feet until you have reached the ultimate level of relaxation. It is now time to be certain that every single part of your body is relaxed, to the ultimate of relaxation.

How to read this book

Series of discrete actions nor a chain of techniques interposed with open actions and patter. Rather, all the actions, secret and open, cluster into sequences or phrases. Between these phrases are pauses, sometimes filled with patter, when nothing consequential seems to happen. These pauses are functional in much the way paragraphs are in writing they improve clarity. I believe phrasing to be an important element in effective performance but one that is rarely, if ever, addressed in print. Like a rest in music, the performance pause is as integral and useful an element of a magical piece as a patter line or a gesture. While the most evident benefit is to increase the clarity of the effect, other ends are also served. To be fair, sometimes these lulls allow secret actions to be performed, or at least to be set up, and some authors have noted such uses in their text. The late Tony Slydini employed somewhat exaggerated moments of tension and relaxation to integrate misdirection into his...

Opposing Limited Choices

What I mean by an issue with relaxation is either that you spend too much time just relaxing, or that you really do need to learn how to relax more - not take some things so seriously. I believe it's a lack of taking the time to truly relax in your case . To which the spectator might say Well my wife says I'm just a bum and sit around all the time. But that's because I'm actually stressed, you know I need to get away and really let go and relax, but we don't have the money right now for me to go anywhere . Yes, relaxation and financial issues are absolutely tied together in your case. As I said, I see your relaxation issues as BOTH needing to really, truly relax and being careful that your periods of relaxation aren't keeping you stuck. You need a balance in this area is all. Really relaxing when you choose to relax, so you have the energy to do more. Otherwise it's easy for any of us to get caught up in trying to relax, not getting enough work done, and never really relaxing either...

Nominalizations And Combinations

Consider these phrases control issue privacy issue self-esteem issue confidence issue an issue with relaxation a commitment issue issues with your self issues with your family work related issues payment issues maturity issues responsibility issues emotional issues childhood issues , etc. If you can link a word that is not an actual physical thing (nominalization) to the nominalized word issue , people will generally find a way to make sense out of this in their own lives.

Why You Say What You Do

Answer You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your subject carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your subject to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel relaxed after the induction session. You may suggest feeling the same degree of relaxation while you are working on a project after the session is finished.

Do You Really Believe Some Last Thoughts in This Weerdness

Readings are difficult to do - if you are trying to cover your backside all the time. It isn't easy to relax when you are constantly worrying about being caught , and relaxation many say is key to doing readings well. Being continually deceptive to you and others causes many hardships that simply are not necessary. Check in Wonder Readings about the disclaimer Rex and I both use. It isn't really a disclaimer it's simply being honest with our clients and audiences.

Getting A Decision Over Dinner

It is far easier to obtain a favourable decision under these circumstances than it will ever be in restaurants that have bright lighting, tables and chairs placed in open areas and the banging of plates, knives and forks. Top restaurants use these types of relaxation techniques to extract large amounts of money from their customer's wallets for ordinary food, and men have been using them for thousands of years to create a romantic atmosphere for the benefit of their women.

Outline Stress Program 3 Hour

10 55 Physical relaxation verses psychological relaxation 11 05 BREAK 11 15 Group progressive relaxation and guided imagery to reduce stress, with the use of key words for continued results. NOTE A HAND OUT ON HOW TO DO PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION AND DEEP BREATHING CAN BE GIVEN OUT AT THIS TIME FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

The Cigarette through Shirt as Misdirection for Extensive Thievery

The remaining moves will happen in the moments of relaxation, amazement and mirth following the climax of the cigarette vanish. It is therefore vita that the trick is performed and acted convincingly, to provide the necessary tension that will afford a good psychologically invisible moment after it has finished.

Kolanut In The Vagina

Lobelia Herb Magic

Strongest emotion-alterant available that can be disciplined and it is the foundation of Tantra. A path to the use of this psychosexual power begins by recognizing and then overcoming restrictive sexual prejudices. The first place to start is by cultivating intense gonadal awareness through the conscious tightening of the pelvic region. This is accomplished through deliberate contraction and relaxation of the anal and urethral muscles.

