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You will always be on a different mental level. In dealing with men it would be very difficult for a man to work with you or have you as a co-worker without that man attempting to cross the line to make the relationship closer than perhaps what it would be.

You may find as you go through life that you will have many first dates and that if you're not impressed by the first date there won't be a second date. I believe that many men bore you because they come across as being one dimensional so they're drawn to the aesthetics, they're drawn to the face, the figure, the complexion, the hair.

You will always intimidate males and they will always see you as having an invisible chip on your shoulder. It's reasonable to say that no man shall own you, possess you or control you. No man is going to have you jump through hoops at the count of three.

You are not the typical bombshell with no education. You are educated and certainly the major issues in your life would be men. And if nine out of ten men do not impress you the one that does would be the challenge.

Obviously you are comfortable in dealing with players. A potential relationship or husband would be a professional person, doctor or lawyer or stockbroker, somebody that would own their own business.

It would probably be unlikely that you would become involved with a truck driver or someone that works in a factory because they would not mentally challenge you.

Through no fault of your own you have attracted losers, and again I say through no fault of your own. I don't believe that you are manipulative or a game player.

I simply feel that you were bored with men because they live by patterns and routines and somehow they feel it's their mission in life to pursue you. Granted, many men would see you as a fantasy or sexual object and I may go out on a limb by saying this but I feel you're a one-man woman.

It doesn't matter how many men you've experienced in your life. I still feel you are a one-man woman. I feel you search for your soulmate, you search for your twin flame or lifemate that is out there.

Other women would either hate you or love you because you come across as a threat to them as they may lose their husband to you or boyfriend to you. I believe that you are mentally preoccupied with a man who is comfortable to be with, one that is non-threatening and probably one of the few men that you would not intimidate.

Based on your name I feel you would be compatible with the J's, the R's, the M's or the D's. James, John's, Joseph's, Robert's, Richard's, Marc's, Michael's, David's or Donald's. Any significant relationship that you have will be different.

It will either be an ethnic difference, or cultural difference, or age difference, or geographic difference. I doubt very much if it would be two peas in a pod. I don't believe that your mother raised any fools, you have above average brains and above average mind. You have above average intuition in dealing with people.

Deep within you want to be desired for your personality, character, your soul, your spirit, and it gets very old and tiresome and very boring to continually have men at your fingertips. I know it's pleasant to be pursued, great for your self esteem but as we realize it won't last forever. I think you would have two significant love relationships in your life.

You will attract Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, you will attract heterosexual males and even homosexual males, simply because your aura is one of romance. The energy level that you-give out is one of romance.

The major issues in your life, the major accomplishments, or failures will be contingent on a love relationship where you have to be in love. You are physically capable and emotionally capable of loving a man. Finding a man is not the problem. To be 'in love' is the secret.

Very few times in your life you would be 'in love.' I do think you've gone through an abusive, either mentally or physically abusive relationship with a man who did not have the loyalty, did not have the respect, did not have the compassion that you need.

You search for a chemistry, or a synchronicity between you and that person. There has to be that chemistry. You're able to close your eyes and just detach yourself from somebody that you would perhaps like or be fond of, but not in love with. I don't feel that you like to have your hair touched. You take great care of your hair and I don't feel that you like it to be touched or messed up.

You would have a talent for aerobics or exercise or doing video exercise. You obviously are a romantic. You would never look your age, you would always look to be eight to ten years younger than your actual years.

The basic problem you've run into is that if you were to get a raise, or promotion, receive an award for some service, other women around you would not give you credit for having the brains but would rather say, "well, you're the bosses pet or you're special, or because of your looks, or that you're sleeping with the boss."

So it would be very difficult for you to receive actual applause or acknowledgements for what you've accomplished in your life. It's not easy being beautiful. On a scale most people would see you as ten plus.

You are in control, well balanced, you are in harmony with your existence. But unfortunately because of your work venue, it's very difficult to trust a man, and I think that this may go way back to the pre-teens. There may have well been an incident in your pre-teens that because of your beauty you attracted a male to you for the wrong reasons.

You're not able to let your guard down. You're not able to really have a complete trust with a male. Logically you would be attracted to older men, but because you don't look your age and you don't act your age, you will continually attract younger men to you.

There will always be a wide spectrum relative to ages, there will be very few men your age. You've marched to beat of a different drummer. Although we like to believe that we're different, unusual, unique, in some ways we are. But you are strikingly different.

But we still live by patterns and passages and routines. You can look around you in your work situation or you can look around you in a relationship. Let's say you have a two year relationship, or you've been in it for two years.

You can look ahead two years and logically it will be a reflection of the last two years. You've seen the best and you've seen the worst of what goes on around you. For you especially I say these words: I believe that our lives are governed by destiny, by fate, by karma, by the universe, about eighty percent of the time.

But yet the remaining twenty percent is our free choice. Your future is by choice, not by chance. If you allow yourself to compromise or settle for second best or allow yourself to be subjugated to another person, intimidated by another person, you must change that.

Because in a sense, and it may sound somewhat old fashioned but you are a late bloomer where the inner beauty is now rising to the surface, where the inner you is now being seen. You may be more spiritual than actually religious, but you seem to be of a spiritual nature.

You have a knowledge of food and nutrition, you have a knowledge of exercise. Otherwise, of course you wouldn't look like you do. In many ways you need to have a plan for the future. Any plan is a good plan, even if it fails it's a good plan because you identify where it fails, you construct a new plan and eventually you end up with the ideal plan.

You'd be happy living in any state in the country that ends in the letter 'A' such as Virginia, California, Florida. I believe you would have the potential for having two children and I would almost sense that you would have a fear of pregnancy and then a desire for pregnancy.

As I indicated earlier, I feel you have unfinished business with an unrequited relationship and probably in a unique sense it would be the one man in your life that cut you free, one man that would have abandoned you, because obviously in the majority of relationships that you've experienced, if someone is going to pull the rug out from somebody else, I would assume you would be the puller, and not the pullee.

With one exception in your life, and that would be the one man that would not be intimidated and probably would not spoil you. I think you are more intrigued and bewitched with this person than anyone else.

Money or finances will not be a major issue in your life. Healthwise you'll live well into your eighties. You will not die of cancer or some mysterious medical malady. You're not going to become obese. It's just a question of interpersonal relationships and for someone to discover you have a mind along with everything else.

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