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In closing, I believe that I have given you all of my secrets. This has been my third and final attempt at sharing my cold reading knowledge with you.

Looking back over the years, I think the first book I read, on cold reading, was by Robert Nelson. Techniques have changed, lifestyles have changed, but people remain the same. As mentioned earlier, this book would not have been possible without the able assistance of my good friend Roy Miller. I applaud his patience with me.

You can read all of the books available on cold reading, yet doing that will not make you expert at your craft. In real estate, it is said that the secret of success is location, location, location. In cold reading it is practice, practice, practice.

My life-long desire is to give to my fellow mentalists confidential information that will allow them to become great readers. I may have forgotten a few things to include in this book, but for the most part, have shared all of my secrets with you. Use them wisely. You have a power, the power to plant positive seeds.

Never abuse that power.


On the following pages, I have included, for your edification, copies of some of the promotional material I have used over the years.

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So for the man or woman that has everything... for the person that is difficult to shop for... a psychic reading may be the answer.

Herb Dewey

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