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Floating Bill And Small Objects Levitation

David Blaine demonstrated an object levitation on his TV special where he asks a spectator to watch while he picks up a leaf and causes it to levitate above his hand. This appeared to be totally impromptu which made it even more impressive. This type of levitation is performed by using invisible thread which can either be purchased as a proprietary brand from good magic suppliers or by separating some fine polyester thread into individual strands and using a single strand.

Zenner Bend Assisted Telekinesis a follow up to PSSimulcast

Effect After explaining the composition and use of an ESP deck and demonstrating their use, the mage states that the symbol cards can be used to demonstrate other forms of ESP. The mage obtains an assistant from the audience to participate in producing a phenomenon known as Assisted Telekinesis.

The Psychic Control of Events

Of your Master-Self at the center of your selfhood. For the present, I ask that you rest assured that in your selfhood is a Master-Self YOU which is capable of employing your creative mind power in the direction of effecting those changes in things which constitute events, thus giving you the psychic control of events. In the performance of Yogi Mental Broadcasting, as you have learned, your visualization becomes reality chiefly through the operation of the Law of Mental Attraction. In the manifestation of the psychic control of events, you set into operation the principle of Creative Will power. These two are not separate magic energies, but rather are the two opposite poles of the same basic psychic power. The one pulls, the other pushes the one draws, and other drives. Each is powerful and of equal effect, but each has its own particular field of work to which it is especially adapted. An ancient Hindu teaching regards the drawing power of the mind as feminine the driving power of...

Paroptic Psychometryii

You begin the same way, with the patter I recounted in Paroptic Psychometry I, after having invited two spectators on stage to help you. Have them check out the blindfold, then put on your tape and the blindfold. This time, you dispense with the blackboard. After your introduction, send one of your helpers into the audience to collect two objects. Have him place the objects on the table after they've been gathered.

Five card psychometry test

Effect A deck of cards is borrowed and then handed out to be shuffled. While this is happening, the performer explains that each and every person alive has distinctive vibrations,, eminating from their bodies, and that these 'vibs may be detected by someone who is well versed and practiced in the art of Psychometry. In an attempt to demonstrate the point, the performer asks a spectator to choose any card, from any part of the deck. They are to look at the card and then hold it between their palms for a few seconds, in order to charge the card with their vibs. II desirable, a short Psychometry reading is done as the performer

Selling The Psychometry Effect

As mentioned earlier, many performers have a misapprehension of what psychometry is and therefore when they present the effect they tend to trivialize it. If all you're going to do is discover which object belongs to which person, you may as well do some more straightforward divination, e.g., Corinda'sMottfi Box4, my Cashseer or Handbook described further on in this book5, or any of the many other Who-Has-What effects or even Agostin's 20-CardMemorya. As divination effects they are much more appealing and much less trouble than even the briefest of psycbometry routines. The difference, of course, is that if you are doing psychometry properly the focus of it is not on the divination aspect but on what you 'read' from the object. You do not simply describe

Modern Psychometry

Hibou Stilise

Annemann's Pseudo-Psychometry 1 Experiments in telepathy likewise often assist in the develop ment of the clairvoyant faculty. Get a friend to visualize a playing card in the crystal while you also try to visualize a card without knowing what card your friend is thinking of. You can also try such experiments over intervening distances by using two crystals, having the time for the mutual experiment arranged beforehand. (2) The crystal should be placed on its stand on a table, or it may rest on a black velvet cushion, but in either case, it should be partially surrounded by a black silk or similar wrap or scfeen, so adjusted as to cut off any undesirable reflection. Before beginning to experiment, remember that most frequently nothing will be seen on the first occasion, and possibly not for several sittings though some sitters, if strongly gifted with psychic powers in a state of unconsciousness, and sometimes conscious degree of unfoldment, may be fortunate enough to obtain good...

Dopsychic powers really exist

I get plenty of correspondence from people who are absolutely positive that psychic ability exists, and roughly as much again from people who are absolutely positive that psychic ability is moonshine. This debate has been going on forever, never goes anywhere, and never will. It is inherently sterile, not to say tedious. In the unlikely event that anyone wants my opinion, based on over twenty years dabbling in the subject, I would say that in purely rational terms there is currently no good reason to believe in psychic ability. I believe that in every case of an individual claiming to have psychic ability, the psychic hypothesis is neither necessary nor sufficient. However, the other answer I often give is that 'psychic powers are as real as you want them to be', which I think is true. To a person who wants to believe in psychic power, or any other chimera, the 'evidence' is whatever supports the belief, and anything else is deemed irrelevant.

Paroptic Psychometryi

I frequently use this presentation on smaller platforms, and at trade show appearances in a company's booth. As a standalone presentation, it's quick and enormously effective. It also takes the effect away from a Seeing with the Fingertips or Sightless Vision presentation, which I've never liked. In those types of routines, I feel the method is too close to the effect. I separate the method from effect by putting distance between them, giving the mixed interpretation of both Psychometry and mind reading.

The Secret of the Balducci Levitation

Levitation Trick

Just to emphasise the power of such an incredibly simple trick, this is what happened to a magician who was attending a marketing summit for some advertising professionals in Sonoma Valley, California. There were free-flowing cocktails and food, and this magician went out on to the patio area, and after performing some close-up magic, he did the Balducci levitation for a couple of people. They flipped out over it, and started checking him for wires They told their friends, and he carefully did it again in a slightly different location. It was just as big a hit a second time They were insistent however, so he moved around the patio to find the power spot (as he cleverly put it) that would enable him to float, and he had a friend who knew the levitation guide spectators to the correct viewing angle. The magician managed to find a dark corner, perhaps adding to the mystery, and did the levitation. A howl of amazement suddenly went up, and the magician said that this impromptu bit of...

Perceptiveness Intuition And Hunches

Women are generally more perceptive than men, and this fact has given rise to what is commonly referred to as 'women's intuition'. Women have an innate ability to pick up and decipher non-verbal signals, as well as having an accurate eye for small details. This is why few husbands can lie to their wives and get away with it and why, conversely, most women can pull the wool over a man's eyes without his realising it. This female intuition is particularly evident in women who have brought up young children. For the first few years, the mother relies solely on the non-verbal channel to communicate with the child and this is believed to be the reason why women often become more perceptive negotiators than men.

