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[[[[[ This reading may be done over the telephone. It may be done in person, it may be done through tape cassette, or at a birthday party or Bat-Mitzvah, or whatever.

It is very important to get a sense, to identify, how you are getting and what you are getting. To say I

am getting my impressions from the lines in your palm. I'm getting my impressions from how you speak or your voice modulations. I am getting my impressions from your photograph or your handwriting. It is very important to have some identifiable source where you are getting this information from, because then it is very disarming.

I think it is also very important for the reader to identify, to have empathy, with the teenage female. Be she be a female reader or a male reader. Again, I would try to empathize with the female being very much like my own daughter. I would begin something like this... ]]]]]

The lines in your palm (or your voice, or whatever) lead me to believe that you are going to live a very long life. It also indicates that by combining your life line with your heart line with your head line, or the way that you structure your words, or the way that you form your words in handwriting, that not only are you going to live a long life, but you are going to live a happy life.

Unfortunately, you have obstacles to overcome. Your parents preach to you as if you were ten years old, they seem to not want to cut the umbilical cord. That they want to keep you as young and innocent for as long as they can. But that is not really realistic. You are going through a period of time now where most adults will not appreciate who you are.

You're not fully an adult, yet you think like an adult, and you have a tendency of wanting to chum around with older kids that are two-three years older than you, because it is very exciting for a freshman to go out with a senior. I don't think that you're truly understood.

I think that you are having all this independence put on you. It is almost like you are given a job title, but that you are not really given the support. You may v/ant to work as a waitress and one of your parents may think that that's demeaning; that you'll never have any future, you are never going to be able to amount to anything, and of course your parents want you to be a doctor or a lawyer, and they don't want you to be a bar maid, they don't want you to be a waitress, yet they want you to be self-sufficient.

They may offer to buy you a vehicle if you make the payments on the vehicle, or in fact they may ask you to buy a vehicle, they'll buy a vehicle for you if you pay the insurance. So you are entering into a time in your life with your parents where the relationship is changing.

It is going to be more now you wash my hand, I'll wash your hand. It is going to be more bartering. I'll do fifty percent of this if you do 50% of that.

And you have college in the not to distant future ahead of you, and obviously your parents would not want you to take a liberal arts course, they want you to do something more specific relative to your career.

They are mostly concerned with the company that you keep. So they don't want you to have girlfriends that normally go out and do shoplifting, because many teenage girls do shoplifting. It's not so much the value of the material things that they get, but rather it's the risk that they take. It's the danger that they involve themselves in, so there is much shoplifting.

Amongst your friends, there is probably a certain amount of experimentation with alcohol or drugs. Obviously the most concern from your parents and from your peers is the proper relationship. The most important issue in your life, even as important as education, is your exposure to the oppo-' site sex. I sense that you're attractive. I sense that you are very pretty and probably don't know it.

As a matter of fact, I sense... you remind me a great deal of my own daughter. My daughter has the same facial lines that you have, she sounds like you, she has reasonably the same body structure as you, so I feel like I am giving advice to my own daughter.

I would say nothing to intimidate you, and nothing to make you feel bad or embarrass you by any means. But if I was reading my daughter, I would most assuredly give her the same advice that I am giving you. Many times in your life, in your young life, you are going to have to make a choice. It may be the choice to go out on a date, it may be the choice to have sex, it may be the choice to have a drink, or to smoke pot, whatever, to do something.

I think that the most important bit of information that I can give you, is that you make the choice. Do not allow yourself to make a choice simply for the satisfaction of somebody else. If you want to do something, and you feel comfortable doing it, well by all means do it. But don't do it because somebody else wants you to do something.

I know you are going through a stage where you are very judgmental of yourself, very critical of yourself, where you may not feel that you're pretty enough or tall enough or thin enough, because what is the ideal weight for your height? You may not be as popular as you want to be. And again, it is all to do with relationships, and to not be in competition with yourself.

As a teenager you feel that well you shouldn't be responsible for household duties. You've done that — you've babysat your siblings, you've washed the dishes and you've cleaned the house...

and, that is the way for you to generate some cash flow. You'd be concerned with curfews. It used to 9:00.

Now that you're in your teens, and of course there is a vast difference between your early teens and your late teens, that the older you get you want your priorities to change as well. So, you want your curfews to change as well. So in your early teens it may be 9:00, maybe 9:30 curfew.

As you get into your older teens, that may be midnight or 1:00 in the morning. And on special occasions, such as proms, it may be 3:00 in the morning. You will have girlfriends that say they are staying over night at a girlfriend's house, when in fact they are getting together with their boyfriend.

You want to try not to get into that. I think one of the main concerns of your parents is that you hold down a career position that is not commonplace, so they would not want you working retail sales, or working in a department store, or working in a factory, or working on the assembly line. They want you to do something with your life.

Now, you are an extension of your mother, and your mother wants you to accomplish things in your life that she did not accomplish. She would probably want you to hold off marriage until you're in your late twenties, or maybe even early thirties, and that's because she didn't.

She probably feels that this is the correct choice for you. Not to involve yourself at too early a time in having children and raising a family because once you start in that direction, there is no turning back. I know that you have a love for children and you probably decided that you would have two children. And wouldn't twins be wonderful?

I think that in many ways, you will not become the typical housewife as far as doing dishes and diapers and vacuuming and doing drapes. I would sense by your energy level that you would want to do something more significant, more of an enabling capacity.

More of a care-taking capacity. More of a service capacity of the people, and I think that it's necessary for you to remain outgoing and positive and optimistic and that you do this by your associations or your communications with people.

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