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Based on the energy level, or your aura, be aware that the statements I make, or the impressions I give, the observations or insights that I share with you, are based on an energy level, that comes from you.

Many times a psychic is able to determine information, or signals if you will, through your voice, through your voice modulations, through your handwriting, through your palm, through the simple touch of a hand, and over the telephone it's basically what they pick up in the energy of your voice.

And that, combined with a certain amount of psychic insight, intuition, instinct, and their sixth sense, indicates to me really what you are all about. So as a college student, you are expected to know in which direction you want to go in your life. And maybe you don't know at this point in time.

What I sense about you is that your parents would want you to be an extension of him or her. So if they wanted to achieve something in their life and they didn't achieve something, they would want you to achieve it, you see.

If they wanted to get a college education, or get a Masters degree or get a doctorate, perhaps if they did they would want you to duplicate that and do it yourself. If they didn't, all the more so they would want you to do it because they never did. In many ways you are acting out the wishes of your parents.

The questions you would ask yourself is well, if I would like to become a massage therapist for a professional ball team, why would I have to take chemistry? Why would I have to take physics?

There would be a lot of courses that you would be forced into taking that are mandatory that you would probably not understand and won't like, and probably, for the sake of argument, won't use. I don't know how important, if you want to be a CPA, I don't know how important ancient history is, or civil war history. But I feel that you based on what I sense about you, you would be capable of achieving whatever you want to achieve.

You'll do well in courses that you like. And you won't do well in courses that you don't like. I think that it's rather intimidating because your parents want you to get straight A's, be successful in whatever you do, and by the same token they want you to be independent. In their mind they want to see you always as a young, innocent virgin. They don't want to know about intimacies, they don't want to know about guys, they don't want to know about who you're dating, who you're sleeping with in a deep sense.

They want to know that you're safe. They want to know you are not being used or manipulated. And I believe that as a college student this is probably a primitive time it well may not be your first relationship, but many significant relationships happen in college because there is more of a balance, there is more of a harmony between you and the person that you will be involved in a relationship with, because most times you are going to be involved with a boy, a lot like yourself.

I don't know at your age what they call them, guys or boys or men, but you are going to be involved with some that may take the same courses that you take, may well have the same future in mind that you have.

You're expected somehow to.'., it appears that you did not get all the scholarships that you thought you would get, so I feel that there is a disappointment there because I sense that there was some student loan money necessary for you to attend this college.

And my sense is that you would attend a college not terribly close to you. You sent out all those postcards and all those letters with your SAT scores, searching for colleges to go to, the ones that seemed to be the most exotic were probably in Hawaii or in California at UCLA, and you were damned and determined that you didn't want to go to a college near your home.

And of course many times for the first two years you will have to go to a community college and you will have to take liberal arts courses because your SAT scores are not high enough, or your English and math is not high enough to get you into some of these Ivy League colleges. But my sense is that you are not going to bring disrespect to yourself or not bring disrespect to any other person.

Going to college, obviously, if you are a freshman, everything is new, you know, everything is much different than high school simply because... like in a high school or grammar school or grade school, if you are absent from a class well then the teacher notifies your parents or sends a note home or calls you up on the telephone and says where were you, or bring a note in.

In college, if you miss a class you simply miss the class and you also miss the credits because there are no automatic promotions. So once again, you have this independence forced upon you, and that you are surrounded by other girls, some who you may feel are beautiful and much more beautiful than you, probably much more intelligent than you, and probably with a better personality than yours.

If you believe all of those things you do yourself a grave injustice. You don't want to be in competition with yourself relative to being in school. This would be a stepping stone for you. You will probably work out some sort of a deal with your parents where they buy you a car and they make the payments and you pay the insurance, or you pay the insurance and they buy the car, or you may even in fact pay for the insurance and buy the car yourself.

And that you may want to have a red Mitsubishi Eclipse and that may not be possible, and so you may have to settle for something that is used or slightly used, but this is all a new beginning. You are going to meet new friends.

You'll have the opportunity of experimentation in relationships or drugs or alcohol, so that you really have to remember the words of Shakespeare, to thine own self be true. You have to be responsible to yourself, you have to be selective in a relationship, because in your first relationship back in grade school or grammar school or high school or junior high school, you may well have thought then that it would last forever, and that you would marry this boy, and have his children and live happily ever after, and at that time you could not be talked out of that, because that was sort of etched in stone that you and he were going to be together for a long period of time, and that may be still going on now and it may not be.

