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The Palmistry Party

I love Palmreading. I never tire of it. I personally am fascinated by all forms of Psychic reading, and I am often amazed at how accurate the Psychic systems seem to be.

To do Palmistry well, you must be well - versed in the subject. I have made an extensive study of Palmistry for years, and am fluent in both the Western and the Chinese system of reading.

Regardless of why Psychic reading works, simple observation shows that, for most people, it does work. I am neither a complete 'shut

- eye' or a jaded materialist of the skeptical variety. I guess I am a 'Winkie'

- a person with one eye open, and the other eye closed!

The Palmistry party is one of my biggest sellers. I will include the basics of getting the show together. Any 'Shut -Eye' book on Palmistry will give you more than enough material for the lecture portion of the show.

Or, you can get Webster's Revealing Hands videotape from Flora and Company. It is an excellent lecture on Palmistry.

Getting Started

You will need to buy a dry - erase board, about 18" x 12". On the board, in permanent black ink, draw a large outline of the Human hand. Simply lay your hand on the board and trace around it.

During your lecture, you will draw in the lines you are talking about with red 'erasable' marker.

Remember, this is a very informal show, taking place in someone's living room, or in a small banquet situation. As you talk about the various traits of the hand, try to be as humorous as possible!

As you point out the details of the palm, each person will be busily identifying their own traits, and giggling. It is a world of fun!


"Ladies, tonight we are going to explore the universe residing within our own hands. We are goin g to look at the ancient art of Palmistry, and we will learn what our own hands tell us about our personality.

"First of all, we look at the shape of the hand. If the hand is round, you are an action - oriented person. You act before you think. This can sometimes cause you to land in a sticky situation, but you are good at working things through in a crises situation. You are best motivated under a crushing deadline!

"Action people hate to wait around all day, waiting for something to happen. They get annoyed with people who take all day to make up their minds!"

"Now, if your Palm is oval, it is what Palmists call the Conic Hand. It is a beautiful hand, and signifies that the owner is very empathic. Do you know what empathy is? This is the ability to feel the emotions of others. It causes your aura to radiate a warm, sympathetic energy, which is attractive to the - well, the lost souls of the world.

"Empathic people seem to attract the personal confessions of strangers. The scenario I imagine is you are sitting at a busstop, and someone sits next to you and starts telling you their life story!

"At some point in your life, if you have the Conic hand, you will begin to wonder why all your friends have so many problems! It's kind of like being the 'Dear Abby' of your social group.

"If your hand is square, you are a planner, a designer, and a coordinator. You tend to be eminently practical, a little skeptical, and a person to whom security will always be important. Square hands are the practical people of the world, and seldom run off to join the circus!

" Finger length is important, too, and if your fingers are long, you are very sensitive to details, and perhaps a bit of a perfectionist.

"If you fingers are short, hnwever, you tend to be a bit impatient, and do not want to be bothered with details."

Now, you get out your board and marker. The audience should be warmed up by now, and really 'into' the lecture.

"Now we look at the lines of the hand. This is the Heart line. It begins here, at the heel of the hand, and usually goes across the palm. If it ends under the first finger, it signifies a person who is a little self-centered and introspective. I call it the 'Princess Line!"

If it ends under the second finger, this is someone who gives. And gives. And gives. It is called The Gift of Mercy, but it is a pain in the neck kind of gift, because it means that you tend to put the need of others infront of your own. It can really put some mileage on you...

"Ideally, the line should end between the first two fingers, which signifies a good balance between giving and receiving. It is a fine, nurturing quality that is ideal.

"Now, ifyour line is straight, itmeansyou have a Mental Heartline. It always indicates someone whose head gets involved in matters of the heart. Relationships must satisfy the head as well as the heart. It can make you overanalyze people, rather than trusting your instincts. You will have hidden depths, which few people will get a glimpse into.

"And ifyour line is curved, it is the Physical Heartline. People with this line are very romantic and idealistic. They always show what they feel - the feelings are always close to the surface. Sometimes too close!

