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I would sense that you have always had a very deep sensitivity to the needs of other people. You have very strong enabling qualities within you. From your energy you would fall into the category of a natural born healer. You are basically a natural psychic type individual.

You know we have two different types of healers and two different types of psychics. One is the learned type that takes classes and courses and reads many, many books on metaphysics. And it is sort of like the Tarot card reader who needs the deck of cards to read. And without the deck of cards she is unable to read. The second type is a natural reader, or a natural healer.

I feel that you fall into the latter, so that your aura or your energy level would be green, meaning that you would do well in any form of medicine, either traditional or non-traditional. Anything homeopathic and anything holistic. You are destined on some level to be some form of healer.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if your mother wanted you to be involved in nursing or to become a doctor. I feel that you are honest and traditional. You have the principles and integrity that is necessary to be successful in life.

I don't believe that you are a manipulator or a game player or into head games or mind games. So obviously you are not a user, you don't take advantage of those around you, and you don't step on people's toes. In many ways you'd be considered reasonably old fashioned.

If somebody is going to do you a service or a favor or give you something, it's important for you to balance the scales. It's important for you not to be in debt to any other person, but rather to pay back a favor.

I would see you as very just, very fair. Your only enemy in life would be stress and tension. So if you are able to deal with stress and tension, you will be very successful within your life.

You will not have to deal with alcoholism, will not have to deal with drugs, or promiscuity. I don't really think that you could be a negative individual if you tried to be. And of course, by being married I think that you have a lot of responsibilities put upon your shoulders.

In my mind I would see you as a much younger girl, and I would feel that your hair would be down to the small of your back. I see you as optimistic, positive, outgoing and gregarious. I don't feel that you are materialistic, and even though you achieve material things within your life, I don't believe that it is going to have an adverse effect on your personality.

You have a tendency of going through life balancing the scales, but my sense is that you have a way of giving more than receiving. That you'll find that in your life, up to this stage of your life, you probably never will be totally understood by those around you.

Because you will be a natural born healer, you probably also have the ability of seeing or sensing a persons mood, or seeing or sensing a person's aura. I feel that you are totally romantic. When I say totally romantic you would be drawn to wine, I think that you would be drawn to candlelight, you would like things that are handmade rather than machine made.

You may like the aroma of smoke from a pipe or a cherry flavored pipe smoke, but not like the smell of cigars or cigarettes. I sense that you need to be a little bit more assertive about the direction that your life is taking, because you have fallen into' routines.

For the most part you are punctual, dependable, you have a very receptive mind. You are able to read between the lines. You are able to probably speed read. You have a good memory, you're not going to have to worry about later on in life getting Alzheimer's.

You have experienced feelings of deja-vu. You could sense when the phone rings who is on the end of the phone, or if somebody's going to call you or not. I further sense that because you are a natural born healer and I think relatively psychic, you could determine the sex of an unborn child.

I think that you would... before you had your first child, you would be able to sense what sex that would be. The single red rose would be a symbol of love and I would pay more attention to the person who gave you one red rose than a dozen red roses.

And of course, the absolute love symbol for you would be the lavender rose, which is sort of an orchid purplish color rose, very rare. That your lucky number would be seven.

A lucky playing card would be the queen of hearts, so if you were to concentrate on one card out of a deck of cards, the queen of hearts would come into your mind. You plan things, you're an analytical thinker.

You have more talents than you are aware of. It's important that you are popular, important that people accept you, important that people like you. You have very strong counseling skills, or you have actually the skills of a philosopher.

You would be a Dear Abbey to everybody that you deal with, your girlfriends especially. And I don't think that you are that spoiled, I think that you would be able to wrap your father around your little finger. Even if things were falling down around you as a child growing up, you are still able to survive.

My psychic sense indicates that you probably still blush, you probably thought you had too many freckles as a child. You were your own worst enemy. And about around the age of 13 I think that you did not like your first name and you wanted to change your name. Very important for you to be loved and be admired.

You are highly selective as far as relationships are concerned and you would choose your husband rather than your husband choosing you. And it would not surprise me at all, not so much that it was love at first sight, but it would not surprise me at all if you even liked your husband when you first met him, because you may have thought that he had an attitude.