Intuition Version1

EFFECT The performer talks about intuition and how some people, particularly ladies, seem to have plenty of it. A female spectator is selected to assist. A pile of envelopes is shown and the magician explains that each one contains a blank piece of card. Slipping a card from one of the envelopes the performer writes the first name of the lady helper on the card and then slips it back into the envelope which is dropped on to the table. The pile of five envelopes is then shuffled and an envelope placed at random in front of each of the five people round the table. The lady assistant could have no idea who has the envelope containing the card with her name on, but she is invited to use her intuition, or failing that to just guess( ), and point to four of the fellow diners one at a time by way of eliminating them from the 'game'. PRESENTATION Talk about intuition and say that you are going to see whether one of the people round the table has some Select a suitable volunteer (I usually...

Pseudo Psychometry

As each envelope is handed him, the performer succes-fully describes-describes and finds-or merely locates the owner of the property.The patter is about psychometry. Mediums of this type have ability to 'see' and locate people by touching some personal belonging. In this case, instead of revealing information about a 'dear one', the performer is able,through the same power,to describe and locate the owners of the property he handles.


In performing psychometry, the use of key questions and feedback skills mentioned previously are most useful. By focusing upon the object, attention is diverted from the person. Armed with the realization that the most common source of stress today is in the area of relationships, and the second involves work related concerns, and third is financial, you are prepared to follow a number of different directions. You may divine characteristics of the owner of the item, of questions they may have. or experiences that have been significant in their life. that leads into the reasons for the reading. Depending upon the setting and reason, directions will vary. If the psychometry is part of an effect, then perhaps identification of the owner is the goal. Here, knowing the owner of the object permits additional comments about how the person might dress, color preferences, and sex and age. Such specific information is very impressive, and sells strongly. Doing psychometry as an end in itself...


As each envelope is handed to him, the performer successfully describes and finds the owner, or describes and merely locates the owner of the property. The patter is about psychometry. Mediums of this type are supposed to have the ability to see and locate people by touching some personal belonging. In this case, instead of revealing information about a dear one, the performer is able, through the same power, to describe and locate the owners of the property he handles.


Whilst most people automatically think of a levitation in relation to floating a person, there are many other types of levitation. Virtually any object can be made to float. Typically you will see magicians float cards, pens, coins, glasses, credit cards and so on. As for the type of levitation where an assistant or spectator is involved, there are several variations commonly used. The second variation is levitation in the true sense of the word where a spectator or assistant is not only floating in mid air, but they also rise up and down. The third variation is known as an 'Asrah' levitation where an assistant is covered with fabric or cloth of some sort, they are levitated, and then the cloth is suddenly pulled away to reveal nothing there It is as if the assistant vanished into thin air at the moment the cloth was pulled away. It's an incredible effect, and another classic of magic. The method for the Asrah levitation will also be discussed later on. David Blaine levitated himself...

How The Doctor Applies The Switch

You know - you are a woman of intuition and dual nature - you don't get blue, discouraged over little trivial things -but sometimes when you do get the blues, it seems like the whole world is against you, and everything in the world is wrong - nothing is right -sometimes you feel like packing up and getting away from everything -personally, I think you are a very intelligent person - you are progressive, enterprising and foreseeing - I know you are from good people. You have seen much better days - there are two things in your mind at the present time - personally I'd like to advise you that you are really your own worst enemy. As a matter of fact, you let your heart rule your mind. Right now, you don't know what to do - which course to pursue - you are not exactly a fickle person - you are just undecided and you need help. Young lady, you came to me, because you need help - my work is like any profession, doctor, lawyer, etc. If you go to a doctor and he can...

Are psychic readings beneficial

This is an interesting debate, but it has nothing to do with this book. I am exclusively concerned with whether someone giving a reading is using genuine psychic powers or cold reading. I hope that by reading this book you will have enough information to decide this for yourself.

Chapter One Picking the Best Method

A quick survey of Internet magic boards will show that a large percentage of posters are seeking the best version of a particular trick. ( Is the Balducci levitation better than Zero Gravity Can somebody recommend the best Card to Wallet Which torn and restored card is better the Reformation, The Restoration, The Reparation, The Renovation, or the Regurgitation )

Something you Must Know Right

On the contrary, whatever stunning illusion or amazing effect you may have seen performed, whether it's a levitation, making a Jumbo jet disappear, astounding feats of mind reading, or whatever it is, magic is always an illusion (in the true sense of the word). It is only brought about by logical, physical means.

The Impression Moderne

Effect Only one envelope and sheet of note paper is in use at any time, and the effect is presented as a combination of psychometry and automatic writing. The sitter (who doesn't sit in this test) is handed a sheet of note paper and a letter envelope. He writes a question about something concerning himself personally, folds the paper several times, and seals it securely in the envelope. Taking the envelope and pencil in his otherwise empty hands, the medium feels it, stares into space, grunts, foams at the mouth, and otherwise becomes very psychic. He asks the sitter to take it back, hold it to his forehead and mentally think the question over. The medium grabs the envelope almost immediately, and scribbles across it an impression that turns out to be an answer to the question which still remains sealed and untampered with in the envelope.

The Only Real Magic Magazine

And now, just for once, I would like to tell you of a levitation which I actually saw but which still fogs me and for which I have no explanation. Walking around Bombay with a few magical friends, we chanced to arrive at Chowpetty beach. There were not many people sitting in the sun. The temperature was

Foreword On Second Thought

At the risk of sounding metaphysical, the subconcious mind is constantly at work, analyzing all of life's experiences. When that analysis is complete the subconcious will present its insights to you. Call it hunch, intuition, creativity, or serendipity, the result is the same - from the inner depths of our minds come the most innovative ideas (sounds rather like a patter theme, doesn't it ). It is the wise performer who learns to listen to his inner self.

Real Magic Presentation

This has never been so difficult as it is these days, because technology is constantly presenting new magic to us. Parapsychology is in once more and there are powerful mysteries sitting in its dark lap clairvoyance, second sight, ghostly manifestations, teleportation, and even time travel. Look at the third card. Yes, the picture is becoming complete Two of Hearts Wonderful. You are a super sender, and I'm not exactly a bad receiver, myself. That had to work. Telepathy has recently been recognized by scientists. They know that it works -they just don't understand how it works. But they also don't know to this day what hypnosis and electricity are, and they work with both of them all the time. Where is the magic

Long Shot Thursday Night November 5 1981

During Steve's visit I received an emergency call from a close friend in Florida who had a palpable right upper quadrant abdominal tumor which was confirmed on ultrasound and a SCAN. Naturally, my friend and his family were upset. I discussed this matter with his surgeon on the telephone. The timing for this unfortunate development coincided with Steve's visit. My friend, a skeptic on psychic matters, but also one who has rendered service to psychotronic research, gave his permission for a way-out, long-distance telekinetic attempt at healing. Although the surgeon's clinical diagnosis was confirmed on the excision of clear cell carcinoma of the right kidney, it was impossible to state whether the telekinesis had any effect.

