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I would sense by your aura, and if I use the word aura that means like an energy level, because we all have an energy level or sometimes referred to as an aura. I would see you probably not taking life perhaps as serious as you should.

I think that you have the ability to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life. I suspect that ultimately you would own your own business, because you're not going to become rich working for somebody else.

I feel you would excel in marketing or in sales. Because if you're good in sales or marketing, they are one in the same, and you have a likable way about you, you are people oriented, you don't need a college education, you don't need a masters degree, you don't need a Ph.D., you simply have a way about you as far as getting along with people.

And I sense this energy about you that you are well-liked, that you are well-received, and that you probably could sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge and they would probably buy it.

I don't feel money is going to be a major issue in your life. Of course now it is because you want the vehicle and you want the nice vehicle, you want a reasonably decent wardrobe, you want to travel, and you want all of the things that takes money.

It is often said that money cannot buy poverty, so that if you want to have the things in your life, the materialistic things, it's going to come through you, and you will have the ability of being innovative in order to make money. So whatever craft you are in now, whatever occupation or career goal that you are in now, if you like it, you'll do veiy well in it, and if you stay in it long enough, you would make a great deal of money.

And if you don't like it, obviously you are not going to stay in that particular field. But, be aware and give some concentration to the fact that you're future is a reflection of your past, so we continually go on a predictable way. Time flies.

The weeks, the months, the years go by rather quickly, at least in retrospect the time will seem to pass rather quickly. You are at a stage in your life now where it is important to have some direction. And I mentioned sales and marketing simply because you seem to have the where-with-all to be the charmer.

What I am sensing about you, is you have this way about you of being attracted to women, older woman, younger woman, you have a tendency of being well-liked and well-respected by women. You are getting an attitude, a little bit vain or perhaps a little bit cocky, because you seem to have the ability of achieving things that those around you cannot achieve with women.

You are destined for greatness in this lifetime. You will leave your mark on humanity. You will leave your mark either nationally or internationally on people you come in contact with, because within my mind I would see you winning an award or winning some sort of recognition and along with that would come monies.

As you grow older, probably by your 34th year, you would have a home for the cold weather and a home for the warm weather. You will like your business, whatever business you decide on owning, as long as it's different and unusual and as long as it is not some common thing.

Of course in this country it is different than in Europe, because in Europe, of course, you have to decide upon a craft that you want to do probably by the time you are, nine or ten years old. Then you may put 20 years in training in that particular craft. In the U.S. it is a little bit different, but all in the same you are going to be much happier working for yourself so that nobody can tell you what to do, nobody can push your buttons or pull your strings.

One of the significant areas of your life is relationships and for whatever reason you are not easily impressed by girls. Younger women pursue you more than women your own age. I don't see you as the playboy type, but I do feel that you've been with different women.

You are selective as far as the woman that you are attracted to. There will be an assertive woman attracted to you that will have a tattoo on her left shoulder. There will be a woman, I am sensing some sort of an earring, I don't know if it's through the ear, through something, but I feel that this girl with the tattoo will also have let me put it this way, she will probably be into a little bit of body piercing.

If it is not the navel it would be the ear, not the ear perhaps, but the nose lobe, but somewhat different. You attract to you a lot of different types of girls. I would sense that money won't be an issue. I don't think that health is going to be an issue. You're going to be around for a long period of time.

You will not bring problems to your family. You will make people proud of you. But of course you have your obstinate ways, your stubborn ways, and your moody ways, and that probably won't change. That it is probably the way that it is going to be. In my mind I can see you driving a four wheel drive vehicle, like a Cherokee or an Explorer.

That I see very clearly, doing some traveling, and owning your own business. This will take place within the next several years. You are making your mark now as far as what you want to do and where you want to go. You will marry the girl who's favorite symbol will be the butterfly.

I feel that you have been around in many past lifetimes, and I would sense during the time of the Egyptians, during the time of Pharohs, which would indicate that you would be very perceptive of other people. You are on a different mental level than those around you so that you may never be totally understood, that you have a lot on your plate, sometimes you make commitments and yet you forget that you make them.

At times you have two or three different things to do and you don't get them done. Your schedule is very busy. I don't feel that you are the domesticated male.There always seems to be some sort of plans for you or things that you have to do.

You seem to have decent looks, a decent body, certainly a good personality, a well-liked individual so you are not an introvert, and I don't think that you are terribly introspective. You have a good sense of humor. You don't take people or life terribly seriously.

You are going to do your own thing at your own pace, in your own time. In many ways everybody around you wants you to be successful within your life. You ultimately will father three children. And somehow, I sense, that money won't be an issue, health won't be an issue, and business won't be an issue. You have the capacity, even now, over many other guys that would go through four years of college, probably want to get out and be like you, act like you, talk like you.

You seem to have an excellent grasp of the English language, that you articulate properly. You have taken care of yourself health wise, which would indicate to me that you will probably be around into your late 70's or late 80's. So that you're not going to die young, and I feel that you probably at some point in time would think that you would not live beyond your 37th year.

The only sense of any negativity I sense about you at all, is I would be very cautious in riding motorcycles. That's what comes to my mind, to be somewhat cautious or be careful in having motorcycles, or riding motorcycles, because if there were going to be any type of traffic accident, I think that it would take place involving a motorcycle.

I see you more casual, more laid back than a straight, traditional business-man type individual. That you go along with the program. You have everything in hand so that you are in control of your own destiny, and you will make a future for yourself, you are going to travel widely in the U.S. and you'll do some traveling abroad.

You would learn a second language, and probably it would be French or Spanish. Money will come to you. You have the ability of turning a dollar, you have the ability of being somewhat entrepreneurial, and so in that regard you would be service-minded.

You would begin, maybe even in your late teens, you would've begun by being a late bloomer in the sense that you'll do a hundred things now, but within ten years you'll probably just specialize in one thing, relative to career.

But now I think that you would be a jack of all trades, getting your feet wet in a lot of different areas, but probably within a decade you'll focus within one particular area, and that's where you'll have a successful business.

And obviously you would have the potential business of a family business or a partnership within a family business. You will marry a girl who doesn't wear a lot of make up, probably will be wearing glasses, will have an excellent figure, will not be promiscuous, and perhaps thought that upon initially meeting you that you would be too cocky, too outspoken, or too much of an attitude or you're vain, or you are always fixing your hair, you know with a brush or a comb.

It would take this girl a while, I believe, to discover you, or a while to like you. You will beat out the statistical odds... you will probably stay in one marriage, rather than have two or three marriages. I feel that you have an interest in some sort of defense mechanism. And interest in Tai Kwan Do or Karate or Judo.

I believe that you are fast on your feet. You do not instigate problems or start fights, or that sort of thing, but by the same token, I don't feel that you back down. You have some sort of exercise program to keep you in shape, and so I think that you are multi-talented relative to different sports.

All in all, I don't think there is a major issue that you have to contend with. You are organized relative to yourself. Very practical, very logical, and certainly responsible. I just feel that you don't take life terribly seriously as other people do and that's why you will probably not get high blood pressure, will not get ulcers, because you do things at your own pace. You are in harmony with the universe.

You are very inventive, you have an investigative mind, and even now you may not be totally appreciated, by people around you. But I think you are an inventor, a conceiver of ideas, and probably very original. That's why whatever business you do choose to begin, it's going to be original in the sense that it is not going to be common place and it will grow from some inventive ideas that you have. Your personality is quite unique.

And based on the fact that you are going to live many years, I don't sense there is going to be problems within your life, and I would say to you to just know what you want to do and you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish in your life. Good luck.

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