December 1998 Tales from the Road II

Now let's talk about using the Direct Link. Mr. Anders provides a videotape in which he demonstrates and explains several effects using the device. Not one of these effects inspired in me a desire to use the prop. In fact, I question the manner in which Mr. Anders uses the Direct Link. To my eyes, objects were ditched at psychologically ineffective moments, and the ditching action was obvious and completely unnatural. I believe that the Direct Link, the Topit, and Sleeving are most effective when used to clean up, and the action must occur during a moment of audience relaxation (such as at the end of a trick). None of Mr. Anders' applications use the device in this way.

The TWopocket Deck Switch

The period of reaction and relaxation that naturally follows the climax of this effect provides the cover needed for the switch. Your left hand moves to your left-side jacket pocket to drop off the ringbox. It rhen immediately grasps the gimmicked deck in dealing grip and comes from the pocket.

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

Allow your mind to take you to a higher place. Assent (a scent) - leading to pleasant feelings and warmth. Hear the calming sounds. Catch the wave of relaxation. The air is fresh and clean to breathe in and out and relax even more. You can relax to these calming senses (scents) and sensations Notice how the words can have double meanings in these comments. Note especially that at this point nothing has been said directly about a beach. But the words hint at this idea many times via indirect ways. The sound relaxing over and over , calming sounds , and WAVES of relaxation hint strongly at waves of water or ocean sounds. The comments about shoes or no shoes allude to something obviously. Put in context with the scent and other words, a sandy beach might easily come to mind. You will certainly uncover many other such influences occurring in these statements.

The Vital Temperament

This Temperament controls the vital organs, the blood supply, and nutrition. The vital processes of life depend on it -- warmth of the body, digestion, assimilation, absorption, and secretion. It gives man hunger and makes him distinguish the requirements of his body through his senses of feeling, smelling, tasting, seeing, and hearing. It is essential to reproduction and growth. Herein lies the great chemical laboratory of the body. It also gives the power of relaxation and sleep, creating in man the desire to seek comfort and to accumulate plenty of material things. Vitality is magnetic. It makes man sociable, agreeable, and lovable. In combination with the other Temperaments, it fires them to action.

You Dont Need to Hypnotize

Mark Cunningham said I use the working definition as follows Hypnosis is the suspension of the Critical Factor, coupled with the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. Or she suspends judgments and focuses on being led through an experience. Relaxation, catalepsy, all the 'classic' tests do not have to be present in order to have a profound trance effect taking place.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Okay, here's the NLP drill Get yourself into a relaxed state by listening to the music or the sound of your own breathing. Buy a book on yoga -- they have some fantastic relaxation breathing techniques. Make sure you have the rubber band in place and have decided on how to snap it every time, (over or under). Once you're relaxed, you need to conjure up a very happy or powerful feeling from your past memories and relive it within your mind. This should be some kind of event or moment when you were swept with feelings of competence and power, as if you'd just won the Stanley Cup and are skating it around the rink held over your head with thousands of people cheering and your team mates surrounding you (what the hell, you won the Con Smythe too ). Not a hockey guy How about a spacewalk in the Shuttle payload bay Floating along and watching the Earth slip by Whatever you decide to use, you'll have to really get into the fantasy until you can feel the chills running up and down your spine....

Occidental Oriental Hypnotism

Hypnotic Oriental Eyes Mcstories

Seating yourself opposite the person who has volunteered to be hypnotized, explain to him (or her) that the process of being hypnotized is not to be regarded as mysterious, that any intelligent person can easily enter hypnosis. The experience is relaxing and refreshing just like normally going to sleep is, as they do every night of this life. Only in this case they place themselves into the special condition of hypnosis, by deliberate suggestions of relaxation and sleep, rather than by the spontaneous process of going to bed. See Fig. 1. Notice how the affirmation suggestions up to this point concentrate entirely on bodily comfort, relaxation, and pleasant repose. Eyes all closed in darkness now. Now, go to sleep. Go deep to sleep. Everything is gently drifting and floating gently by . . . and you are sinking down, down, down deep to sleep. Just floating and drifting gently as though on a cloud . . . and you are sinking on down, down, down, to sleep. Go to sleep Go deep, deep to...

