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I would sense from your energy level, or from your aura, that you basically are the person that is tenacious, stubborn, and you will make things happen within your life. You really don't appear to be as old as you are, so you have done something right in your life in taking care of yourself.

And by your energy level I would think, if I were to project your life span, it is probably going to be in the 80's, or even in the high 80's. Within your family tree the females on your side have a tendency of living many years longer than the males.

I would think that if you have a spirit guide it would be an Indian, either Cherokee, Chucktah, or Black Foot Indian. If you were age-regressed into a previous existence, I believe that you would have a tendency of being the red skin.

In this past life, which would probably go back to the 1500's, I would sense that you would always be the wise person, always be the sage individual, able to give logical advise as well as spiritual advise, and I would suspect that you are probably a great deal more spiritual than religious.

You are expected to be the chief cook and bottle washer, you are supposed to be the chauffeur, the baby sitter, the mother, the wife, the lover, that you were supposed to wear many different hats. And obviously you don't have a great deal of time to put your own needs, or your own priorities, first.

You appear to be intelligent. I would suspect you'd have the equivalency of a college education. You have learned about life and learned about philosophy by experiencing it.

In many ways you will always have an empathy for people. You will always be an incurable romantic. That you have untapped potential artistically, and I'm not entirely sure what type of the arts that you would be capable of doing, but certainly there is an artistic flair to you.

You certainly have determination, and certainly you have been able to accomplish things in your life others have not been able to do.

You would probably go through a period of time in your family where you would be the rebel, or you would be the black sheep, or you would be the person who is never understood. You would always be on a different mental level than people around you.

You are not fatalistic, you are not masochistic, you are not a person to give up or give in, you've always had common sense. You are not afraid to assume responsibility, you are not afraid to take charge, to be in some sort of a management position in your own life by pulling yourself up by your boot straps and get on with your life.

You'll find that you may have problems in maintaining your proper weight. You'll find that when you become run down. I don't think that it's anything physiological, but perhaps a stress, you know, being run down, where at the end of the day you can be tired, and I suspect you personally could become more tired emotionally than physically.

You're capable of doing hard work, and perhaps not getting physically tired, but when you involve yourself with the mental struggles, relative to career, relative to running a household. It always seems that you are preoccupied when you're at work, you're thinking what's got to be done around the house.

I believe you are organized, because in my mind I would see you as keeping notes of things that have to be done, or writing things down on index cards that have to be done. The success of your family is probably largely directed toward you.

You are protective of your brood, protective of your family. And I would sense that in life, especially in career, that you have no problem selling or marketing things that you believe in, but you would have a difficult time in selling yourself.

You have always have had the ambition to write poetry, or to write music, or to be artistic, or perhaps even to write a book, and I would think that in writing a book that you probably would give some serious thought at some point in time to be something of an autobiographical nature. If your life was put in print, it probably would end up being a best seller.

You have a great imagination, you are able to see things within your mind, you are able to fantasize or travel within your mind, to go to distant places. I believe that you have tried to raise the living standards of others around you.

Right now you are bearing some burden upon your shoulders that you have not come to terms with. I believe that there are some things that you have wanted to accomplish and yet at this point in time that you have not accomplished them yet.

My sense is that you are not over the hill because you think as a younger person, you think as more youthful. When somebody speaks to you over the telephone, you sound much younger than your years.

There is another person in the family that would have the same first name, or your name as a middle name. As far as the future is concerned, you've been a good companion, you've been a good support system, and that you would stand behind your husband 100%. I don't feel that you receive the amount of constructive criticism or you don't receive as much appreciation as you should.

I would see you as a very sensual, very erotic woman. As long as you have the physical romance within your life, you would be happy. As long as you are physically in love with the person, that you can overcome all financial obstacles, you can overcome all handicaps, any physical impediments within your life, as long as you were in love and that you were able to strive with your husband for a common goal.

The significance of this reading is that there could be better communications between you and your husband. You see things sort of like in black and white. There is not a great deal of gray area so that you have faith in something or none at all.

And you won't do something unless you can do it 100% correct. I feel there is a serenity or a harmony around you that this is what you are entering into now within your life. It is called a transformation. That you are becoming a little bit more mellow than you've been in the past.

The people that normally have a tendency of up setting you or try to control you, can never do that

_can never possess you or control you. And I

believe that if you are surrounded by a negative person, that you may not be able to change that negativity because that person shall always be as they are now, but that you have the capability of neutralizing that negativity.

I would suggest to you that you carry upon your person a piece of quartz, clear quartz, which can be purchased in any metaphysical rock shop, and you can put it on a cord or a chain and you can carry it in your pocket book, but it will act as a neutralizer to negativity.

It will reflect negative feelings and it will absorb positive feelings. You have a way about you of sensing things about other people. You are able to give assistance to the opposite sex. At some point in time you will be a matchmaker.

Your strongest asset is probably optimism, being positive, thinking in a positive way. You are with the person that makes very stubborn judgments, that is hard headed, and often times information will go in one ear and out the other ear. Some people see you as being a little bit aloof, a little bit standoffish, because you are always preoccupied in different things to do.

I would sense that you are the planner within the family so if it comes to vacations, if it comes to planning things and doing things, that responsibility is put upon your shoulder. You do a fairly good job in balancing career as in home, or balancing career with home.

You are sensitive with a great imagination, that you don't back down, that you have a very strong influence in what happens in your own life. So that if there is going to be happiness in your life, you're going to create that happiness, you're going to generate that happiness.

I believe that your husband plays off of your moods, so if you were in a good mood, he's in a good mood. If you're in a bad mood, he'll be in a bad mood, and conversely, if he's in a negative mood, I think that you are able to absorb that because you are much like the nurse surrounded by patients whereas you have a tendency of absorbing the energy level of the person you're with.

If you are around somebody that is upbeat and positive and optimistic and outgoing and gregarious, your energy absorbs that person's energy, in a sense it rubs off on you a little bit, and conversely, I think that if you are around somebody that is downbeat, negative, moody, pessimistic, you have a tendency of absorbing that as well, which I feel that is the way that you are.

I see you as a seer, as a psychic, as an intuitive, as a person that is very perceptive. You probably should avoid hard physical work, or hard physical labor.

I believe that you have the mind of a computer, and that you want to be cautious around typewriters and computers for what is commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome, and again, using your fingers and your wrists and your hands again and again, and again in repetitive ways because this could cause tendentious within the hands or within the fingers. You want to be cautious of that. As far as the future is concerned you need to be stimulated more intellectually than you have been.

There is a certain air of mystery, a certain air of intrigue about you, so that it almost appears that you have some sort of alternative plan going on in your mind as far as the future is concerned. That you are secretive, that you are confidential, but I feel there is some sort of fantasy or dream or master plan within your mind that has not been executed yet. Based on that the future is going to be very exciting for you.

It is not going to be boring, and I don't sense that the money or health is going to be the issue, but I do believe that you need more excitement within your life.

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