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I sense that although you would be black in this lifetime, in several past lifetimes your heritage or your family tree would indicate Cherokee or Blackfoot indian. I also sense you had a great great-great grandmother who had blue eyes.

You are somewhat different than your mother or grandmother because you have a tendancy of putting up with less foolishness than they would perhaps put up with.

I feel that when you are dealing with your main man it is a monogamous relationship. You'd go to hell and back for the right person. As long as there is no physical abuse or mental abuse or emotional abuse, you would do whatever is possible to keep the relationship happy.

You would probably live with him before you marry him. He may not be the typical male to send roses. I don't sense that he likes to send flowers or would be a great communicator relative to the affectionate things that some people say.

He would have a tendancy of calling you "baby" rather than "I love you." It's possible that you would have a child or baby by this man before you get married to him. It's possible that you would break up three different times before you would ultimately be together.

You would do well with men, you would be compatible with a black man or white man or hispanic man as long as they are decent men.

Your soulmate would be someone who is not into drugs. He would be drawn to you because you represent someone that is different. You represent being a good mother, being a good person.

Your aura color would be shades of violet. I feel that you've always been a romantic. You'd be compatible with big men, over 5'H" or six feet, someone who is a gentleman, not someone who's going to be abusive with you.

The male that you would most likely be with, initially you may not have even liked him. You may have thought, "well, he's too smooth, he's too much of a womanizer, he's too good looking, and initially upon meeting the person you may not have been turned on by him.

I sense a female child. She would be an excellent dancer, and not very shy. She will have long hair, and as she grows older will do a number of fantastic things with her hair. She will have a knowledge of makeup of skin, nails and might lean towards being a beautician or owning some sort of beauty parlor. I sense the name Ashley around you.

The two initials that come to me would be 'C's and 'H's. C as in Charles, H as in Harold. It would somehow be significant.

Through no fault of your own, you've attracted the wrong type of males to you. You could be a whistleblower in the sense that you don't put up with any discrimination in the workplace or social life. You put your cards on the table and pretty much call them like you see them.

You don't have to change who you are and what you stand for. I don't believe that in the future you're going to be alone or without money or happiness. All this is there for you.

You may well have found that your grandmother had more of an effect on your life than your mother did, because your mother was very busy in doing a lot of things. I don't believe you would bring your family any problems. Your mother raised you to be a polite young lady.

But even with that, I sense you can put anybody in their place in a short period of time. I think your reputation is that you have a mouth, you can upset the apple cart, you can be antagonistic should you choose. I think you are physically strong, you are mentally strong, and as you go throughout life you would give more energy than not.

You would probably at different times in your life be overly critical of yourself, you put on weight probably a lot easier than you would take it off. I would suspect that you would have your mother's eyes and your fathers nose. You will live into your eighties perhaps even nineties and it appears that the women in your family lived to be very elderly. You will not die of sickle cell anemia.

As far as this coming six month period of time is concerned it will be better than the six months past. I feel that you save everything, you save letters. You are a self-educated person. You come across as being very intelligent and very articulate but I almost think that the majority of your education comes to you from being self-taught.

You may not have a great many degrees and you may not have that level of formal education, but women that go through four or six years of college probably would want to be like you, being able to handle yourself because you come across as being together and well balanced and in harmony with the universe, you have paid your dues.

It's unlikely that you're going to be unhappy. I mean, we all have unhappiness in our life. Any unhappiness that's occurred in your life, my sense is that it has already occurred.

The most important issue is in a relationship. But you don't want to be dependent on a person because you've always been fiercely independent and it's important for you to hold your head up high and to look into the eyes of anyone that you're speaking to. You're unique, you're different, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. I don't believe that staying home, doing domestic chores, raising children or doing dishes is going to be terribly exciting for you.

You would be introduced to men in life probably at a young age, possibly thirteen years old you'd start to notice them. I think that you would have always been attracted to the wrong type of person, because I sense by your energy or aura that you are into long term relationships.

Because of being a Cherokee or Blackfoot indian in your past lives, you may have an attraction to early American folklore in this particular lifetime.

It's a question of having some sort of plan for the future as far as what you want to accomplish. So if I had to fault you, it's that you spoil your man, you pamper him, you probably give him the best sex he's ever had in his life, but you don't get back the energy that you're giving out. A good perfume for you would be by'Estee Lauder.

As you go through your life you're probably always gong to be your brothers keeper, picking up the pieces and everything. But always remember that you are the 'Dear Abby.' People will always come to you with their problems.

I think you're going to be very successful in life. I sense that you are much more attractive than you give yourself credit for being. You're probably a little overly judgemental of yourself, too harsh with yourself, and you have always feared putting on weight in the butt.

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