Method and Handling

Right Hand Palm Png

Your purpose here is to cover the move with tension-relaxation misdirection. Suspicion generates tension. Eliminating suspicion causes relaxation. You create suspicion by leaving the card face down. You then dissipate suspicion by showing the face of the card under the guise of pointing to the initials. The spectator thinks, Gee, I'm an awfully suspicious person. He wasn't trying to deceive me. It's at that moment that you deceive him

Basic Hypnotic Induction

When hypnotising a subject, I would normally observe their rate of breathing and synchronise my speech and own breathing pattern with their breaths. This is done by watching the chest rise and fall or observing the nostrils. It is most effective to coincide suggestions of relaxation with the client's exhalations.

Reveen Look into my eyes

Then, once again, his voice washes over us. We close our eyes, as he pulls us deeper and deeper down into a state of supreme relaxation. He tells us our right arm is growing lighter and lighter, and it floats up of its own accord. He tells us to let it fall, and it drops back into my lap with a thud.

Getting Noticed Part I

Suck it up Maintain an outward appearance of confidence and relaxation. Do not go into the rejected, dejected mode. You know, that humiliated, tail-between-the-legs look. Your shoulders droop and your head is down as you shuffle away. That body language announces to every intuitive person in the room what just happened. By now, you do

Tools For A Great Induction

Deep breathing suggestions Tell your partner to breathe deeply to enhance the relaxation response. This will deepen the feeling of hypnosis. Post-hypnotic suggestion Give your subject a suggestion during the induction that will predict and ask for a particular behavior, once she he awakens from hypnosis. The behavior we are looking for in this book is the complete relaxation and stress reduction at night and the full awareness and high energy level during awakening. As you experiment on your own with your personal goals, you will develop many post-hypnotic suggestions.

The Pre Grievitig Pattern

Sometimes we don't eat as healthily as we should in order to have the health and fitness that corresponds with a vigorous and energetic life. Do we have a good strategy for healthy eating We may not. Hating in a healthy way involves listening to the wisdom of the body so that we can recognize when we feel full and empty. In so doing, we learn to eat for nutrition, not for some psychological value comfort, nurture, relaxation, etc. 2. Check your stomach feelings. What do you feel What kinesthetic qualities do you experience Check whether your stomach feels full, empty, or some degree in between. Also check for the overall feelings tension, relaxation, etc.

The Tale Of The Old Timer

There is a natural moment of relaxation that follows the climax of any good effect. For that moment you are not perceived as performing. The trick is over, the next hasn't begun you are smiling and acknowledging the applause. This is a time when astonishing things can be secretly accomplished details can be cleaned up from the last trick, and preparations made for future ones. You can reinforce this feeling of rest and inattention by purposely assuming a relaxed posture and slipping from a more formal tone of presentation to a conversational manner. An air of nonchalance is contrived.

NOTE This is NOT intended to provide you with a rigorous scientific demonstration of the power of an induction there

Nowadays inductions tend to be more relaxed and less authoritative in a therapeutic context, though stage hypnosis continues to be relatively forceful and authoritative. We will explore more modern approaches in a later chapter. But in the mean time you might like to compare the effect of one of these classical inductions with the relaxation technique that was presented in Chapter 2, or one that you improvised If you are working with the same friend as subject you will find it interesting to ask them how they felt as a result of a relaxation approach and a more forceful approach and in addition see which approach seemed to produce the greater intensification of response to whatever test you applied. (E.g. the use of words to induce limb movement or rigidity etc.) It will not be surprising if you find that results vary from person to person You should have now tried out some classical inductions seen that they rely on mechanisms that you have explored in earlier chapters and seen that...