The odds are that it would not be. But I think that this boy would always have a significant affect on your life, as far as what you want to do with your life. It is obvious that if you are in college, that you will probably have to do some sort of a part time job, either on campus or as a waitress or busing tables, doing some sort of part time job that you think is probably beneath you and that you are over qualified for.

Nonetheless it is probably a necessity unless your parents are filthy rich, and I would sense, again from your energy level, that they are not filthy rich and that you are expected to be independent. You are expected somehow on some level to pay your own bills. As I sense your energy, or your aura, I get the feeling of the color purple, and I think purple, or orchid, or violet is going to be a very significant color in your life.

I believe that college is going to be a lot more regimented than high school has been. You are going to find yourself a little bit fussier, or more fickle, or more selective as far as boys are concerned, and you probably have the propensity for being attracted to older men. So if you are a freshman or sophomore, you probably are attracted to juniors or seniors.

You probably find yourself attracted or in the company of people of different ethnic cultures or race, so it is all new. It is all an experience, and some way in your mind you want to make this time spent as being somewhat meaningful.

If you find yourself in an unusual relationship with a person of a different ethnic or race or religious background, that is probably normal, simply because you are trying to leave your own signature on the universe. You are trying to do things that are different and not do things that are common place.

And of course you see yourself far more adventuresome perhaps than your mother. Much more of a daredevil than your mother and much more outspoken than your mother. And I am sure that your mother thinks that you could be very soft and sweet and demure and shy and reluctant, but on the other hand she thinks you are probably capable of doing a lot of things that she has not done.

In college you will have the opportunity of traveling to Europe, traveling overseas, so that is going to bring some excitement into your life. In my mind I see a triangle or a pyramid, a three pointed pyramid. You at one point, and I would see two other entities, two other guys at the other two points. One whom you've known and one who is new. One is known and one is unknown.

The old one is a person from the past, and the new one is a person perhaps you've just met, or you've not met yet, but I would see you being pulled in two different directions as far as making a choice relative to males. You find yourself doing things now in college, like spending a weekend with a guy, that you didn't do in high school.

You'll find yourself less reluctant, and this is where there is a difference, is anytime you have a free weekend or a holiday weekend, that your parents would want you to come home, or they would want to visit you if it's within four hours driving distance.

Or maybe even six hours driving distance. And because you are now in college you are going to be reluctant to want to return home, simply because you are still treated at home as a teenager, or you're still treated as a twelve year old because your parents don't realize that you've grown emotionally, physically, mentally, philosophically. Your views may be somewhat different than theirs, and that you've become a little bit more independent, a little bit more out spoken, and they see you as becoming a little bit more quiet and a little bit more deeper and more complex.

Sometimes they feel that you don't say everything that could be said, or give them information that could be given them. Simply because you're a young, female adult and yet they see you as sort of their virginal precious innocent daughter, and they probably have a difficult time cutting the umbilical cord to allow you to get on with your life.

A lot of the college students live off campus together. They don't want you to enter into a promiscuous lifestyle, so it is really a culture shock and they will continually remind you when they went to college it was this way and that way.

And now that you're in college, and they've sacrificed to put you in college, that somehow they want you to be, I guess, grateful or gracious, I guess grateful to them and appreciative of them that they were capable of getting you into the college. And it may not well have been your first choice college, more likely it was your second, third, or fourth choice college.

It's just a question of you're supposed to determine what you want to be when you get out of college. When you're a little girl, it's what do you want to be when you grow up? Now it's what do you want to be when you get out of college? And hopefully be a professional person, and I would think, again, based on your energy level, anything in health care, either directly or indirectly, such as doctor, nurse, emergency technician, lab technician, anything to do with health care or non-traditional health care, I think that you'd be very successful with.

And the second category is somehow in the field of education. As a mentor, teacher, a therapist, a guidance counselor, a helper, and enabler I would suppose. So in health care or education I feel that would be two very strong subjects for you to pursue in college, and with both of these you can have a liberal amount of psychology sprinkled in as well.

But in any event, you are going to be very successful. You've got the brains, the personality, you've got the talent. Don't underestimate yourself. I wish you good luck.

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