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My sense is that you are different than your mother, your grandmother and your great-grandmother. I believe that in many ways you will not put up with what they have put up with in their lives, because I know that your father and your grandfather were probably very assertive and very outspoken and conceivably could be physical with your mother.

Somehow I don't see you that way, so I feel that you are liberated. You've got the looks, you've got the personality, you have the mahogany eyes that certainly I think men are attracted to those eyes.

It will be interesting as you go through life, because especially men, they won't know if you're Hispanic or if you're from Nicaragua or you're from Chili or Mexico, they'll simply know that you are different and unusual.

I would sense significant names that would come to me, first of all I get the name Maria. I feel somehow that will be significant in your family, and I would get maybe three or four other names, but strong names that come through would be Miguel, Roberto and Ricardo.

You'll have many obstacles to overcome in your life, but the major obstacles are your self-doubt, or your lacking of self-assurance or lacking of self-confidence, because the older you get, the more confident you will become.

The older you get the more in control of your own destiny. You've got that look where you don't need all sort of make up, or wear a bunch of make up to look attractive, because you are basically a naturally attractive woman. Whatever you do you do well, or you won't do it.

There is a philosophy that most of us in life are given a choice, and the choice is to be a little fish in a big pond or be a big fish in a little pond. What that means is if you surround yourself by the Hispanic community, if you surround yourself by Hispanics. I don't think that you would be noticed as much as if you were to surround yourself with Anglo's (Americans).

You have an above-average way of presenting yourself. You seem neat, clean, well-groomed, articulate, and I would sense a lot of books around you which would indicate an education.

But I also would feel, and I am not sure if I am sensing from your voice or from your touch or just the essence of you, but I feel that you are going to accomplish many things in your life that perhaps you don't think are possible.

I think your Saint is going to be St. Joseph, or Jose, or Jesus, if you will, but the letter 'J', even as you look around you, is going to be very significant. The reality of your life is that you can't be coerced, you can't be forced, you can't be overcome, you can't be under anybody's thumb simply because it is not going to work.

I feel that your past track record is that you love about 70% and not 100%. So that you don't give totally of yourself, for fear of vulnerability, for fear of somehow somebody taking advantage of you. The major issue in your life is that you are fearful of letting your guard down, letting your defenses down, when a person says that they love you or that they care for you, you may take that with a grain of salt.

Based on your family tree you will have more than one child, and I would suspect probably three if not four children. You would always be supportive of family members around you, simply because you are a natural caretaker, doing things for others, picking up the pieces for others, maybe being treated as a mother before you would actually be a mother.

I don't see you as being an only child, I feel that you are perhaps not terribly shy, but you are sort of laid back. I don't think that you are aggressive, nor would we want that.

The one word that comes to me is the word natural, and in my mind I would see these three initials, and I have scribbled them on a piece of paper here, the M, the A, and the R. And the M is maybe for Miguel, the A for Anna, and the R for Roberto, MAR, and it maybe part of a word.

I think that they are of some significance to you. I sense that you are an earthy individual, and that you have tunnel vision. You are able to concentrate on a particular obstacle if you will. You can overcome whatever obstacle that you want to. But the main issue in life is for you to maintain your independence — to retain your independence.

I think that men are attracted to you because they see you as a little bit different, a little bit unusual, and that the springtime flower, the yellow, the gold's, the purples, would be very good for you. As a matter of fact, I would suggest as an antidepressant that you surround yourself with flowers.

You will always be a romantic. You are certainly monogamous — a one man woman, if you will. Many people in your life that you meet will not turn your head. Your voice would indicate a sultry personality or a sensual personality. I don't think that you are going to be prematurely gray. The darkness of your hair is probably going to be with you for many years.

You want to do things yourself, and again that's the independence. You don't want to be beholden to another individual, you don't want to owe anybody anything, and if somebody does you a favor it seems to be important to you that you are able to repay the favor.

And so, it's always... as you go through life you're always balancing the scales. Because you were able to overcome negativity in your life, I would suspect that you could do well in business. You could do well making your own money.

Where you are people oriented and you probably have strong counseling skills, perhaps even without noticing it. Obviously children like you, obviously you could probably be a prolific writer and write children's books. But there is an interesting thing, sort of a parody, it's different in my mind, because when I think of you and romance, I sense I can see two people, two pursuers.

It's called an inverted triangle. You at one point of the triangle, and I would see two other individuals at the other points. One in my mind, has mahogany eyes as you have, dark brown eyes. And in my mind he could either be Hispanic, he could be Italian, but he would be with dark eyes.

Interestingly, when I focus beyond that, I see a male with light blue eyes and a fair complected male, or an Anglo, or a, as I would refer to non-Hispanics as Anglo's, and I would see that you would have the figure two is going to be significant in your life that the sign of Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and I would suspect that you will have two people in your life at the same time that shall pursue you.

That means two significant relationships, two men, that are equally interested in you. I don't feel, based on your personality, based on who you are and what you're all about that you have to settle for second best, or have to compromise, or have to give in or have anybody call the shots.

That would probably be a mistake. Remember that you're mother wanted you to be somewhat different than her, relative to compromise, and not to settle, not to give in, like a 'don't sit at the back of the bus' type philosophy. If you see yourself as the new person moving forward, you will be successful in life.

You would always have a strong desire to be close to your mother or to be like your mother and have empathy with your mother, and sometimes the males in your family are a little bit rough, a little outspoken, a little too demanding, or too moody, really different than you.

I would feel that you are musically inclined, that you like to dance, that you have a knowledge of fashion, and secondly, I think that you have a very good way of handling money.

I don't know if that indicates in your youth that there was not a great deal of money, perhaps, perhaps not, but I feel that you are not frugal, that you like, enjoy having material things and that you really don't have to... you save, so you are not a person wasting money, you are able and capable of saving money. I don't feel that in your future a lack of money is going to have any negative effect on your life.

I am not sensing negativity relative to education, I am not sensing negativity in health, because you are healthy and that you are going to live many happy years. You have overcome a lot of other problems, a lot of negativity within your life. It would have to be relationships. And you may go through life looking for the rock, looking for the shoulder to lean on, and yet looking back over your past track record, that somehow you have men becoming dependent on you.

The negative personality, the type of person, the antithesis of who you, the type of person you don't want to be with, is somebody that is controlling — somebody that is jealous, somebody that is either physically or mentally abusive. Somebody that is going to try to own you, possess you and control you, and tell you what to do. Somebody that is selfish.

You need to have the person in your life that is reasonably easy going, reasonably non-controlling, and would let you to fly like a butterfly, to let you be your own person. And I believe that it is going to happen.

And my sense is that you would be with an individual that will overcome a fear of commitment on his part. He would probably be reluctant and back away somewhat, and at that point in time, you have to stand your ground. You should not compromise, you should not give in.

At that point in time you basically put your cards on the table and don't short sell yourself. Stand up for yourself. You're self-esteem is getting better, your self-confidence is getting better, you don't lack in looks, you don't lack in style, and you have a knowledge of good grooming, and fashion.

Things are going to be good for you in your future. But again, don't try to be like your mother, your grandmother, or your great-grandmother, be the new person and to move forward and don't settle, you know don't compromise your own ideals. If you do these things, you are going to be very happy within your life.

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