College Male

I would feel that you could be competitive in athletics. I would sense that you are fast on your feet. I believe that you are physically strong, and perhaps more talented than you give yourself credit for being. Several impressions come to me. One is I see the colors blue and gold.

I am not entirely sure if that is a team color or a team that you will play, but somehow the colors blue and gold will be significant in your athletic career relative to college. As a male college student I feel that you can achieve many things that you have not achieved in the past.

Of course I believe that your father would want you to be like him and maybe even travel in his footsteps. Whereas if he was a lawyer, he would probably want you to be a lawyer, if he was a doctor, he would probably want you to be a doctor.

Certainly he would not want to see you with long hair and dreadlocks, certainly not with an earring in your ear or a tattoo on your arm, or walking with a guitar over your shoulder. He would rather see you as the professional person.

You have gone through a period of time where you have tried to divorce yourself from how he is and be more of your own self. Because you were born into your father's image, and he would be delighted with that, but I think somehow you are trying to be different, you are trying to achieve different things.

On a part time basis you could probably tend bar, bus tables, work in some sort of a secondary job where you are able to put some money into your pocket. And of course, your parents want to know about relationships.

With today's kids your age, with your friends, there is intimacy, and it's called hanging out. When you hang out with a person, as you all realize when you hang out with a person, it means the same thing as going steady with the person. I think that you may be comfortable in jeans with holes in the knees. You may be comfortable in not wearing a shirt and tie.

You're image is just the opposite of your father's image. You may not be the letter writer, and they would want you to write letters once a week. If they had it their way, you would write letters once a day, which is not logical and not going to happen.

You probably have a girlfriend that you left behind, that is still pining away for you, that is still preoccupied with you and I sense that she would want to reconcile with you.

You are going to be surrounded by girls, and it would be amazing that you can pretty much have your choice, because you seem to have the personality, the brains, you seem to have the where with all whatever is necessary for a relationship. And of course I would suspect that we are living in the age of electronics, we are living in the age of computers, so I would feel that at least what I sense about your aura or your energy level, that you are an excellent communicator, and I would think that you would do well in computers.

You would do well relative to communications, because regardless of what business you're in you would need some sort of computer background to be reasonably computer literate.

You will have the opportunity of being in some sort of work with your father, working for your father, and I would think the odds probably would be working with your father in some business that he would be in, you know, like father like son.

It's just a question of what you want to make you happy within your life. I feel that you are probably going to live well into your 80's, so that you're not going to die young, you are not going to be handicapped, and getting back to sports for just a moment, I would think that you would do well in a sport that is not an American sport. Either lacrosse or rugby or soccer, but something that is not typically American. I think that you could probably excel further than you would in an American sport. When playing sports pay attention to your knees, take good care of your knees because obviously in athletics the knees are the first things to go.

So if you are really able to be protective of yourself, you would be very successful in paying attention to your own health. I see no reason to smoke, no reason to use drugs, even though you have an experimental way about you. And that it seems that you have been on this lifelong search for the real you.

The search of self, so that you may find if everybody else likes one particular religion in your family, you may like another religion. If somebody likes one particular thing, you may like something else. You are going to find that you are diverging angles relative to what you're friends and your family like, and relative to what you like.

I feel that you are quite unique. You are not abusive of those around you. And I would see you as a very sharp dresser, relative to when you do dress up, how you dress up. And I think the girls are probably chasing you around.

There will always be some potential relationship as far as a female is concerned, and for the most part you will date girls your age and younger, but there will be one exception to the rule, where this girl is going to be anywhere from 4 to 7 years older than you. There would probably be a relationship there, that she'll be much more experienced than you in life, but I think that there will be a deep relationship there.

You will commit to her for a period of time. So right now I see you as somewhat of a puzzle, somewhat of an enigma. You are non-predictable, non-traditional, setting out in life, and you may well even within your first year or two years in college may change your major simply because initially you were helped in choosing a major by your parents, and of course they would guide you or advise you in ways and directions that they would feel that would have been good for them.

If it was good for them, well then certainly in their mind it would be good for you. You may find whatever your elected major is, once you enter college, that it doesn't hold the pizzazz, it doesn't hold the drama, it doesn't hold the excitement that you once needed.

I would sense a background in computers and a background in psychology, psychology of people, understanding people.

There's an energy level I'm picking up from you. In this lifetime I think that you will be well traveled. I sense that you will be wealthy. I don't feel that you're going to be on food stamps, that you're going to be bankrupt. You will be very successful financially in this life.

And I would sense the number 7 meaning that you will either write seven books or write seven plays, or produce seven things, but somehow the number seven will be your lucky number and It would prove lucky to you by bringing good luck to you.

I don't feel that you are an introvert. But I do sense that you are somewhat introspective, so that you do not need to be surrounded by people patting you on the back or complimenting you. I don't think that you need to be surrounded by guys and gals being the center of attention.

I would see you a little bit of a loner, keeping to yourself, and there has been a lot of pressure put upon you and I would suspect too much pressure as far as you being successful in life.

Within a seven year period of time, I can see you receiving awards or trophies, so even after college is over, and you would be the professional person, and I don't know if that would be professional sports wise as a athlete, or professional simply as an individual.

But I feel that you are going to be very successful in this life, probably own your own business, and I would think that you like what you do. The importance of taking a course in psychology is that you will be able to relate and have empathy and compassion with people around you. I am sure that in your high school yearbook, you don't like the picture that was taken. You probably are more photogenic than that.

You would be the one most likely to succeed. Be cause of your popularity, and you may well have been the president of the school class, or been involved in different things in school, so by your nature, you're not a loser, you're assertive, you're a go-getter, you're tenacious, but you will do it at your own pace.

I don't think that by giving you a lot of advice is going to have any effect on you. Within this lifetime you will father three children. I don't know if that would be with the same woman or even in the same marriage. But in my mind I feel that you will father three children.

You will not like a girl that has an abundance of makeup on, particularly a girl that drinks. I don't think you would like that type of individual. I would see you with a girl that is wearing glasses, or wearing glasses part of the time.

She would wear contacts part of the time, and glasses part of the time. And I would see this girl as to be somewhat slimish, not overweight. You would have a good relationship simply because the two of you could sort of tutor each other or guide each other, and this is something else that you could do.

You would probably have another sibling so that you could probably do well as a counselor, as far a tutoring children. You would do particularly well even when you're off college in the summer time, as a camp counselor. With your personality you're likable.

People have a tendency of being drawn to you. You don't lack self esteem, you don't lack self confidence. You are in control of your own destiny. It's an exciting period of time for you. And of course you will have the opportunity because again in my mind I would sense that at some point in time I can see you in uniform.

I don't know if that would be police, military, emergency technician, doctor, fireman, or even in the service, but I think that you would be a prime candidate for officer's candidate school. You would do very well, and I think that you would move up the ranks very quickly.

So it is simply just a question of believing in yourself. Anybody can fail, and you want to remember the words winners never quit and quitters never win.

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