The Ethics Of Pseudopsychic Readings

A man who won't lie to a woman has very little consideration for her feelings —Olin Miller

It is fundamental to note that audiences large or small may mistake a good reader for a genuine psychic,and perhaps attribute more importance to his or her words and impressions than may be appropriate. Only if your reading is generic, will people believe that you are an imposter. How then to present a reading ethically.

The only disclaimer that I use is that, first and foremost, I am a psychic entertainer. If you are performing on stage or on a television talk show, it is not necessary to disclaim real psychic powers. The setting will tell the audience that you are an entertainer. If on the other hand you are being interviewed by Ted Koppel, following your correct prediction of a local election, you should probably emphasize the entertaining nature of your performance.

If you perform private readings, you must be clear that whatever powers or training you may possess, your role as a reader and relationship to the sitter is that of entertainer. When doing cold readings, it is an easy trap to fall into—seeing yourself as a therapist. Understandably, you should not give legal or medical advice unless, of course, you happen to be a lawyer or doctor.

Remember that despite what you may know about marriages, relationships, anxieties, phobias, addictions etc. there is a formal body of knowledge shared by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and others, which you do not possess. If you discuss these matters beyond a passing comment and a referral to a professional, you are engaging in fraud.

A person who comes to you for a reading, should be advised that whatever information you give, the information is based soley on your intuition.

If you think about it long enough, you will realize that, as a reader, you can't give legal, medical, financial, counseling or marriage advice. So, if we go by the letter of the law, there is not too much in those areas that we can talk about. Even so, in the cold reading arena, there is a lot of information you can give, as long as it is not contrary to the opinion of a professional.

For example, if a person for whom I was reading, asked me if I thought she should reduce the medication she is on, I would say that whatever I thought, the decision is one that should be reached between her and her doctor.

Many times your sitter is likely to attribute a range of powers and wisdom to you on the basis of your reputation. Be very careful of what seeds you plant into the mind of your sitter. Most times, a person will approach you for some insights or intuitive thoughts, primarily to see if they give verification to the sitter's own thoughts, hopes and aspirations. Attempt to create a rapport between the sitter and yourself. If as a reader, you have some prejudices that you can't overcome concerning some of the people that come to you—such as age, race, religion or sex—perhaps you should take up a new profession.

Always try to emphasize the positive aspects of your sitter. Whenever I am doing a reading for a very plain or homely woman, I will state that she is a late ; bloomer,and that her future will be a lot happier than her past has been. She has an inner beauty that has been not discovered. Ironically many plain or unattractive women sincerely believe that they are late bloomers and that they are finally ready to come into their own. Reinforce this belief.

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