What does focus of attention mean

You should then simply continue on these lines making suggestions of movements to the fingers so that they move up or down, together or apart, in any pattern that you suggest except crossing. While at the same time you are suggesting sleep and relaxation to the mind. You could, if you chose, start to use some sort of visualisation such as the trip on the boat that we met in an earlier chapter to take the mind further into a relaxed and distant state. Your goal is, in effect, to train the fingers (or rather the mental subsystem that controls them) to attend to your instructions while the remainder of the friend's mind is getting as sleepy or distant as you can manage. You have a constant measure of how well the finger system is attending because you can see them move. You have less of an idea of how the rest of the person's brain

The Post Hypnotic Must Be On Their Terms

You will find that just so long as you want to deepen your level of relaxation and self-hypnosis that every breath you take, every noise you hear, every thought you think and every word I say will merely serve as a sign and a signal enabling you to remain in a state of self-hypnosis and indeed to deepen this state of self-hypnosis further with each second that passes by

David Shades Manual Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Relaxation is the absence of tension caused by internal conflicts between beliefs and desires. Work on your beliefs such that they become congruent with your desires. Then they effortlessly propel you to your goals. Always believe in yourself. Never doubt your own abilities. Never concern yourself with what others think of you.

We end with a sample compound induction script

The first exercise in this chapter is something that might be familiar to you. It is a relaxation technique that is sometimes called progressive relaxation . Something similar can be met in ante-natal clinics stress-relief courses and so on. But it is also a common starting point for many hypnotists. The simple idea is that you pay attention to a particular muscle or muscle group and think relax , NOT in a spirit of For heaven sake, RELAX I tell you. RELAX but rather of, I am asking nothing of you now and so you can stop doing anything, you can go to sleep. Alternatively you can use the word sleep rather than relax . It is not that YOU are going to sleep but that a group of muscles are going to sleep. Neither does there seem to be some magical pattern of words which are automatically better than any other for a given person. But if you have experienced hypnotherapy or progressive relaxation you will generally have found that far more complex patterns of words are used than I have...

Them in a way that NO surgeon NO drugs can begin to match The techniques of hypnotherapy are powerful precise and

On the other hand you might find in a particular person that one or other or both of the music and relaxation was weak. In cases where this works you then simply wait until one or two scenes are recalled, usually with smiles or laughter. You need only give a little verbal encouragement. Then after a few minutes you can ask about relaxation. For example suppose someone loves boats and music, hates animals and has no sense of smell or humour then you can at once eliminate any references to scents or smells from your relaxation script but might go a long way with activating a sense of the rocking of a boat and some favourite music. Likewise if someone is mad about cats, but has no visual imagination or interest in much else then you would naturally start a script on the lines of thinking simply of sitting with a cat or two on the lap and feeling them purring and going to sleep. This will tend to produce the desired response in the subject.

Total inactivity atonia

At the other extreme you can aim at total inactivity of the muscles combined with the impossibility of voluntary motion. This goes well with a relaxation approach. You aim to make it impossible for the subject to be able to use a given muscle or set of muscles. A simple example that you have met previously is involved in eye closure you are making the muscles that lift the eyelids feel so tired that it becomes possible for the subject to lift them to keep the eyes open. In the same area you could aim instead for full eye fixation making the muscles that control the movement of the eyeballs totally inactive and make their conscious control impossible. The subject may well then look a little like the popular cartoon representation of a hypnotised person staring fixedly forward. You may combine this with an inactivation of the blinking reflex so that the gaze is steady and unblinking. But you can get the same effect - of relaxation combined with loss of conscious control - in any other...

Police Departments 3 Hour

9 50 Explain how to use progressive relaxation, and visualization techniques to reduce tension during the interview. 10 00 Demonstrate a progressive relaxation technique on a volunteer from your group. 11 00 Group practice using progressive relaxation techniques. (NOTE at this time you may want to give written wording on progressive relaxation.)

So in short the approach that you are learning here gives you Flexibility it enables you to Personalise your approach

(Primary mode simple verbal suggestion of relaxation.) Now you are going to discover that you can relax. (Pause.) All you need to do is to listen to me and you will relax. (Pause.) Listen to my voice, it is relaxing. (Pause.) My voice will gradually make you more and more relaxed and peaceful. (Pause.) Your muscles will respond without you having to do anything. (Pause.) Just listen to my relaxing voice. (Pause.) You will feel quite happy. (Pause.) More and more relaxed and calm. (Pause.) It will be better than being on holiday in the most luxurious resort. (Pause.) Because you will be totally relaxed and at peace. (Pause.) All tension will go. (Pause.) Your muscles will relax and be at rest. (Pause.) And your skin will relax until it is as smooth as silk. (Pause.) Relaxed, restful and at peace. 4. (Primary mode activate emotions of peace and relaxation.) The boat ride is now drifting under the branches of overhanging trees. (Pause.) And they are giving you a deep sense of inner...

