Behind Their Backs

In most cases, a person's grooming is an indication of their self esteem. By ing Psychic Detective, you should be able to learn a great deal about your ts, simply by observing them. A person who thinks highly of himself, will y reflect that confidence in his style of dress. In any cold reading, there are n signs that you must look for. Contrary to popular belief,it is more rtant to have many small hits, than one or two big ones. Obviously you can a lot about your client before the actual reading begins.In a sense, it's the as amentalist's "pre-show" work.

Many novice readers stare into a client's eyes, looking for some sign of a hit. can accomplish the same thing by listening to the persons breathing pattern, the person is seated at my table, I make an excuse to get up and walk across room for a pen or something. As I pass behind the person, I notice several s. In a sense, it is a body scan. I begin by checking out the top of his head, he need a haircut badly? Does he have a bald spot? Is the collar of his shirt or soiled? Does he wear a hearing aid? A hair piece? Remember that ling you spot can enhance your reading. If your body scan reveals a scar or lark ,or if your client is wearing an earring—the information can help make ^reading better. Are his pants pressed; are they worn and frayed? Are the heels shoes worn down, or are they a shiny patent leather? As you study a woman behind, try and detect if she is wearing a bra or not. Obviously, a braless does not suffer from poor self esteem. Check out her legs from behind for >se veins, pink or red blotches (which may indicate sugar diabetes). If a comes to me in open-toed shoes with painted toenails, wearing an ankle let, I have to assume she is more fashion conscious than a woman who comes in dirty sneakers.

Of course if a man arrives wearing a blue suit, with brown shoes and white these visual clues should tell you something about his sense of style, ntary, My Dear Watson.

Gay or Suspected Gay Clients

I have many homosexual clients, both male and female. Their relationships and trials and tribulations are just as important to them as those of any straight person. One fact I find interesting is that most gays love to get readings. As a matter of fact, many psychic readers are gay. It is of vital importance that you transmit to your client that you know if he or she is gay or not. The basic problem is that when a gay person comes to you for a reading, very rarely will he tell you beforehand what his sexual preference is. Obviously your reading suffers if you miss this point.

On the other hand,what if a person comes to you and you suspect he is gay but you are not sure.The kiss of death is to ask what his preference is, because you ¡ supposed to know. Contrary to popular belief not all gays look gay.

Here is a technique I have used over the years. In every reading you do, mtion that in a previous lifetime, your client was of the opposite sex, and in this "etime, he or she would probably attract both men and women,, seeking his or 1 friendship. I also mention that my client has the ability to think as the opposite thinks. I call it "The Gemini Conflict." Third, I mention that my client has rogynous characteristics. (Androgynous: having both male and female ones.)

Most straight people will not even understand the meaning of •drogynous," but rest assured that all gay people are familiar with this word, w you have made the statement that your client was of the opposite sex in a vious life, that your client has the ability to think like the opposite sex and that client has androgynous characteristics. These statements are certainly not nsive to any straight person,but will be recognized by a gay person right away.

These statements should not be recited one after another, but sprinkled ghout the reading. In this way neither gay or straight client will feel ded.

Always remember that because a persons sexual preference is different than , does not mean that he or she is less of a person. It is also interesting that gays will readily admit to being somewhat psychic.

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