Experiments of Super Mentality

Today, as always in the past, effects accomplished by super-mentality, super-natural, or psychic power have a tremendous fascination for an audience. People flock to the performances of those who see all and know all. They bring their troubles, their problems to be solved by the magician, so great is his power. As an example of this, the story is told of the Davenport Brothers, magicians of days gone by. It is said that when they performed as ordinary tricksters, their pocketbooks were thin but when they claimed that their effects were produced by super-natural power, people began to be interested in them.

Magician Does His Psychic Tricks in the Spirit of an Entertainer

Through the cleverness of the magician, he produces effects which seem to be based on supernatural and psychic power. The important point, however, is that his presentation is such as to make his deception legitimate for it is done merely in the spirit of entertaining the public.

Extra Added Attraction

I've been creating magical and mental effects for over thirty years. While the moments of creative conception and birth were plentiful, none can equal the unsurpassed joy that I experienced developing Serial Killer. Imagine being able to accomplish a seemingly miraculous feat of psychic ability without having to resort to gimmicks, apparatus, manual dexterity or confederates. Serial Killer is a baffling, one-man tour de force that defies explanation.

Alteiksate Handling 2 liftycliumelric rettciifatioii

On one level, this idea can be looked at as a reframing of unrecognized potential inherent in Anneman's original 'Pseudo - Psychometry . In most of what's in this book, I've tried to make the presentations as different from Anneman's idea as I could. But since I'm a lover of Psychometry,

Further Attention Required

After the awkward, exciting first few moments have passed, if he does not offer his name and shake hands, offer your hand and your name. Use the immense power of touch to communicate whatever you want him to know about you. At the same time use your intuition to learn as much about him as you can during those precious few seconds. KEEP HIM INTERESTED After he gets into to it, use your intuition to de

Creativity hi Isolation

Allowing a bottle cap to rise and fall rhythmically in his hand. When he performs the Balducci levitation, he first invokes the Sun gods. Quite seriously. People buy into it, and it gives him a means of positioning himself correctly for the effect. Alternatively, they levitate each other across the room using a concealed signal device.

What the audience sees

The performer talks about intuition and the part it plays in games of chance. Selecting a woman, the performer announces that he senses that she possesses an extraordinary amount of intuitive ability. To prove it, the performer states that he will ask the lady to participate in a small game of chance called, Beat the Odds. Pointing to a beautifully wrapped box on his table, the performer removes a gift card from an attached envelope and reads aloud what is printed on one side of it. This card may be redeemed for a special prize provided you know which playing card is printed on the opposite side The performer points out that this means the odds are stacked against the spectator, 52 to 1. Quite formidable odds to beat. Notwithstanding, the performer states that he believes the spectator can pull it off.

The Fifth Way Lost In Cyberspace by Eugene Burger

On another chat group, a questioner posed the following question on Wednesday I have a show on Friday night in three parts precognition, clairvoyance and telekinesis. Can anyone suggest a precognition effect In the dozen responses that I read, each of which suggested concrete tricks for the questioner, no one told him the truth namely, if this is his goal, he was an idiot and, further, he doesn't have a show -- though he does seem to have a dream of one No one bothered to tell him that two days are certainly not enough time to put a mentalism piece together and make it entertaining for a real audience. People were kind and wanted to help this questioner but no one addressed a fundamental issue an intelligent student of magic does not ask anonymous individuals for new material on Wednesday to be performed on Friday. And intelligent magicians don't encourage such thoughtless behavior in other magicians by suggesting tricks that they might perform.

Note 7 Probability and disasters

This point may run counter to some people's intuition and 'common sense'. Some people who play roulette feel that if 'red' has not come up for a long time, it is some how 'more likely' to come up on the next spin. This is not true. The chances of red coming up remain 50 50, and previous spins makes no difference. If one regards airline crashes and similar disasters as being truly random events, then what has occurred in the past makes no difference to the probability of another such crash occurring soon.

Lines Lies Or The Truth

Body Language Disguised Eye Rub Pictures

Start with the attitude that he must prove himself doubly. As always, rely on your intuition. Women, do not mistake arrogance or snobbishness for confidence. Even more dangerous, beware of any man who treats you with disdain or contempt. That is not confidence. These guys dislike women and enjoy hurting them, sometimes even physically. Pay attention to your intuition. See photos of arrogance vs confidence in the upcoming chapter, Courtship Tactics For Men. One more time. Above all else, trust your intuition. If it feels bad, it is bad.

The Parts Negotiation Pattern

When one part or facet of a person enters into a conflict-causing relationship with another part in such a way that it initiates self-interrupting and self-sabotaging processes, we create an internal fight between these two parts. Frequently, people will live for years or even a lifetime with such internal conflict raging within. This, of course, wastes tremendous amounts of psychic energy, sabotages effectiveness, and creates incongruence

The Last of The Spike Tricks

A few years ago in Magick, Jim Rainho published an effect wherein a sharp spike was hidden under one of several paper cups. The cups were then mixed and the performer, through the agency of his psychic abilities, smashed all of the cups with the palm of his hand -- except the one covering the spike. The performer addresses the audience, Have you ever felt the whisper of premonition that something was about to go wrong -- and it did Studies have shown that we have a built-in mechanism that warns us that danger is imminent. Security experts are cautioning us to listen to our intuition if something or somebody seems wrong to you, go with that feeling. Don't question it. I'm not simply going to stand here and claim that your intuition can warn you of trouble no, talk is cheap. I'm going to prove it to you.

Hello I Must be Going

Mike This is Illusionworks' second compact disc of original music designed to accompany the presentation of standard illusions. In this case, the illusions are Sub Trunk , Broom Suspension, Origami, Zig-Zag, a levitation, Shadow Box, and Crystal Casket. Two different pieces of music are provided for each illusion. In addition, there are intro and exit music, a comedy music piece, and three pieces designed to accompany the magical appearance of a person (or animal).

Commonly Asked Questions

Never give legal, medical, or financial advice. Encourage them to use their common sense and intuition to get the answers. Teach them how to use a pendulum to get their own answers. But if you need definitive answers, here's what I've used with much success. Try matching these up to a corresponding card, and use common sense and good judgment. You are the only one who can and will take full responsibility for any of your Q & A. You have a strong intuition. You often have strong moments of De Ja Vu. You can develop and hone this gift, but I feel your innate gift will be sufficient to guide you down the right path of life.

