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At the beginning of this book, I stated that I would not use any information that has already appeared in my first two books. The previous "Baubles and Gemstones" is the exception.

The previous section is a reprint from "King of the Cold Readers, " in which I am referred to as Shadow Man. The reason for this reprint (along with additional information that is being provided now) is this. If there is one piece of business that I consistently use in every reading, it is "The Telltale Clock. " The information in "King of the Cold Readers" gives you five pieces of information

1. The person's lucky number

2. The person's aura color

3. The person's probable life span.

4. The person's soul-mate's zodiac sign

5. The aura color of the soul-mate.

I am going to give you an additional 7 pieces of information which will give you an even dozen gems to use. The advantage of this system is that the information can be repeated by you weeks, months, or even years later.

6. Life span of soul-mate (which is indicated by the soul-mate's placement on the clock). Simply add the soul-mate's numerical value to the age 80.

7. Treat strangers with caution, especially the sign before the sitter's sign. Libras should be cautious of Virgos, Leos-cautious of Cancerians.

8. Follow the advice of people with the sign following the sitters sign. Aquarians would follow the advice of Pisceans. Aries would follow the advice of Taurus.

9. The number of past lives you have lived is equal to the numerical value of the sign preceding the soul-mate's sign. A Leo would have 10 past lives because the soul-mate of a Leo is an Aquarian, and the sign before Aquarian is Capricorn (number 10).

10. The number of future lives you will have, is equal to the number of the sign following the soul-mate's sign. A Leo would have 12 future lives. The soul-mate of a Leo is Aquarian, the sign following Aquarius is Pisces (12).

11. The person's lucky month would be their numerical sign on the clock 1-Jan, 2-Feb, 3-March, 4-April.

12. The person's spiritual number based on numerology. Double the person's numerical number. Aries(2). Cancer (8), Pisces (24).

Many times during a reading I will be asked:

"How many past lives have I had?," "How many future lives will I have?" "Who should I be careful of?" "Whose advice should I follow?" "What is my lucky month?"

This formula answers those and other questions. Of course, this system has to be practiced, but once learned, it will serve you well. You may have to re-read this chapter several times to master it all, but it is worth the effort. Good Luck!

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