Our Guidlines And Rules

We welcome you to the contact point for all those involved with the Wonder Wizards! Please observe some simple rules:

1. You MUST use your own real name when posting here. Failure to do so may cause you to be taken off the list instantly, and without warning. This is a place for the up front sharing of ideas and inspirations.

2. Please share freely all POSITIVE concepts, thoughts and feelings. If you wish to "beat some one up", please go somewhere else to do so - or be taken off the list.

3. We do NOT "teach tricks" here. That is what books, tapes and other materials are for after all. If we elude to an idea based on some of our effects, we will usually do so without explaining the marketed portion of the effect. Those who know our materials will be surprised at how much we DO "tip" on occasion - when you are in the "know" about the basics.

4. Respects ALL creator's rights. Do NOT give out another person's idea without permission here or... you'll be removed from this list!

5. This shall be a SAFE environment in which to share. If you differ with someone's opinion, then please express YOUR OWN, instead of tearing down someone else. It's amazing what we can find out about ourselves when we must explain our OWN opinions, rather than being defensive about someone else's thoughts.

6. What is seen in here STAYS here. If you are a member, you may use what you learn in here of course. You may NOT share what you get here with others outside this group without permission. Period. If you want to share something with people on the outside, then you MUST have permission of the person(s) who inspired you here, and give credit where credit is due. This keeps the open atmosphere of sharing SAFE. Disregard this and you will be taken off this list without warning.

7. Any slanderous or mean-spirited comments outside of this group about people you meet here, may also cause you to quickly be removed from this list.

8. By joining this select group, you agree you are willing to be placed on the Wonder Wizards e-mail list for special discounts and new releases.

9. We may terminate membership without warning or explanation.

10. You must agree to ENJOY, have FUN and maybe even become INSPIRED.

11. You may be eligible to join our secret "inner site" by your participation here, your attitude and certain other requirements after some time. Certain people will simply not be eligible for this "invisible site" through no fault of their own, save opinions on the subject matter and intention of this secret site. Being a member here means you may well be invited later to joining us in the Inner Sanctum as well. Remember only certain individuals may be candidates. Don't bother asking us how to get to become a member of this other site. If you are a possible candidate, you will eventually KNOW.

All aspects and material of, and, or on this site is copyright by Wonder Wizards. You MUST have permission from Wonder Wizards to take anything from this site except for your own, strictly personal, use.

Please have a WONDERFUL time with us, and tell your friends! The more the merrier! They will need to apply for entrance of course, just as you have done.


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