Final Thoughts by David Berglas

Mv job as a magician is to do the impossible. In my case it is about persuading the audience that I have developed certain skills that enable me to do incredible things, skills that they do not possess. I don't always define what those skills are though they seem, as far as the audience is concerned, to be in the area of memory, manipulation and psychology. I do not claim to have psychic powers of any kind even though the feats are often in that realm and the audience invariably make claims on my behalf. I've heard that some magicians worry about the bounds of credibility and some have said to me. That was too impossible. But no audience has ever voiced that opinion. That's what magic is, doing the impossible. If I tcleport an object across a tabic, between, say. one matchbox and another, that seems to be an acceptable effect to both audiences and magicians. But doing the same trick between adjacent rooms or even between two studios at either end of the country, well, some magicians...

The Six Hour Memorized Deck

Memorized deck is a very hot subject these days. The Internet is buzzing with questions concerning which stack to use, the best method for memorization, and which books and videos contain the strongest effects. This heightened interest is due to the fact that many of the practitioners of this artifice have been more open in demonstrating to other magicians the powerful effects possible with a memorized deck. As with the current self-levitation craze, everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon. However, unlike the self-levitations, memorized deck work requires a pretty serious jump, and most magicians are, thankfully, unwilling to pay the price. Most stacks require that the student learn through the use of a mnemonic system, associating each number from 1 to 52 and each of the 52 playing with a mnemonic word. After these associations are learned, each card word and its associated stack number word are combined to form a vivid image. This is done for all 52 cards. To determine the stack...

September 2001 In the Beginning

Ned Rutledge was one of mentalism's premier thinkers. He co-authored two books with J.G. Thompson, Card Party and Between Two Minds. Rutledge's friend Walter Pharr has released a collection of 13 effects on which he and Rutledge collaborated. The book titled Between Two Minds Too 5.5 x 8.5 softcover, stapled, 51 pages, 19 postpaid in US focuses on card routines, but there is also a coin trick, an envelope divination, a method for Pseudo-Psychometry, and a rope tie. There's very clever stuff here. In fact, I modified one of the card items and am using it regularly in the Houdini Lounge.

Three Experiments With The Dowsing Pendulum

Visuelles Denken

In the last century Rol demonstrated his powers to an impressive list of famous people. His produced phenomena ranged from mindreading to teleportation (thus showing you the fallacy behind some beliefs many Mentalists have, namely the fact that you should only choose to demonstrate your proficiency in some categories of phenomena but not in all of them because, if you do, you run the risk of loosing your credibility )

Comments And Additions

The most famous of English muscle readers was Charles Gamer, a journalist who assumed the stage name of Stuart C. Cumberland. His experiences in entertaining notables (Prime Minister Gladstone was one of his best subjects) are recounted in an entertaining autobiography. A Thought Reader's Thoughts , 1888. Cumberland never claimed telepathic powers. In his book (and in a magazine article in the Nineteeth Century , December, 1886) he attributes all his skill to muscle reading, dismissing talk of psychic powers as idle rubbish and sheer fudge . He also wrote several books attacking spiritualist phenomena.

January 2000 Did We Make It

Seven of the book's eight chapters are dedicated to performers and creators who have influenced Dr. Mark. These include Maurice Fogel, Phil Goldstein, Al Koran, Robert Nelson, Stanley Jaks, and Jimmy Grippo. The effects described are standard ones (Pseudo Psychometry, Bank Night, Confabulation, Book Tests, the Koran Medallion, Key-R-Rect, Premonition, Key Bending), but Dr. Mark has developed interesting methods and evocative presentations. As with most mentalism routines, the effects place greater demands on showmanship than digital dexterity. Generally speaking, if an ad for a magic trick reads as if it's too good to be true, you're probably going to be disappointed when you get it. Markovik's Power-Lev certainly sounds impressive from the ad copy No threads, no jacket required, no lighting limitations, no anchoring needed, and it is designed to levitate borrowed beer bottles, pop cans, and similar objects. Well, let's clear up the ad copy a little. A levitation effect implies that...

Any Card at Any Number by Newell Untried and Kenton

It is important here to do some sort of convincing false shuffle. Without it, the spectator being cued is likely to consider that she was just a stooge . Applying my dual reality ploy, both words and actions need to make sense. With this deck being shuffled, the spectator later is likely to think that she chose a card with a number by her own doing, and somehow, that matched the way that I shuffled the cards ahead of time. It is as if I made a prediction by controlling the cards in my hands as I shuffled. This will be viewed as consummate skill at the least, whether the spectator believes it is telekinesis or not. From this spectator's viewpoint, they are observing a very unusual effect, one that should gain more prominence in magic and mentalism. It could be argued that what this spectator sees is a better effect than what the audience at large perceives. Both are quite strong of course. The point is that the performer must appear to mix or shuffle the first deck to make the dual...

Frenchs Extraordinary Aces

Cipher Wheel Decoder Printable

The patter goes that by intuition you get the thought waves of the persons who are thinking of their numbers and cards. of telepathy and the scientific investigations now being carried on regarding it. Have a spectator shuffle the cards, take the pack and run them off one by one before his eyes, you carefully looking away, and ask him to merely think of one. Place the cards one in front of the other in the right hand as you show them so that they remain in the same order. When you have shown nine cards ask if one has been mentally selected, if so replace the nine cards on the top of the pack, but if not, put them on the bottom and continue in the same way with another set of nine cards. If one is chosen mentally from these place them on top, if not, on the bottom, and continue until spectator says he has selected a card, and drop that packet of nine on top and false shuffle the pack.

The Psychic vs The Psychological Performance

John Riggs once said there is no market for a fake mind reader. In part, I think, this is a valid standpoint. I made a conscious decision not to claim psychic powers for several reasons I did not want to open myself to a barrage of questions from non-believers, nor be approached after a performance asking to contact a dead relative. These are things that I cannot morally claim to be able to do and still find a good nights sleep when I return home that evening. However, there is no market for a fake mind reader. Banachek was the first to openly state he was not using psychic powers, but a developed set of psychological techniques and intuition, in print. Chan Canasta held a similar position and played the role to utter perfection. For me there are certain things that simply cannot be explained using psychology as a presentation. For example, how do we know that a spectator has a brother named John simply from reading their body language This is really a much more complex issue than it...

Dating the Bisexual Woman

The third chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. This is the center of your inner sun, and how it shines out into the world. This is the center of gut level intuition. The sixth chakra is called the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. This is about openness to metaphysical knowledge. It relates to your higher intuition, from which all things are known.