"This is your Headline, and if it is straight, it means you are logical and technical. If it is curved, you are creative and artistic. The length of the line determines your attention span and ability to concentrate.

"Ifyour headline forks, it means you can see both sides of an issue, and you will love debate. It is sometimes called a Writer's fork or Lawyer's fork.

"This of course is your Lifeline. The Lifeline does not tell how long you will live, it gives an indication of how well you live - are you vibrant, and alive, or tired and weary all the time?

"If the Lifeline sweeps out into the plain of Mars, it will make you restless - you will most likely seek independence and travel a bit. If it hugs close to your thumb, near the mound of Venus, it will try to make you stay at home and be a homebody.

"All your life, your lifeline is torn between Venus, who wants you to stay at home, and Mars, who wants you to come out and fight like a man! The struggle between the need for security and the desire for independence..."

Be prepared to be asked a lot of questions about the lines of the people at this point! Read, read, read!

"Breaks in the line indicate periods of illness or times when you felt like you were 'on hold', spinning your wheels but getting nowhere.

"A fork at the end is called a Traveler's fork, and indicates an 'itchy foot', and a desire to travel.

"These are the three major lines of the hand, which every one has. Now, I'll show you some of the more volatile lines of the hands."

At this point, I discuss the Fate line.

"The Fate line shows what forces go into centering your personality. If your Fate line starts close to the Lifeline, you will be a 'People pleaser' early on in life, trying to meet the expectations of others.

"If the line starts down here, on the heel of the hand, it is called a 'Neptune Line', and indicates that you are a bit of an oddball - doing things your way, and marching to the beat of a different drum!

"If the line starts high in the hand, you will be a late bloomer. It takes you a little longer to find out who you are and what you want to do."

The rest of my lecture involves the 'Psychic' signs of the hand - The Girdle of Venus, (sort of a second Heartline) which denotes sensitivity; The Ring of Solomon, (a wrinkle under the forefinger) which denotes wisdom, and the 'Mystic Cross', (any cross formation between the Headline and the Heartline) which indicates intuition and insight, and the Bow of Intuition ( a bow -shaped line on the heel of the hand).

"An interesting thing to see are when the major lines form an 'M' in the center of the palm. In terms of past lives, this indicates a very old soul. Someone who was a master of the occult in a previous life. It used to be a 'M'for 'Magician', or W'for Witch - depending how they tied you to the stake!

"But it always indicates someone who brings into this life a strong Psychic talent."

I can say this, because I have magnificent 'M's on both of my hands, and at Psychic fairs, other Readers gurgle in ecstasy over them. I show my 'M's, and then take questions.

At this point, the individualized readings take place. I go down the line, doing quick readings for the audience members. When I do public readings like this, I point out the most striking characteristics of each person's hand.

Another option is to do ten - minute readings on everybody, in the privacy of the next room. This is the way I prefer to do it. As the number of amazed people in the next room increases, so do your odds of booking more parties!

Chapter Three: The Graphology Party

The Graphology Party

The Graphology Party has a similar format to the Palmistry Party - you start out with a general lecture, and then conclude with individual readings - in this case, through the agency of the Q & A act!

The format I like to use is a brilliant concept by Irma T. Craw. In 1952, she published a book called The 'T' Party. This booklet was available through the Graphoanalysis Society of America, and I do not believe it is available anymore. I modified the talk, and created a self -contained visual aid that gives you your lines in the event of a 'Brain cramp'.

For the Q & A part of the show, I can think of no better presentation than Cicardi's Psi - Gráfico, which is discussed thoroughly in my book, The Complete Fortune Teller. It also appeared in Bascom's Magfck, #412.

For those who do not know Psi - Gráfico, I have included a simple Q & A presentation that works well.


Buy a spiral - bound sketch pad, bound at the top, and with at least fifty pages.

On each page, you will draw a variation on the letter 'T'. I have inserted a chart of the different 'T's I use, based on the Craw book mentioned earlier.

