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"PSYCHIC MAGIC" is published in Great Britain and Copyright by The Supreme Magic Co., 64, High Street, Bideford, Devon, by arrangement with The Abbott Magic Company of America.


When the late Theodore Annemann made the statement that mental and psychic effects were the most grown-up form of Magic, he spoke the truth. But while it is true that intellectually such mystery is the most mature Magic, emotionally it is the most naive. And as proof, one could hardly conceive of the most innocent spectator giving credence "beyond entertaining trickery to any other form of conjuring, while many have "been the sophisticated who have expressed "belief in Psychic Magic.

For there is wish-fulfillment here; an underlying hope that somewhere deep within the mind there may "be some mysterious powers that will in some measure help in the mastering of the countless problems that constantly perplex in the hazardous art of living.

And there's a question mark here; on one side we have the readily demonstrable "tests" of the mindreader, and on the other the laborious tests of the researcher.

When we consider such men as J. B. Rhine of Duke University diligently experimenting and daily proving new horizons in man's psychological make-up, we begin to realize the deep respect Psychic Magic deserves.

And then there is the testimony accumulated through the entire history of mankind that unqualifiedly asserts the human mind's most remarkable and highly subtle abilities; abilities that endow man with a heritage of truly Magic-like powers.

It is doubtful if the Magician exists who has not in the course of his experiences been besieged to explain or discuss psychical miracles, or asked to demonstrate some examples of the phenomena. Of such is the basis, of such is the appeal, of such is the entertainment of Psychic Magic.

Now, the great majority of works on psychical subjects tend largely toward attempting to prove a causation belief of the author through case histories, confirming analogies, and ingenious theory. From such works, this book differs radically, for while it leans a sympathetic ear to the possibility of genuine psychic powers and even proposes some experimenting along those lines, it has but one purpose - and that purpose is to provide Magicians with some most unusual material with which they can entertain -material that, indeed, offers the very cream of PSYCHIC MAGIC.

What gives Psychic Magic such a wealth, 'of "onchpjr,tmerit Ilea in the fact that it. is .an imitation through illusion cf yet anoaher form of mystery - psychical phenomena. I? IS MAGIC PORTRAYING MAGIC 1

Let us first, therefore, tabulate, in the order in which we shall consider them, the varieties of the wonders it simi lates and then proceed to the actual production of such wonder; .

TELEPATHY; Thought Transference - Mindreading the psychical ability to transmit a thought directly from mind to mind, to project a thought mentally through space, to receive a thought, "»,0 accurately read the minds of men.

CLAIRVOYANCE: Divining- Seership - the psychicnI ability to penetrate the secrets c-f nature .and matter directly, to jook ahead raid behind in time end apace, to see what the eyes of man have not yet. seen.

CRYSTAL GAZING-s A form or technique of el irvoyanco in which the psychic "seeing" is externalized from the mind and visual through the medium rf a crystal ball,

PSYCHOMETRY: The technique of interpreting and reconstructing from the psychic "emanation" clinging to an object the rri&ift&l source, history, or experience pr'ductive of the radiation»

X-RAY VISION: A unique f rm of clairvoyant powur In wiiiec the psychic is able t" see without the use of the eyes; the bility of sight from portions of the body other than the- eyo.v eyesight that penetrates matter.

ANIMAL MAGNETISM: A subtle emanation or force saifi t' pass from one onimsn organism to other objects, both animate an", inanimate, being considered a radiation produced from and by the mind and body, and by having laws similar to those of magnetism., hence "'no name, animal magnotism.

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Phenomena of the mind cr soul, being that group of supernormal abilitioo classified is psychic.

AUTOMATIC WRITING! The ability tn produce sub-conscious writing that contains information not known to the conscious mind; an ther neons of externalizing psychic powers.

TRANCH PHENOMENA: A condition physically resembling sleep, in which the psychic faculties are peaked and made manifest to their utmost.

ASTRAL PROJECTION: The ability to send forth the etheric self;, a method of clairvoyance; astral or magnetic radiation; the human aura»

SPIRIT MANIFESTATIONS: Communication from the other side of the grove- activities of spirits of the dead or entitles of the unknown.

ECTOPLASM: A subtle psychic excrction said to be the substancc through which spirits manifest and materialize.

TABLE TIPPING, GYRATING, TURNING: A neons of establishing communication with spirits through the manifestation of roppings on or by movements in a table.

THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE: A group gathered togethers a unit of minds set with a common purpose- of uniting in the development of psychic powers or the production ?£ psychic phenomena.

EAST INDIAN MYSTERY - YOGI Mysteries - Yoga: A type of psychical phenomena usually associated with the control of the functions of the body by the mind.

PHYSICAL PBMGMJINA: Direct psychic control over physical objext; manifestation of telekinesis, parakinesis.

LUVTTATION: The psychic lifting, <lev-ting, loss -f weight, or floating of an object in dofinr-nco to the normal working of the law of gravity.

OCCULT EXPERIMENTS: Psychic or psychical Experimenting -Experiments of a psychic or mystical nature.

THE PENDULUM: A device accredited with supernormal powers for the penetrating find the solving of the known and the unknown in nature.

All of these manifestations : f our psychic powers, as listed, are obviously very unusual occurences» and as such lend themselves wonderfully to .;ur themes of Psychic Magic. In fact, it. Is in the simulating of those supernormal forces that Psychic Magic has its origin, and the more perfect the simulation, the more perfect the presentation of the Psychic Magic.