How to be a Fake Kreskin

Okay, listen up everybody I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Apparently, some of you (and you know who you are, so don't try to deny it) have been running around the country telling people that Kreskin is not a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, honest-to-goodness, for real mentalist with near borderline, mystical, psychic powers. You've been saying that he's just a clever and entertaining magician who accomplishes his effects through ( say it ain't so ) trickery, rather than through the use of the aforementioned borderline, mystical, psychic powers. This was a dumb thing for you guys to have done, because now Kreskin is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore, and so he's done the only thing he could do, which was to write a book called How to be (a Fake) Kreskin, in which he proves that he does have borderline, mystical psychic powers by exposing a lot of methods for tricks that he doesn't even do. Kreskin also encourages you to drop his name liberally...

Female Illusionist Sawing

Here's a doozey of a problem I had my lunch plate and a glass of iced tea sitting on a table. I looked down at it and, without anyone touching it, it slid off the table The ship had suddenly lurched and leaned way over to one side. Now, imagine an assistant, supposedly in a trance, with the nape of her neck resting on the point of a sword, and that happens Anything top heavy or on casters is a potential danger. I'm not saying you can't do these things, only that if you are booked to do a show while at sea, and the sea is rough, be prepared to drop the effect, or suffer the possible consequences. One easily transported effect that doesn't take up much room, is 1 ightweight, and would be great when the ship is docked or in cglm weather, is the Broom Suspension. True, it is top heavy, but it's visible above waist level (unlike the Sword Suspension), it is a type of levitation (in the audience's mind they don't realize the subtle differences we do), and can be safely performed while...

Performers Thoughts on Methods Effects Creation and Publishing

Once a spectator has circled a few things with one continuous circle, I take out the other single sheet diagram - similar to the one just used - but this one has the single site grouping clearly marked on it. When I point out to great degree how the spectator chose this very area herself, and must have used her intuition to unearth this truth hidden from her, well you can imagine how she feels Add in the meanings of the shapes she had circled with the fact that she chose the big 10 group , and we have a peculiar and memorable happening. Simply place each force card as every other card in the stack of your crop cards. It matters not much, which diagram goes where. Have your indifferent cards alternate between the force cards, and you are set. Now a spectator or client may deal the cards down one at a time FACE UP and stop wherever she feels like it . This implies that she has feelings about this in the first place. Given that she stops using feelings as intuition , she must land on...

D Wmd atuud ffiacits and Routines

The effect is presented as one of psychometry, and every detail of presentation has been covered in a manuscript that runs (at a guess) to approximate four thousand words. Certain angles for publicising the performer are brought in and credit to others is fully given where it is due. Needless to say, as with other effects described by Mr. Brooke, this is a complete lesson in magic Those readers who take my advice and get . a copy of this low priced effect will not only have no cause to regret the expenditure, but they will also add a most baffling effect to their repertoire.

Becoming A Master Magician

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You will note that I use the words apparently defying the laws of nature and seeming to accomplish the impossible because nothing ever really defies Nature. The Adept produces his magic by controlling nature in advanced ways unsuspected by the average person. To accomplish this magical purpose, the Adept employs exactly the same principles of magic which you have learned, but to such a degree has he advanced his powers that his visualization projected upon the akasha, held firm by unshakable will, and energized by highly concentrated prana is sufficient to cause an actual materialization in the substance of the akaska, bringing forth a unique physical occurrence which to the uninitiated seems most magical in nature. This is the modus operandi of the The above photo shows a Hindu magician performing a stage version of the Levitation mystery. The above photo shows a Hindu magician performing a stage version of the Levitation mystery. Another amazing effect of the High Magic is that of...

The Dark Seance At The Table

Hold on. Do you think you can hold on all right Fine. Sometimes there may be a slight swaying of any one of your arms or both, but do not let go. Keep the circle intact. I am going to try a form of levitation -that is, the lifting of solid objects through magnetic forces. I have my feet and hands held for several reasons. One is to establish a more powerful circuit between you and myself. I feel a power entering me now. It is growing stronger and stronger. It is radiating outward. I shall direct it as you wish. The megaphone is on the floor at my right. Where would you like to have it directed to or hurled forcibly straight ahead, backward, to the left or right

Does It Hurt the Magic

Imagine that you perform two minutes of non-stop card flourishes for an audience. You then cause the deck to float five inches off the table while standing at some distance from it. Will the audience dismiss the levitation by saying, It must be sleight of hand Of course not. Although they know that you're adept at sleight of hand, they can't dismiss this phenomenon as sleight of hand because skight of hand cant account for what they're seeing.

The Creery Experiments

Instead of being but channels for the passage of true psychic energy or magnetic waves. He will class such pretending scientists with those doubting Thomas's who, when gas was first introduced in the British House of Parliament nearly 100 years ago, insisted that the pipes rendered the building unsafe, because they would become heated by the passage of the light and who when the system was seen in actual operation, would gently feel the pipes with their gloved fingers, wondering why they felt no heat. We trust that we have laid enough to convince you of the ridiculousness of the muscle reading theory, and to give you sufficient interest to demonstrate the matter for yourself.

Divisions Of Modern Magic

2--Experiments based on Super-Mentality. In this division are included mind reading, mental telepathy, and all effects apparently based on remarkable mentality. To Magicians these effects are no more mysterious than a simple card trick, but to the audience they are manifestations of unusual mental power on the part of the performer. The spectators think that they could not possibly accomplish these results. I am making two classifications of Mental and Psychic effects, although in some cases they really overlap. I place the effects in today's lesson in the second division. Some of them, however, really border on the psychic. 3--Effects which seem to be accomplished only by supernatural psychic power. Reading sealed messages, slate writing, table tipping, invisible communication, ghostly materialization, trumpet talking, bell ringing, jangling of tambourines -all come under this division. To the audience these effects and illusions seem like miracles, and a great mass of people really...

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

Hearts (Cups) is the suit of love and romance, intuition, happiness, beauty, feelings and emotions. Ten of Clubs - You have many acquaintances, but you are selective about your friends. Put some restrictions on relationships. You are a cut above the average, you should follow your own intuition. Four of Spades - You receive too much advice, make your own decisions. Others who say I know how you feel are wrong. That is false, only you can know. Follow your own intuition. Take any advice with a grain of salt. You have the power within. Make up your own mind.

