(psychic potential)

(character assessment)

Table 2: Commonly usee

problem area categories

Utilising the population stereotypes noted above allows the reader to assess the probabilities of each problem area being applicable in this case. By ranking them in this way he can quickly deal with each of the most likely worries. By mentioning all of the possible problem categories, he can be sure to have covered the one most relevant, even if only in the most general of terms (Corinda, 1984). This will make the reading seem successful to the client because, according to Jones (1989), she "will assign immediate significance to any mention ... of her problem or worry, while she will pass over as unimportant other problems or worries ... [mentioned] ... in the same reading" (p. 23). Just as with describing the client, sources of actuarial data can provide accurate insights into the nature of problems that present. Martin (1990) for example claims that the average marriage lasts seven years;the average weight gain in the first year is five pounds for each partner; and the most common causes of marital breakdown include broken promises and money problems, especially in so far as money decisions involve power, security, dependency and goals

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