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I would get a feeling that lately there seems to be a great deal more responsibility on your shoulders than there has been in the past. Money seems to be very important to you now, at this point in time of your life.

Everybody is going to say to you, you're too young to be married, you're just a child yourself, you've not developed to your fullest potential, why did you have to marry so young, and thus and so. But I believe that you deserve a pat on the back for being able to undertake a great deal of responsibility and a wife, and the potential of a fam-ily.

A lot of other men your age would not be capable of doing that. You should feel good about that. I sense that you probably would want to or have to work a second job, and that you will go through periods of time where you really won't have quality time left for yourself, because you are always going from work to home, work to home, or perhaps school to home. I sense you're an educated person, and that you would want to continue with your education and most of the jobs, either full-time or part-time, you would involve yourself in now would more than likely be jobs where you would be overqualified for the job.

So it's a difficult time, and I would suspect that the next four years may be difficult years for you, but each year becoming less and less difficult from the year before. As you put each year behind you, you'll become stronger and stronger.

As a long-term plan, 4 years would be significant with you in your life. You may want to carry a rabbits foot around with you that is going to be a good luck charm or good luck talisman for you. You are entrepreneurial, you are not lazy, what's going to happen is you're going to become somewhat melancholy and somewhat sentimental in thinking of the past, and what has happened to your youth.

And you're looking ahead of you now for another 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years with the same person. You had to be in love to marry this woman. It's probably unlikely that you would be coerced or pressured into this relationship. You seem to be a man of honor, a man of responsibility, and you have a mind of a man that is much older than your years.

Your financial situation will improve, you've got to keep your eyes open. You've got to always look for opportunities. I feel an element of change where your geographic situation might change. But what I sense is money is not going to be the issue.

It will probably come from different areas, but money will come to you from some expected source such as a job, or such as the family. Money will come to you through some winnings from a lottery, or winnings from lucky numbers. And money will come to you through some sort of legacy, or will, or court document.

I can see somebody giving you money. I don't know if that would be family, or friends, but in the long run beyond your 39th year money is not going to be a major issue for you as far as you being able to survive.

Other women are still attracted to you, certainly because you are married doesn't necessarily mean that you don't notice other women, because you would be a person to appreciate aesthetic things. You are drawn to beautiful women.

You appreciate beautiful things. You still have some collection of something that you've had as a younger boy, either baseball cards or comic books or something that you have saved from your youth.

And many times you're going to find that you're making decisions now for yourself that in earlier times your parents have made for you. I am not sensing any negativity relative to your health. Things are going to work out well for you.

You'll be compatible with the sign of Sagittarius or the sign of Gemini. You will probably live into your late 80's, that you have an investigative mind, you will always ask many questions.

You research and analyze everything, and there seems to be a strength about you that is not overt or aggressive, but you seem to possess an inner strength being able to overcome obstacles, to be able to overcome problems within your life.

I would see you as a very strong person, the type of person that, you see somebody on the highway and they get a flat tire, you're going to pull over and help them fix the flat tire. In that sense as a helper.

You will father healthy children, and I would sense probably three children. Money won't be an issue, health won't be an issue. You are a person that attracts people to you that become dependent upon you.

I don't feel that you are simply a meal ticket, you are a responsible individual and you seem to have a great deal of wisdom that is somewhat unusual for a younger man to have. And you will find that as you go through life, you will always be advising somebody on something.

You are a persuasive individual, people listen to you, like you, admire you because you seem to have the ability of being very even-minded, so when someone asks your advice, you give them the proper advice. You will be good with numbers, perhaps not so now, but as you become older you would be good in numbers, you would do well in banking, accounting, real estate, CPA, anything to do with numbers.

You probably received reasonably good marks in school. I do feel a lot of numbers and I see a lot of dollar signs, which indicates to me that you will have your own house, that perhaps for a period of time you will live in an apartment or a condo, but eventually you will have your own house.

It will be in the suburbs, not the city, and I would sense it would be either one or two blocks from a church. You're able to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life, that you're not going to be poor, you're not going to be sick.

You are efficient and you shall be prosperous. Of all the friends around you I would venture a guess to say that money shall come to you. That in the first part of your life you will earn your money through your hands, through your labor, through your physical strength, through your tenacity, but later on in life you will earn your living through your mind.

You will have some reason to return to school or some reason to return to learning so that you are able to achieve as much as you want to achieve.

You're emotional in the sense that you are very caring for. family, very caring for friends and acquaintances, and that it's you're friendly... the friendly way about you that will get you through life because you are not going to take things terribly seriously. Things are going to be easier for you than in the past.

You shall raise your children as you've been raised. I don't feel that you were dysfunctional, I don't feel that you were needy or dependent on those around you. You've had instilled within you a great deal of independence. As the future unfolds for you, it is because of this sense of humor, it's because of this way about you of seeing things that is going to make you accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. But you must be patient with yourself, you must be patient with people who are less together than you, or be patient with yourself with people who are less organized than you. In many ways you'll have a tendency of being somewhat the workaholic, and if there is nothing to do, you would probably find something to do.

My sense of you now is that you're running helter skelter in several different directions at the same time in order to put food on the table. It's a knack of something that you will do well... of course your father will mention to you that when he was your age, that probably he was making $2 an hour.

I see you with a full-time job and a part-time job. You are able to apply yourself and get the job done. You are well thought of, you'd be comfortable in any management supervisory capacity. You will have many career opportunities in front of you, and you'll go through a period of time when the pressure is very strong, looking back, and maybe if you had the decision to do it over again, perhaps you would have delayed the marriage a little bit longer.

I see you as an adventurer, as a person to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and you're going to experience an abundant life style. You will be a person to be able to help others and give advice to others in making money.

You really should lean towards the world of finance as I have indicated, banking, insurance, or CPA, or real estate, where one is able to use numbers because then you can accomplish a living over the telephone without back breaking work. You should get away from laborious jobs, as far as where you have to use your physical strength.

It's just a question of looking ahead and determin ing what pathway you want to follow, and if it's to do with numbers, because that's what I see in my mind, numbers and dollar signs coming to you, I don't feel you're going to be bankrupt, I don't feel that you're going to be on food stamps, or going to be needy of money.

You will be able to make your own money, and give advice to those around you on how they can make money as well. Such as financial planning or investments or the stock market.

You'll live beyond your 86th or 87th year, so you have much time to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish. In your lifetime, you will be a millionaire. Never compromise your ideals.

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