A link to another world

If you believe in reincarnation, do you also believe that the more incarnations a person has, the easier he she will find it to acquire psychic abilities Well, the only thing 1 can say is that my wife and I raise dogs, and right now in one of my buildings, I have close to 100 animals. And I do believe it can be done with dogs and cats. I believe it's a matter of having that rapport. I once had a samoyed or sled dog. As a puppy, I would take a lifesaver and put it in my mouth, and I would call the puppy and he would jump in my lap, reach up and pick the lifesaver out of my mouth with his mouth. It got rather bizarre. It got to the point where if the puppy was in the other room, 1 could silently take a lifesaver, place it between my lips and the dog would come helter-skelter and jump up on the couch and take it out of my lips. It was really kind of a strange thing to see. So I do believe there are certain experiences with telepathy that you can do. I think some animals can be...

Why are psychic or cold readings done

Small groups would include talks given to organizations ranging from a women's social to formal groups such as a Lions Club to purposive groups such as a sales meeting. Parties are most likely evening events hosted in a home or banquet facility. The readings are brief and public, and may be done either as a demonstration of reading or as a part of some other effects such as Annemann's Pseudo Psychometry. The function is primarily entertainment, introduction, or motivation. The cultivation of potential private clients is often a secondary goal of the reader entertainer. Readings are kept short, lively, humorous, and superficial. Impromptu Readings. Rare indeed is the Psychic or mentalist who has not been confronted with the request to read my mind , or who is asked perform or demonstrate on the spot. This is where the skilled psychic reader has a powerful tool that is not dependent upon props or equipment whether the reading is presented as psychometry,...

How long should a performance be3

Mentalism Pad Explained

Parapsychology, which is in at this time, is extremely well-suited as subject matter for a story line. Paranormal effects are, as a group, magic tricks, because most of the things magicians do fall into the category of psi-effects clairvoyance, mind reading, second sight, predictions, psychometry, productions (materializations), vanishes (dematerializations), telekinesis, and alteration of time.

And Other Probability Paradoxes

Transitivity is a binary relation such that if it holds between A and B and between B and C, it must also hold between A and C. A common example is the relation heavier than. If A is heavier than B and B is heavier than C, then A is heavier than C. The three sets of four dice shown unfolded in Figure 21 were designed by Bradley Efron, a statistician at Stanford University, to dramatize some recent discoveries about a general class of probability paradoxes that violate transitivity. With any of these sets of dice you can operate a betting game so contrary to intuition that experienced gamblers will find it almost impossible to comprehend even after they have completely analyzed it.

Physically Attractive Female

It will either be an ethnic difference, or cultural difference, or age difference, or geographic difference. I doubt very much if it would be two peas in a pod. I don't believe that your mother raised any fools, you have above average brains and above average mind. You have above average intuition in dealing with people.

Cold reading strategies

How can these findings be reconciled Often, successes by psychics have been explained not as a consequence of psychic ability, but in terms of the exploitation of common (but subtle) channels of communication using what has been termed cold reading (e.g. Schwartz, 1978 Randi, 1981). The concept is not new Whaley (1989) for example describes it as Originally the argot of psychic mediums by 1924 from the fact that the customer walks in 'cold' - previously unknown to the fortune-teller (p.173), and the stratagem was probably first hinted at in the writings of Conan Doyle through the instant face-to-face deductions of Sherlock Holmes, published from 1887.

The Power of Concentration

Nalanda Library

The East Indian magicians are keenly aware of the wonderful power of the human mind when it is mastered, developed, and manifested in the process of concentration. They have devised methods of applying that power most effectively. In fact, the word concentration fully expresses the fundamental working principle of oriental magic and psychic powers. The Hindu teaching is that only by and through concentration are possible the manifestations of the Creative Mind Principle the creation of the mental image (or ideal) being so clearly and powerfully held that the materialization thereof follows in an efficient manner and degree. The teaching is that mind-power, like any other kind of power, manifests intensively only when its field is narrowed and its energies are focused to a fine point in concentration.

Can anyone learn cold reading

In consequence, neither I nor anyone else can point to a psychic and say they are intentionally deceiving their clients. To do that, I would have to be a mind-reader What I can say is that if there is no such thing as psychic ability (which happens to be my opinion), then anyone who claims to be psychic is either deceiving themselves or deceiving others.

Tools Psychic Crutches

If you are the intense, darkly-brooding type, you might experiment with the witches' and rune stones, or with I Ching. Those individuals who are quiet and mystical in nature might try Tarot or card readings. If you are a sensual, touchy type of person, palmistry or psychometry would be methods you should explore. Studious types would be comfortable with graphology.

The Structure Of Choice

Perls had enormously powerful personal presence, independence of spirit, willingness to risk going wherever his intuitive feelings took him, and a profound capacity to be intimately in touch with anyone who was open to working with him It is not unusual to find yourself in tears, or exhausted, or joyful, after watching another being guided through such an experience. So brilliant was his intuition and so powerful were his techniques that sometimes it took Perls only minutes to reach the person on the hot seat. You might be some stuck, rigid, long-dead character, Perls was not, and most certainly is not, the only therapist to present himself or herself with such magical potency. Virginia Satir and others we know seem to have this magical quality. To deny this capacity or to simply label it talent, intuition, or genius is to limit one's own potential as a people-helper. By doing this, one misses the opportunity to learn to offer those people who come to us an experience which they may...

Psychic Magic And A Deck Of Cards

Psychic Apparatus

Cards have .1 ng lont themselves splendidly to expressions of psychic ability. Unf rtunately, card tricks in general have feecjome so associated with trickery that they frequently arouse skepticism. However, that need not be too great a concern for the entertainer. The main thing in selecting Psychic Magic card tricks is to use items that give strong accent to their mental and imp oa s i b1e n ature.

Elements about extracting information

How we get started, and how we use this session, is entirely up to you. After all, it's your time and your money isn't it If you prefer, I could take my time while I try to 'tune-in' to the kind of areas you want me to talk about, and the specific problem you'd like me to help you with. I'm happy to do it this way - and my intuition doesn't often let me down - but on occasion it can take me a while. I mean, it could be so many things couldn't it The other way is that you just tell me what's on your mind and then we can get off to a flying start. I'm here to listen, and I do want to help you. As you may imagine, she was absolutely astonished that I was able to describe what she had been doing some 26 years ago. In fact, she found this highly persuasive evidence of my 'psychic powers'. Even once the truth had been revealed (as it always is in my TV demonstrations), she suspected that I was genuinely clairvoyant. If the client happens to play an instrument, the psychic wins and the...

Paranormal Banana Bending

You can then tell the spectator to point out their finger and imagine all the psychic energy in their body flooding out through their finger like a laser beam. Yes I know you think I'm mad and that this would not fool anyone, let alone pass as genuine Psychic Powers, however I can assure you that done correctly it does work and DOES AMAZE - and this is because of the correct way it is done and the context within which it is performed.