Bringing it all together

1) Write down briefly the way in which you like to start - after reading this brief book you are likely to choose between a relaxation approach as in Chapter 2 or an eye-closure and fixation approach as in Chapter 5. and or c) Emotional system see if we can activate a feeling of amusement. 1) Starting point a relaxation approach. We could then start to write down a draft script. Draft Script 1) The relaxation script can be based on Chapter 2, but because of our intermediate goals we would include rather more about sensations of relaxation and peace in the face, as opposed to other parts of the body, than we would for other goals. If we are using simple verbal direction to aid the relaxation then we will be using words like happy rather more than we would for other goals, because of 2 c). And if we are using the visual imagination to aid the relaxation process we would be more likely to include in it images of smiling faces because of 2 b). (Say 5 minutes' worth of ideas).

How To Read Peoples Minds

The natural law of mutual dependence between mind and matter - or habit of harmony of action between the brain and body of man or beast - is the whole secret of mind-reading. It follows that all the mind-reader has to do is simply to observe carefully the actions of the muscles of his subject's hand against his forehead, and follow in the direction indicated by the subject's muscles, and he will find himself led unmistakably toward the place upon which the subject's mind is concentrated. Having reached the place, the mind-reader will feel around with one hand until the secreted article is found, and as soon as his hand touches it - although he has no previous knowledge of its nature - he will recognize it instinctively for the subject has unconsciously imparted such information by the relaxation of his muscles. As mind is indivisible or in other words as it is impossible for a person's mind to be in two places at the same time, it is plainly to be seen that if the subject honestly...

David Shades Manual A Truly Unique Way to Give a Woman an Orgasm

I did the standing induction and then settled her down on the sofa. I told her she would forget her name. It did not work. I told her she might be the type of person who is more easily hypnotized while first sitting down. It took me 30 minutes to put her fully under. I planted no suggestions, but just let her enjoy the deep relaxation. I then brought her fully out of trance and said to her Wasn't that fun She said Yes I did not want to come back out She discussed the wonderfully colorful hallucinations she enjoyed. Then I said Now that I know the best way to hypnotize you, I would like to try something else. She declined, and conversation moved on to other topics.

Friction Scarf Blindfold

It is the loops of wire that cause the friction which gives this method its name. Any magician's wife (or any other wife, for that matter) will vouch for the fact that silk catches easily. Watch a woman taking on her best silk or nylon stockings (this is a hypothetical instruction, or course, but even a magician needs a little relaxation sometimes. Go ahead then, watch her ) and see how delicately she handles them. The least roughness of the skin of the hands will cause the silk to cling to the hand and will probably start a ladder (run) in the stocking.

Ringing The Change

When ready to perform this piece, casually reach into your jacket pocket and palm the bell by clipping the cloth tab between the tips of the right first and second fingers. The bell should hang just behind the insides of the fingers. By keeping the right thumb pressed lightly on the bell it will not jingle prematurely. When the bell is securely clipped in place, remove the hand from the pocket. This procuring of the bell is, of course, done under cover of the reaction of relaxation that follows the preceding effect.


With this surprising change of the Two of Hearts to the chosen card, your audience begins to understand that your mistakes were deliberate. With this realization they relax. You arc out of trouble, the tension and embarrassment disappear, things are in control again, the correct card has been produced. The sudden relief and relaxation provide the perfect opportunity for you to execute another top change, switching the Nine of Clubs in your right hand for the Two of Hearts on the deck. Retain a left fourth-finger break under the Nine as you make the change.

Lost Illusions

Then turn over the card in your right hand. This isn't a Nine eidier. In fact, there has never been a Nine of Clubs in the deck. It has all been an optical illusion, just our imaginations. While saying this, drop the right hands cani onto the spread and quickly gather the deck.To the audience, the effect seems over, and during the consequent relaxation this belief causes, you can safelv top palm the Nine of Clubs. Conclude the routine by producing the Nine from your pocket, almost as if the action were an afterthought.