So we shall pursue in our studies as a matter of the production of genuine psychic occurence (Miracle) together with simulated psychic occurence ("Miracle") - for it is in the skillful "blending of the pseudo with the authentic, that is found tlio real basis for Psychic Magic's rightful place in the AH.T OF 5NTERTAINMEM?•

How Read Palm

The idea that a th>-ught can be transferred from one mind to another, independent of any of the established five senses -sight, heaping,, smell, taste, and touch - is unquestionably one of the foremost psychic questions under consideration today. And by far the great majority of the general public seem to hold faith in the existence of such a faculty; many pi .inting with pride to some personal experience along such lines.

But the cultivation of telepathic powers is such a rarity that the Magician who apparently demonstrates complete mastery of the gift is very much a figure of awe. Hence, to entertainment ends, telepathy becomes a highly valuable commodity with which to experiment.

Perhaps one of tho most interesting of telepathic acts available to the magical entertainer is that phase of mindreading known as Contact Telepathy, in which the performer appears to be able to reccive thought messages from n subject and perform various mentilly retained acts through a mere grasp of a hand on his arm. A number cf performers have made- enviable reputations through this cne feat alcne, and several very worth-while books, such as "Contact Mind-rsading" by Dariel Fitakee and "Hellstromism" by Robert Nelson have been written detailing experiments with this fascinating technique. Contact Telepathy is truly a very worth-while skill to cultivate, for not only does it provide wonderful entertainment in itself, but it also furnishes a readily demonstrable exhibition that co:;:o;j as near to genuine mindreading as anything yet discovered»

In a typical demonstration of Contact Telepathy, the Magician is blindfolded and oscorted from tho rnn. In his absence> the audi one u takes some simple cTajeot, such is -i pencil, and hides it someplace in the laom.

Being recalled, the performer asks for a volunteer to step forward. Ho then explains that the volunteer is to concentrate very intently and grasp his right wrist, t! c-.t he will then obtain an impression directly from the mind of the subject, and if the experiment is ". success, he will actually locate the hidden object.

The volunteer begins to concentrate, and the Magician proceeds to draw him forward, 1 adinr him from spot to spot about the room unti 1 he lafcracul- usly locoes the hidden ob joct•

How can such a fost be accomplished. Is it telepathy? Well, not necessarily so, but there may be a relationship? as we shall later observe. However, for these initial experiments, let's seek the simplest ex plana".! n we can find - -arid Psychologist William James has an answer for the phenomena in his idec-motor theory.

This principle of iden-motor action is based on the promise that every idea held strongly in the mind tends to produce unconscious movements in the muscles t the body. Thus, the volunteer gripping the Magician's wrist, actually unconsciously, leads him directly to the hidden object. Of course, these muscular "cues" are so slight as to bo absolutely invisible to both the volunteer and the audience, only the studied skill of the performer making their interpretation possible.

You can test and observe an example of this ideo-motor action

W think to yourself the id. a of it comm.-ncing to swing from right to loft, from right to left. In a ry mcnt, the- rinr will actually begin to so sway, seemingly of its own volition. Now, while continuing to think of it so swinging, deliberately try to hold your .arm perfectly still ...and yet, the ring continues to swing. Noxt, change your thought to the Idea of the ring commencing tc swing around and around in a circle... and, in dircct response to your thoughts, Iho ring stops its back-and-f: rth path ani begins t * swing in a circle.

So much for an experiment with Chovroul' s Pendulum. The important fact for you to note is that the ring develops its swinging motion entirely independent of any conscious movement on your part, the muscular rospnnse that produces the sway being entirely the product of unconscious muscular movement. Such ic the working of ideo-niotor action - the principal of Contact Telepathy«

for yourself by using a simple device called

for yourself by using a simple device called

In the test ahcut tdi hp described, oh serve how ideo-mo tor action applies not only to the large muscles in movement, "but even worlcs down through to the minute muscles surrounding the blood vessels.

Th-'Ught Discernment

Some years back, the late Joseph Ovette marketed this effect under tho title of "Yogi power"« It was not -an original item with him, but it proved a mystery well worth knowing. The effect is simply that the Magician holds a hand of a spectator in each of his own - See Fig. 2 - then the spectator is told to concentrate upon either of his hands, and the performer instantly divines which h.and is being thought of.

The method is that while he holds each of the spectator's hands, his fingers rest on the wrist-pulse of each h.and - See Fig- 3» With _ your forefinger so resting just under his thumbs, you can distinctly feel the pulse beat in each wri st,

;iext, request the volunteer to clear his mind of all thoughts and to close his eyes. At tho same time you close your eyes, as you secretly take careful tab on his pulse beats and establish the general feel of their rhythms.

Now suddenly request the subject to think of one of his hands, either the right or the left. Immediately he centres his thought in the direction of one of his handr, tho rhythm of the pulse beat in that wrist changea.; it will tend to slow down, skip a beat or two, and will then speed up rapidly. Exact details of the change naturally vary with the individual, but you can easily detect the change, so merely lift up the hand in which you note the effect with the remarkr "This is the hand of which you were thinking.-"

For an initial experiment in Contact Telepathy, before we attempt a more complicated test of locating a hidden object, try one»

this next

Tol..pathic Card Selection

Secure a volunteer who is serious about the experiment and have Mm remove any five cards from a deck, hold them In a fan, with the face toward himself, directly in front of his eyes - See Fig. 4»

Now ask him to mentally select any one of the cards, instructing r

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Fundamentals of Magick

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