Yama Yogi Self Development

The East Indian magicians insist that foremost in importance is the well-being and self-development of the individual practicing magic. The Yogis teach of this in their practice of Yama, which translated means self-control. Such a definition does not begin to adequately express the full field of mental discipline and psychic power covered by the teaching and practice of Yama. To the magician, Yama is the magic which he turns inward upon himself for personal development.

Elements about the future

Some of these effects are so baffling that spectators sometimes conclude they must involve at least some genuine psychic ability. Without wishing to spoil the fun, let me give you a cast-iron assurance that these are tricks. Intriguing, ingenious, entertaining tricks, but tricks nonetheless. They involve no psychic powers whatsoever. How are they done If your interest is casual, I do not want to spoil the fun by telling you. If your interest is sincere, take up magic as a hobby and eventually you will find out (but it could take a while).

They All Float Down Here

Recently, we've seen a resurgence of interest in self-levitation routines. Several ads have appeared, and an impromptu levitation was featured on a national television program. (See Jon Racherbaumer's Inside Out column in this issue.) The choices are confusing, the ads are full of hype, and in most cases the price to learn the secret is steep. So, with the uplifting words of Stephen King's Pennywise the Clown ringing in our ears, let's take a look at the current crop of tricks that get you off the ground. But first, a bit of history. For the most part, all of the current self-levitations have their basis in two articles published by Karl Fulves. The first, titled Impromptu Levitation, can be found in the July 1994 issue of The Pallbearer's Review (Vol. 9, No. 9, page 755.) Ed Balducci is credited in the article, but he explains that he was shown the method by Erwin Levine, who was one of the Harmonicats. Mr. Levine had no idea who the originator was. (Can you give us any help here,...

David with a different twin a cardboard one outside the Pigalle in Picadilly 1959

That at least was the plan and David had spent a lot of time and money arranging the magic teams and the props they required. It might have been a great publicity scheme too had it not fallen at an unexpected hurdle. The race entry form asked for details of the route and the mode of travel that each competitor planned to use. David, of course, said he would be using magic to affect his teleportation. Unfortunately this was not good enough for The Daily Mail. They insisted on specific details, for insurance reasons, and Magic was about as unspecific as you could get. The end result was that they would not let him enter the race and the whole stunt had to be abandoned.

David in the Lions

In Tel Aviv David had a busy schedule, three stunts in one day. In the evening he would perform his Table Levitation out in the open, in a public square. In the afternoon he would drive a scooter blindfolded around Tel Aviv Zoo. Brave volunteers lay on the ground to provide a human obstacle course for the mystery man. But it was the morning stunt that gave most cause for alarm.

Fraudulent Mediums Fleece the Public

So great is the psychic appeal that fortune tellers, spiritualists, mind readers, clairvoyants, have all thrived on a deluded public. A smooth tongue, salesmanship, showmanship, work on the imaginative mind and all these have served to fill the pocketbooks of many who have deceived the people with a pretense of psychic power. The modern magician stands opposed to serious deception through the claim of supernatural power. The late Houdini fought hard against the fraudulent mediums preying on the people. His quarrel was with those who fleeced the public of thousands of dollars under the pretext of having psychic power. He brought out into the open their dark and secret means for deception and showed these to be nothing but mere magical tricks.

Interlude 2 On keeping an open mind

Serious and devoted psychic research dates back to at least the start of the 20th century. It has been vigorously pursued all around the world, and in some cases has been extremely well-funded (in some cases courtesy of military budgets in search of a new advantage over the enemy). This is a lot of research, in a lot of places, over a lot of time. All this work, all this effort and all this time has failed to deliver any good evidence whatsoever that psychic ability exists - at least, not of the kind allegedly manifesting itself in psychic readings. This does not amount to proof that psychic beliefs are bogus remnants of outmoded, irrational and superstitious models of the world we live in. But it does amount to good reason to abandon an open mind', and to say instead that if the believers want us to acknowledge the reality of psychic ability, the onus is on them to prove their case. Whatever proof they provide, it will have to consist of something that cannot equally be attributed to...

Reframing chick tests chick frames

I know some of you guys probably have intuitions that are telling you something along the lines of this reframing chick tests seems dangerous because I am not listening to or acknowledging the girls worries or concerns and furthermore l might break rapport or even worse, mess up my chances with her. Trust me, even though a lot of what l am saying might seem counter intuitive, no matter what do not listen to your intuition if it is at all similar to the worries above.

CL Mattex of Seme QxavUy

Anti-Gravity effects always intrigue me. Some times they touch real magic as witness the uncovered levitation, Maskelyne, Aga, Kellar call it what you will. One lovely little miracle in this class is the adhesion of cards to the hand. Those who have by them a copy of Roterberg's New Era Card Tricks w'.ll find within its pages an early method of achieving this effect. We know one performer in the Midlands who makes a miracle of this almost parlour trick, in fact he presents it so well that the first time we saw his presentation we were almost foxed. In almost every version of the effect a faked key card is necessary, one of the most effective being the one described bv Burling Hull in Sealed Mysteries. The effect has, however, been much neglected and the only comparatively modern versions are Herbert Milton's Personal Magnetism in Volume Eight of Naldrett's Collected Series, and Edward Victor's Magnetised Cards in More Magic of the Hands. Regarding the latter, my old friend the late...

Poor Mans Room Service

Smiling sheepishly, the Mentalist admits, Of course if you have less than a perfect memory (or one too many adult beverages) that practice is problematic. It's not wise to walk down the hotel corridor in the early morning, repeatedly inserting one's key-card until a door lock flashes its green light. Surely, there's an easier way to recall the room number, perhaps through intuition or clairvoyance.

Interlude 1 How do you explain that

As occupational hazards go, it is not the worst I can think of. Besides, I am the first to admit that tales of psychic powers can be fun and intriguing. Nonetheless, I still wince inwardly whenever this happens. There are two reasons. My friend's story was about a psychic he saw early one year, before he had planned his holidays. During the reading, the psychic said my friend would go on holiday in October. Sure enough, October came round and he went on holiday. As far as my friend was concerned, this was evidence of uncanny psychic ability. Having finished his story, my friend sipped his drink and then said, How do you explain that .

