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[[[[[ Asian people, when read, do not really care for strictly straight psychic readings or clairvoyant readings, meaning simply, holding their hand and talking is not their cup of tea. They would rather use rune stones, I-Ching, Tarot, palmistry, astrology, numerology, because that's the way that they have been taught.

It goes without saying that any Asian female believes in reincarnation, believes in past lives, but interestingly they believe in future lives. They are more concerned with future lives than past lives. They were brought up, even if they are second generation in this country, they were brought up to study and succeed.

In school, A's were acceptable. B's, C's, & D's were not acceptable. They were expected to always be in the top ten percent of their class. Let's assume that an oriental lady, she may be Vietnamese, she may be Korean, she may be Chinese or Japanese, comes to me and she's anywhere from 20 to 40 years old. ]]]]]

I would sense you are good with numbers. In your classes in school you always would be decent at numbers. Speaking of numbers, you would live a life being somewhat supportive of a gambling male.

I would see you as having a burden that you would carry on your shoulder. It would be of a gambling male.

I feel that in this world, that in this universe, you shall be treated probably better by males not of your background, not of your culture, because simply put, the males of your culture want to be the leaders, they want the females to be the followers.

They want to walk ten paces ahead, and have you walk ten paces behind. They want to be able to make the decisions, they work when they want to work, and not work when they don't want to work, so in most Asian relationships, and some of them of course it's still standard practice of course, to have arranged relationships, or arranged marriages.

And probably 70% of the time they fail and each participant grins and bears it. I would see you probably about 5' 3", tops 5' 4", 120-125 lbs, either with a background in computers or education, not liking to take pills and medicines, and somewhat frugal. I would see you very good at saving money.

You are able to sense a sale to save money. And that you would even have money that nobody else would know where it is. You would be very respectable of your mother, probably of your mother more so than your father, because even though your mother is strict, she was less strict than your father was.

Your mother probably didn't want you to marry until you were 30 years and probably have no more than one child, and hopefully that would be a boy child. I would feel that somehow, I would sense in your language your name would be the name of a bird, I don't know if that would be a hummingbird, or that would be a whippoorwill, or a nightingale, but I think that somehow your ethnic first name would be a derivative of a bird.

You show respect, you don't wear an excess of makeup, and in my mind I think that you propagate your own language by speaking your own language in the home. It is fine to learn English, and it is fine to learn the English language, because you would be in this country, but it is also to show respect to your own heritage.

It's important to be able to propagate what you have been taught as a child. I feel that you are able to figure out the paradoxes, you are able to figure out the puzzles very easily. That you are not the back slapping, gregarious politician. You are not loud, you are not boisterous, you are not flamboyant, that you keep to yourself, that you certainly are very creative and very artistic.

I don't feel that you abuse food stuff, so that you would not be a compulsive overeater. That you would have the capacity of designing. I see you with the mind of a designer, and that may mean interior decorating, it could mean jewelry design, but that you are always thinking and that you are always somewhat preoccupied with many different things at the same time.

I believe that you show respect. You are very creative in your own way. That you are color coordinated when you dress, and that you are soft-spoken when you speak. I would sense that you would be college educated, and a degree above college education, so it wouldn't surprise me if you had your Masters, it wouldn't surprise me if you had your doctorate, because you are capable of these things, you are capable, also of paying attention to commitments.

You would not believe in pre-marital sex. That you make a commitment, you keep the commitment, so that I think that you have always been a monogamous person. And for many years you would be told that you should marry a person of your own race, of your own culture.

Probably within the last four to five years, perhaps you would be thinking that maybe that's just the condition reflexes and maybe you should be looking for another person. Because century, upon century, upon century, the males in your heritage have been the leaders, have been the bosses, have been the decision-makers, have been the ones in charge, never the female.

The female is given a certain amount of money and expected to get the bills paid, expected to keep coming home, expected to take care of the children, and I think that if you are looking for equality I would suspect that probably dating somebody of a different ethnic background than you.

I feel that you dress very neatly, and I would sense a bit on the conservative side. You will have many acquaintances, and I think probably you would be very fussy, as far as who you would invite into your home. You still eat the ethnic foods.

You would still have a liking for duck, maybe duck more than chicken. You are very neat, well-groomed and articulate. You save everything, so I think that you would be a pack-rat. I don't think you throw away anything, because that is basically not your nature. Very clean as well.

With your being frugal and with your working, because it would be typical for you to work six days a week. It would be typical for you to have more than one job. And even though you would have a good education in this country, it may not be recognized as much as you would like.

I think that people, Americans, see you as very quiet, very together, very intense, very deep, and studying everything and procrastinating about things. You may even be a little bit concerned about your own pronunciation of the English language, because as perfect as it may be there are still times when you think that perhaps you have too much of an accent. I believe that the best color for you is pink, the best flower or tree would be a cherry blossom.

You don't normally take alcohol or liquor but would probably like plum wine. I would feel that on social occasions that you would take the wine when you go to public gatherings or holidays you would mix basically with other females and not mixing with males. I feel that you are a 20th century person.

I think that you are old fashioned, straight, and traditional relative to your family. So that you would be a new breed. And your mother, your aunts, your grandmother would see you as too assertive, too aggressive, too much Americanized, so that you would perhaps not be the person that they would want you to be. I believe that in a relationship that you give totally, unconditionally.

Once you take the vows it is necessary for you to be self-employed if not working for someone else. And your basic nature is to save the world, to enable the world, to save the universe. I think that is pretty much how you were brought up.

In many ways I don't see you as a combatant, but I would see you as very strong-minded. Once you make a decision you stick to your guns and you keep to your decision. You are not the complain-er. If somebody does you an injustice, I really don't feel that you are crying about it or making a big scene about it. You simply resolve the issues yourself.

You need your space, you need to be alone, you need to have your time to meditate. You need your time to think things out, to end up with the proper answers. But I would see you as soft, feminine, attractive... and the most significant thing about you is your eyes. You have mysterious eyes, or even psychic eyes.

Your future lifetimes are going to be much happier than the past. It's just a question of knowing that things will work out for you. And we have in this country good luck charms, you know we have four leaf clovers, the Egyptian ankh, and we have a variety - rabbit's feet, good luck talisman, your good luck talisman, you would have two actually — one would be the cricket and the other would be the grasshopper.

You may have some basic knowledge of martial arts, either karate or tai kwan do, or even shadow boxing or shadow dancing, tai chi, you may even have a knowledge of acupressure or acupuncture. But certainly you are metaphysical, certainly homeopathic and holistic. I know the next ten years for you are ten years of brightness and sunshine.

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Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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