You possess high moral values. You are a borderline idealist, perfectionist, and probably never happy with your hair or hairdo the way it is. I don't think that you will be excited over doing domestic chores.

You're a person of all seasons, drawn to the outdoors, the nature, the forest, I don't think that you would hurt an animal. Even if you're a man, I don't think that you would hurt an animal in the woods. I would feel that you have been psychic and intuitive for a very long time, and that you could sense things about people.

And without getting into a lot of metaphysical mumbo jumbo about auras and energies, and chakras, it's just a question of you getting a sensing... it's sort of like a highly cultivated body language that you are able to read of other people, you have the ability of reading a person's energy.

You will always be perceptive and always be intuitive. You have been going through major changes in your life, probably within this last seven year period of time, things in your life seem to happen in seven year cycles.

The only way that I can explain, something major in your life, separation, divorce, marriage, birth of a child, change of job, a long trip, probably would occur in seven year cycles.

Now that you are a survivor, if anyone's going to be hurt in a relationship, I don't sense that it's going to be you because you've become stronger and you have mentally grown.

I don't think that you'll ever, at least from this point on in time, abuse your own body with pills or barbiturates or drugs, so consequently you'll always be in the physical framework of a younger woman, meaning that you will not look your age.

Other than hayfever or sinus congestion, health-wise I am not sensing any great deal of negativity. Your body will be a barometer of your mind.

When you feel good, it is reflected to your body. If you have weight problems you are probably not as happy as you could be, because your weight is sort of like an emotional barometer. When you are at your proper weight you'll find that things will be going on in your life okay. I believe that you have the equivalent of a college education.

You probably will have unfinished business with a man in uniform, or some sort of uniform. You are leader rather than a follower. You are comfortable in making decisions in any management situations or any domestic situation. If you give your word, you keep your word.

You have a lot of untapped artistic talents. You are able to relate to unicorns and relate to angels and relate to the Pegasus, and it would seem to me that in a past lifetime, during the time of the ancient Greeks. You have the mind of a Sigmund Freud, very analytical.

You are able to psychoanalyze people, you have the eyes of your mother, probably as a young child you thought your nose was too large, your feet were too big, simply because you still have that tendency of being overly critical of yourself.

Somehow the State of California is symbolic or significant to you, or perhaps in your future. You'll be happier in southern California rather than northern. I think you could be relatively successful in business although you don't take advantage of those around you as many other people do.

I don't think you're going to be a ghetto dweller, go on food stamps, go bankrupt, or be on welfare. The thing that you have to concern yourself with is that you will not be happy doing mundane things. You have a knowledge of life, you have a knowledge of people, and it comes to you intuitively rather than out of a book.

You don't surrender, you don't throw in the towel, you don't give up, so that indicates to me that you have a great deal of perseverance, and you can accomplish whatever goals you want to accomplish You have the capability of accomplishing those goals.

You wouldn't want to be too aggressive, but you could be a bit more assertive. You have an excellent sense of humor. At times, maybe a bit too proper. You are too demanding of yourself. And you keep a lot of emotions inside.

The weak link in the chain of health would probably be the stomach, because when under stress, the stomach will bother you. You continue to be a dreamer.

You may always be preoccupied with some unfinished business because you want to have all your ducks in a row, you want to have everything okay in your life. The symbol of the pyramid, or the shape of the pyramid, indicates to me... and that's what I sense either through your voice or in your palm or in your handwriting, I see the symbol of a pyramid, which means that you will be an excellent hypnotic subject. Under hypnosis, if you were regressed to one of your past lives, it would either be Greece or Egypt.

A woman with the middle name of Ann shall be significant within your life. In your dreams symbolically I feel that you need close relationships within your life. If you are going to do something you're going to do it right or you don't do it at all. As far as the future is concerned, you're going to live many healthy and happy years, and, again, many doors of opportunity you will open for yourself.

But you are most assuredly a force to be reckoned with, and as long as you don't give up, and as long as you don't compromise or settle for second best, you'll be happy and you'll have more strength and more energy than a lot of people around you.

That's what I am sensing from your energy level. There are no curses on you, there is no voodoo put against you, there are no dark clouds over you. You are heading in the right direction in your life now. Never look back on what might have been.

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