You will hold the pad in front of you, and as you describe the various traits, you flip the pages to the back. This is the perfect time to tell you that you put your brief notes on the back of each page, facing you.

A quick glance downward, and you have your lines.

Prepare a cover for your pad. Mine is in full color, and says:

John Riggs Presents: Your T' Party A Fun Look at Graphology.

This is easily accomplished in these days of desktop publishing. I also prepare a flourishy "The End" for the inside back cover.

You also need a bunch of 3" x 5" cards that have the following line of text:

Please write the following sentence: "My Letter T' tells Tall Tales about me."

If you are doing Psi - Grafico as a follow - up, the first five cards are marked ala Annemann's Pseudo - Psychometry.

Also have on hand a number of pencils.

For the Q & A part of the program, you w ill need to make three visual aid cards. From a Graphology book, make a diagram of Slant, Baseline, and Zones on each of the cards. I have included an illustration of the way I do it. These cards are in your briefcase on a table.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we will explore the area of Graphology - Handwriting analysis.

"Handwriting is really brainwriting - it gives an in - depth understanding of the emotional spectrum of the individual. Each letter and stroke has specific connotations to the trained eye. And tonight, I am going to show you how to analyze your own handwriting!"

The cards are passed out.

"Please take a moment to fill the card out. Use your ordinary handwriting, and do not worry about the legibility too much. Write the sentence: "My letter 'T' tells tall tales about me".

When everyone is finished, remove your chart and give the lecture, pointing out and describing the traits in your notepad. Be as humorous as possible!

"This is a normal't'. It indicates balance and good self esteem. (I). When the't stem is looped (2), it can indicate extreme sensitivity. Someone whose feelings are delicate.

"When the't' shows a 'brace' stem, like this one, (3 jit indicates true stubbornness. Imagine someone standing like that, braced against any opposition. Stubborn, hard to move!

"When the't' bar is low on the stem, it indicates someone who is struggling with their self esteem (4). When it is high, it is someone with a visionary mind - a dreamer (5).

"When the't' bar is off to the left, never quite reaching the stem (6), it indicates a problem with procrastination. When it overshoots the stem to the right (6), it indicates impulsiveness, and perhaps temper.

"A downward curved 't' bar shows a conscious effort for self-control (7).

"An upward 't bar (8) shows lack of serious consideration -shallowness.

"A strong, downward - slanting stroke shows the desire to dominate (9)! This person enjoys telling others what to do!

"An upward stroke shows someone who is reaching toward some lofty goals (10).

"A tied Y (11), shows someone who is persistent, and who doesn't like leaving loose ends.

"A 't' that is neither tied nor crossed (12) shows initiative! It can also indicate absent - mindedness, if they forget to dot their 'i' as well.

"A light Y bar shows lack of will power (13). A heavy Y bar shows strong will power (14). Someone who is used to getting their own way.

"A Y that does not have a beginning stroke (15), indicates someone who likes to take the direct approach.

"A short Y bar (16) shows that the writer is set in their ways. It is hard for them to break bad habits, for instance.

"A long, high Y bar (17) shows a creative, imaginative person.

"A long low bar (18) indicates kindness, generosity, and a difficulty in saying 'No'.

"A tapering upward stroke (19), shows a resentful temper that builds over time.

"A stroke that starts firm and tapers off (20), shows a quick temper that passes quickly.

"A't' bar that hooks at the end (21) shows tenacity an a little greed.

"A Y bar that hooks at the beginning (22) shows a dry, possibly sarcastic wit!

"An angle downward (23) shows a dry, matter - of-fact personality.

"A wavy stroke shows panache and wit (24).

"A 'Horsewhip' (25), denotes a practical joker!

"A curlicue at the end (26), indicates one of nature's show-offs!

"A looped Y (27) shows a jealous and possessive nature. Very protective of what's theirs.

"Wit is also shown in a Y with a downward bow above the stem (28).

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