Rhythm of interest and relaxation, so begin by extending the deck in the dealing position in the left hand to the spectator and request that she flip over the top card. Lean towards her a little as you do this. This is our moment of interest. Allow the card to register, and name the selection if appropriate. Push the top few cards to the right a little with the This entire steal occurs in the brief moment of relaxation as you shift back to a normal standing position after leaning towards the spectator, and the brief bringing together of the hands passes as the right hand aiding in the shifting of the top card to a 'display' position, jogged forward from the front short end of the deck. During this brief process, you remain turned rather to the left to hide the palmed card from the other spectators. If the spectator happens to be so far to the left that you feel that she would see the steal, this can often be entirely bypassed by looking her in the eye and asking an appropriate...


Show your left hand empty and move it under the table. You now indicate a point on the table in front of you and apparently drop all three coins onto that spot. In fact only two are allowed to fall, the left-most coin against your fingers slides into right finger palm. There is an important turning action of the wrist that facilitates this palm. The coins are held fanned with the right palm pointing upwards. The hand turns at the wrist so the fan will be pointing towards the table. At the mid-point of this action, a slight relaxation of the grip on the left-most coin allows it to slip easily into finger palm. The fingers curl slightly to receive it and the thumb releases it's grip on the other two coins, which fall to the table one of the coins has vanished.

Discovering The Card

Begin to lessen your circles and hand movements until you gradually center over this spot. Then slowly lower your fingers until you touch the card resting on the said spot, when you will be sure that you are right, when you must pick up the card and exhibit it to the audience. The same indications mentioned in the feats of the last chapter will be felt by you. You will feel the No, no impression when you are wrong, and the That's right impression when you are moving in the right direction, until at last you will distinctly feel the relaxation of the mental urge, which you will have learned to translate into Right you are when you finally touch the right card. This feat is really no more difficult than the one in which the small object is found, and we have included it in the list of Difficult Demonstrations simply because it is practically a connecting link between the two classes of demonstration, as you will see as we proceed.

Final Note

You will now have six face up cards on top of the deck. Four face up aces followed by two face up indifferent cards. There will be a moment of relaxation from the spectator at this point when he appears to think that you have just led him on into thinking that you had done something. At this moment turn over the six cards face down and deal out the top four cards. The first two will be indifferent, the third and fourth aces. As you place the third ace down 'accidentally' flash the face of the ace in right hand and at the same moment partly push off the fourth card (an ace) from top of deck 'accidentally' flashing its face. Drop both cards together on to the table as you say would you like to see them again You are now set to perform any of the 1,001 four ace routines that adorn the magical pages. Talking about magical Pages, how are you Pat

How To Be Yourself

Now a number of performers adopt such an exaggerated persona when performing that it may seem ludicrous to imagine that they are 'being themselves.' I trust that Tamariz steps out of character when he removes the hat and goes home. Otherwise, he would be an exhausting man to know, with his constant offers to friends and family alike to 'show them something ethpethiaL' I-us hypnotic relaxation tapes would be a disaster. Yet the character that we are presented with is clearly a comfortable offshoot and exaggeration of a part of his personality, and he sits well with it. We, in turn, may be sobbing into our trousers at the end of a two-hour lecture, but we feel drawn in by it, not alienated. However extreme it may be, and however different it may be from one's own choices, it is a rounded and secure character that does not show any shabbiness at

Body Reading

Roundness, mesomorphy - the component of muscularity and ectomorphy- the component of length. These three components are linked to traits of temperament the endomorph to relaxation, warmth, and sociability the mesomorph to energy, assertiveness and drive and the ectomorph to quickness, sensitivity and inwardness. The most obvious thing about you is your relaxation. Your whole being is loose and easy going. You are inwardly secure and this allows you to be outwardly trusting. Your strong practical common sense together with your refusal to be rushed into action saves you from most serious mistakes ofjudgment. You may look like a softy, but it is surprisingly difficult to take advantage of you. You take great delight in sleeping. You have no trouble falling asleep instantly and deeply. Comfort is your aim. You like overstuffed furniture and beds you can sink into. You dislike cramped quarters and like large rooms and large cars. You have difficulty looking sharp and clothes are a...

