The Red Wine Diet

The Red Wine Diet

This diet is the single best way to lose weight if you'd rather not spend every spare minute on the treadmill and eating carrots and broth. You can lose the same amount of weight or MORE just by following the easy instructions in this ebook from Art Mcdermott, Certified Nutritionist and Strength Coach. Believe it or not, red wine is not a guilt pleasure. It is a very good and helpful part of your diet. The antioxidants in red wine alone can help you a lot in your quest to stay healthy! You don't have to just eat kale and carrots to lose weight Why not have a little something that tastes good as well? You will learn a lot in this ebook, including why alcohol is not your enemy in weight loss, the real health benefits of red wine that no one talks about, and addictive foods to avoid. Don't just avoid foods Get some red wine too! Read more here...

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This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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The Broken and Mended Wine Glass

An additional effect may be introduced here by producing the glass filled to the brim with wine instead of being empty. For this purpose the performer employed a rubber syringe or ball previously, filled with red wine, which he had concealed in the profonde. While bringing forth the glass, he empties the contents of the syringe or ball into it and produces it filled as described.

Wine Handkerchief and Bottle

Filled with wine, then placing it on an ordinary chair and covering it with a borrowed handkerchief. He next forms a paper cone, into which he places a small silk handkerchief. Tearing off the tip of the cone, red wine is seen pouring out of the latter, being allowed to run into a glass held underneath. The cone is then opened and shown empty, the handkerchief having mysteriously disappeared. Going to the chair the conjurer removes the handkerchief covering the decanter, out of which the wine has vanished, the missing handkerchief, which completely fills the inside of the bottle, having taken its place.

Wine Instead of Flowers

An empty paper cone, consists of tearing off the tip of the cone after the flowers contained in the latter have been emptied out, when a quantity of red wine, sufficient to fill several glasses, is seen issuing from the open tip of the cone, which is now unrolled and shown to be empty and perfectly dry on the inside.

Coins In Bottle Steve Beam

I have used several variations. If you are among (fellow childish) friends, you can comment on how fresh the red wine (the ketchup) is. We will sell no ketchup before its time. Renove the cap and dump out a cherry tomato that you have swiped from the salad bar. Boy This is fresh

Liquid Change

The effect is as follows The performer stands in the center of the stage well away from tables and chairs. In his right hand he holds a small glass jug about two-thirds full of water. In the left he holds the tumbler, which has been previously wiped out. Water poured into the tumbler turns instantly to ink. When the ink is poured back into the jug, the whole turns to red wine. The performer pours this back and forth several times showing that further changes are impossible, then he remarks But if I require a tumbler of water I simply pour it out like this. Suiting actions to words, he pours a tumbler of water from the jug of wine, and by pouring the water back into the jug changes the whole into water as it was at first. So much for the effect.

Mental Air Mail

The term VMacGuffin' was coined by the great suspense film director, Alfred Hitchcock's Scottish friend, screenwriter Angus MacPhail, for something that sets a film's plot revolving around it in a misleading way. It's really just an excuse and a diversion. In a whimsical anecdote told by Hitchcock, he compared the MacGuffin (Mac as in MacPhail) to a mythical 'apparatus for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands'. In other words, it could be anything - or nothing - at all. In the film Notorious, it's uranium-ore hidden in red wine bottles. In North by Northwest, it's 'government secrets', whatever they may be. (Hitchcock considered that this was his 'best MacGuffin, because they were virtually non-existent.) Actually North by Northwest turns out to be one vast MacGuffin, being full of 'nothings' like the 40* in Roger O. ThornhilFs name, or the empty prairie, or the non-existent agent named Kaplan. According to Hitchcock, the MacGuffin could be ignored as soon as it has served its...


Performer shows a glass pitcher half full of water, and five empty glasses. Into the first glass he pours water, into the second red wine, into the third gin, and into the fourth red wine. Each glass is filled about half full. He pours the contents of the first glass into the second and back into the first, giving wine in both. The third and fourth glasses are mixed, giving water in both. The first and second glasses of wine are poured back into the pitcher, making wine in the pitcher. The third and fourth glasses, containing water, are poured back into the pitcher, resulting in clear water as in the beginning. Magician then pours water from the pitcher into the fifth glass, changing it to milk. Or how about a little 'vin rouge' or red wine

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