Navelgazing Cold Reading

17) Two last points on Navel Cold Reading and these are that a) whether you are a believer in genuine intuition and Psychic powers or not - please do trust your intuition. The method of seeing a blank TV screen in your mind and allowing images to pop onto it as mentioned earlier in this manual is not only a good piece of explanatory patter - BUT IT ALSO WORKS OK so you might think I'm bonkers, but if I had a pound for every time I've been on TV and suddenly said the first thing that came into my head of a very detailed and specific nature with 100 CORRECT & SUCCESSFUL RESULTS - then I'd be rich

Stay calm stay reasonable

If you were to adopt a hostile or confrontational stance, this would - according to psychic lore -also block a totally genuine psychic attempting to give you the benefit of authentic psychic ability and insight. This is not the aim. The aim is to block cold reading being passed off as something

Magiciansand their methods

Do these kinds of magic tricks involve psychic ability No. Stooges and confederates Not usually, unless the performer is a poor exponent of his craft. So how are they done Well, you will not find the answers here. After all, if you take away the secrets, you take away the magic, and that is not a fun thing to do.

Mental and Psychic Effects Based on Imagination of Public

All this you do to bring in the box office receipts and to create a lasting impression of your ability as a performer with the audience. Your supposed psychic power lies only in the imagination of the public. And you use it only for temporary effect and not for illegitimate gain.

Note 2 Deception and entertainment

Some feel obliged to offer emphatic denials of any 'real' psychic ability, and to emphasise that their routines are entertaining deceptions, no more no less. Others encourage the belief that they possess authentic psychic gifts. Many choose a middle-ground policy of 'nothing stated, nothing denied'.

Q Any suggestions as to how to use humor or comedy in mentalism

Being a mentalist, the performer explains, he's usually able to predict which of the three weapons people will select. To demonstrate this amazing psychic ability, the performer displays a sealed manila envelope which is placed in full view of the audience. Now, a spectator is randomly selected to participate in the experiment. Holding the black box, the performer asks the spectator to freely select one of the three weapons. As the performer lists the choices, he presses the appropriate button so the spectator can hear the sound.

Am wrong in fact but right emotionally

Ah, but you didn't say anything about what I wanted. You actually said I had long hair when I was young. If this had been true, you would have claimed this as evidence of your psychic ability But it isn't true, and yet you still want the credit for being right. This is patently absurd.

Do not answer questions

A useful addition, if you need it, is to provide a rationale which is supportive of psychic ability, like this I have some sceptical friends who like to think fake psychics just prompt their clients for information, and then sort of feed it back somehow and twist it around to look psychic. I want to make sure I don't provide any information, so that I can assure my friends that you're different, and your psychic abilities are genuine.

WfowymAntigravity Sign Highstand Display See also Body Wall

Wearing a baseball cap (the biggest selling U.S. hat) helps a man feel stronger. On the isopraxic principle of same behavior (see REPTILIAN BRAIN), cap wearers draw strength a. from nonverbal bonds to fellow cap-wearers, and b. from the psychic power of male bonding in team sports. There is no better sign for judging a man's unspoken allegiances with other men than through the messaging features of his cap.

Eye Cues Auditories look to the left or right with eyes level when thinking

So what, you say Well, this kind of intimate clue about a girl can be very useful in the early stages of a seduction. It allows you to capture an intuition about her that should have a good chance of being accurate, and this sets you up for being just a little mysterious and intriguing. I have a sense about you you are into music pretty heavily, do you play some kind of instrument you ask knowingly. Her return look is one of

Oneiromancy or Oneirocriticism

Oneiromancy (pronounced 'On-eye-romancy') covers the dark and mysterious subject of dreams - a fascinating twilight world of intuition and suggestion - a natural area of interest to the bluffer. Everyone dreams. If you think you don't dream it's because you can't remember dreaming (reasonable enough - you're asleep at the time).

Stage Version

The aforementioned is a close-up routine. To utilize the Intuition principle as a dynamite stage effect, simply load five memorized cards under the gaff. Select any one of the five cards as a Prediction, for example, the King of Clubs. On a small piece of cardboard, write, The King of Clubs will be left for last This prediction card is placed under the rubber band as in the close-up version. At that point in the routine, when the spectator has finished shuffling the deck, retrieve it in your left hand. The right hand holds the card case with the prediction card inside. You ask for a second volunteer. As you point to someone with your right hand and ask that they join you on stage, you bring the case back over the deck and smoothly deposit the five card stack and gaffed card on top of the deck in your left hand. The selection of the second spectator and his or her forward movement provides ample misdirection and cover. Just be natural and don't make it a move. I have performed this...

In Our Opinion

We often view readings within the context, of performance. We do not attempt to convert people into believing we have real psychic powers, which the spectators simply do not have themselves. We try and work within whatever belief system the client uses. Occasionally we set aside a moment in which we do strictly readings, with no hint of mentalism or magical performance. One such situation would be a booking agent who engages us to do readings as ENTERTAINMENT, at a party or special event. In this instance, we are usually one part of a larger entertainment program.

Australian News

He does everything that matters in magic and a picture of one of his children's audiences betrays their wrapt attention, and what a crowd of nice looking well cared for children they are, too. He also works the Levitation of a Ciri on the Head of a Broom, Puppets, Marionettes, and Punch and Judy.

Con Bination

Once both participants are welcomed on stage and properly introduced, step between them with the lock person on your right and the last-minute participant on your left. Hand the lock to the person on your left, asking, Would you please attempt to open the lock Try several combinations if necessary. The odds are only (study the lock for a moment as if doing the mental calculations based on the number of digits on the dial) one in ten thousand. (If, by chance, she discovers the correct combination, lead the applause for her keen intuition, ask her to relock the lock, and then to try additional random combinations. We don't want folks to assume that just any combination will do. )

Monarchs Quartette

Ask the spectator to use his intuition and select any one of the three cards in the row. No matter what card he chooses, pick up the other two, turn them face up and ask him if he would like to change his mind and select either of these. Whilst this is being done secure a break under the set-up. Whatever the outcome you have a face down card on the table (his final selection) and two face up cards - all three are indifferent cards. Place the two face up cards, slightly fanned, on top of the pack. Ask him again if he is sure he would not like to change his mind - when he has finally made up his mind, turn the two cards face down, turning the block also, obtaining a break under the set-up. Thumb off the top two cards and place them face down on the table in the position previously occupied by the other two cards. This looks as if the two indifferent cards have simply been turned face down on the pack and dealt off - actually they are now the two Black Kings.

Are You a 25 or a

Your even being aware of it I doubt you actually go around assigning numerical values to the women you see during the course of the day like a complete geek, but these ratings make themselves felt in the back of your mind as a kind of impression or intuition nonetheless. Admit it it affects how you relate to women, from cold and indifferent to stupidly fawning like a silly dumb ass.

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