Complete Script

Again, breeeeeeathe in relaxation, and breathe out tension. Again, breeeeeeathe in relaxation, and breathe out tension. Feel your body become COMPLETELY relaxed. Open your eyes, close your eyes. FEEL that relaxation even more. In a moment, I am going to instruct you to open your eyes and close your eyes. Open your eyes, close your eyes. FEEL that relaxation even more. In a moment, I am going to instruct you to count out loud, backwards, starting from 100. Feel the relaxation in your feet. COMPLETELY relaxing your feet. Feel the relaxation move UP your ankles and INTO your calves, Relaxing EVERY muscle in your calves. RELAXING your calves compleeeeeetely. ComPLETELY relaxing your calves. Relaxing your calves compleeeeeetely. FEEL the relaxation move UP your knees, and INTO your thighs, Relaxing EVERY muscle in your thighs. RELAXING your thighs compleeeeeetely. Slowly soften it up. Do this for one minute. Let her enjoy the relaxation. Right now she truly is profoundly deep in trance....

The Induction Script

Floating Assistant Hypnotized

Relax back in your chair and look steadily at the watch, as you listen only to the sound of my voice. Nothing else matters except the watch and my voice. With each and every breath you take, you will become more and more relaxed.more and more at ease. Let every muscle of your body be completely at rest. You must keep your attention focused on the watch. Look steadily at the watch and do not blink. Everything is beginning to feel comfortable now. It's wonderful to relax and let everything else go. You have no concerns.just the desire to sleep. A complete sense of relaxation is washing over your body like a warm, soothing ocean wave. You are now completely warm and comfortable in your chair. Everything is very pleasant, warm and comfortable. Everything is peaceful and quiet now. Your eyes are closed and your body is completely at rest. Now, go to sleep. Go deep, deep asleep. Everything is gently drifting by as if you were floating on a cloud. You are floating down gently down...

Feedback loops

If you want further exercises on these lines I would suggest the following. Having run though some such exercise as the last to give you an idea of how easy it is to get a certain class of suggestions accepted, do something similar after having first run through an hypnotic induction. Hypnotists suppose that the induction makes a difference that it automatically makes the resistance lower that it automatically makes the subject more suggestible , or ready to accept statements. Why not get an idea of how true this is Perhaps it is more true in some people than others Perhaps it makes little difference as long as you have the skill to make suggestions that build up on a stairway of yes responses Perhaps it does not matter whether you get the early yes steps on things like eye closure and relaxation or on statements about the person's feelings, attitude or nature

Preliminary Stages

Before commencing the practices for developing powers of visualization and projection, it is recommended that you initially prepare yourself for the subsequent mental exertion by a few preliminary observations. In this regard, rest yourself mentally and physically for a little time before commencing your practice. Take tension off your body and strain off your mind, and try to let go for a few moments, until you feel the sense of poise and calmness that such relaxation brings.


In location 4, find a higher level criterion that can override the limiting criteria of step 3. What do you find more significant or so important that you would give up smoking even if the smoking triggers feelings of relaxation and nurturing (e.g., feeling respected by your family). What do you hold as a value even more important than that (e.g., saving your life)

Think of a Card Plus

David is looking for those telltale signs that the volunteer has committed a card to memory. There will be a definite relaxation of gaze as soon as a card has been thought of. There might also be a hesitation in spreading the cards or the volunteer may look up from the pack having accomplished his task. There are many indicators and they differ from one individual to another. Only practice and observation can reveal them all. The bottom line is that David notes the card in the spread that coincides with the volunteer's reaction.


This is not to say that there is NO skill in the practice of hypnosis. The ability to enable a wider range of people to experience phenomena such as the above comes from experience. The value of various preambles and processes such as the deep relaxation of Chapter 2 is that they enable the responses you will have found in this chapter to be evoked more readily. However all these things are in the end merely sharpening and extending things that for some people can happen quite easily and with little or no preparation.

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