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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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By Dan Schwarz

So. you say that you don't believe in the supernatural: that occult is just so much bunk. You think that the Tarot is a new name for a breakfast drink and the 1 Ching is the new ambassador to the United States from the Peoples Republic of China. Well Bunky. Herb Dewey, a local psychic, thinks that you're probably just unaware of the possibilities in the universe.

Dewey, a resident of the Manchester area for the last 15 years, came by The Journal office this week to read the Tarot for your erstwhile editor and a few of the staff.

Without going into too much personal detail. I have to admit that the reading provided some very interesting moments.

Dewey sat in my office and spread a large blue cloth over my desk (a definite improvement) and proceeded to explain to me the difference between an amateur and a professional psychic. "An amateur will either ask you lots of questions to help him with his guesses or will just make general statements that could apply to anyone."

He told me to shuffle the Tarot deck and to pick out fifteen cards that he laid out on the table face down. Once all the cards were laid out he turned them over and began to tell me things that he saw/felt in the cards.

Many of the statements were of that generic sort he had discussed earlier; you have had a fear of dying young; you could have been a great athlete if you had continued to play sports; you will have great success.

But, in addition to what you would have to call the fortune cookie predictions there were some real humdingers. Among the true predictions that he made were my girlfriend's name, the fact that she was overseas, the fact that 1 had recently had leg surgery and that my father had a long scar on his chest.

In the interest of science and fair play we asked Mr. Dewey if he would consent to read the tarot for two other Journal staff members which he did not expect.

Marti Steiner reports that "I've never really believed anybody can predict the past, present or future through cards." She continued to say "1 didn't really find out anything remarkable, however, I am impressed with the tact that someone can gueslimate a few personal facts from just asking my name and age." But as far as solid evidence of real predictions, Marti said she was "disappointed that he didn't get in-

r missing a few links?

to any good persona! data that pertained to me." There were a tew questions she'd like to get into a little more for example, "who is this male'.' And when will 1 regain my beautiful figure?"

Marti continued, "1 think it may have been the tlcck ol cards he used on me. but I still don't believe in this any more than before." There were a few things Mr. Dewey touched on that related to Marti in a very distant way. "I think if 1 had the opportunity to talk with him longer, it would be more convincing. As for now, I'll remember what he said and sec what happens as I wait here at work for Prince Charming to come pick me up, take me out for food poisoning, get married and have twins while I continue to be 'successful' at what I do. And as for the religious cult that will be asking me to join their group, don't even bother coming to see me."

Winnie Molis. another Journal employee disagrees with Marti. She said that she was "rather impressed" with the reading given by Dewey. "I have had dealings with psychic-phenomena before, and I have had readings done by other well known mediums." Many of the things that Herb Dewey related to her. had been told to her before, and many of them have come true! In the instance of statements related to her by Dewey about her past, Ms. Molis said that she had been told very intimate details known only to her. She is skeptical of the "run-of-the-mill mediums" but "believes Mr. Dewey is truly gifted."

So, what to think. For ages humankind has been obsessed with the concept of another world that parallels this one. into which one can slip to experience the past, the future and other peoples' most intimate thoughts.

Are there people who are bridges or mediums from one world to another. People who claim supranatural powers have long been regarded with scorn by society and who is to say if that scorn is motivated by disbelief or tear.

Herb Dewey feels that he is a link to this other place. Some people may feel that he is missing a few links.

For me, it was interesting chain of events!!

Reprinted from the premier issue of "A Look at the Unusual'


Herb Dewey is perhaps, the most noted psychic on the East coast and has appeared on television, radio shows, and at colleges throughout New England demonstrating his psychic talent. He is a psychic counselor to individuals and business, and uses his clairvoyant ability to make others aware of their universal inter-connectedness. Herb is available for private consultation and advice.

When did you first discover your ability? Or was it that you trained yourself?

Weil, I don't think I was ever struck by lightning. I don't feel that I was ever dropped on my head as a child. I first discovered it as a child. And not having a great deal of money, or food in the house, I found I was very intuitive and perceptive. As a youngster I would lie awake and stare at the ceiling concentrating on the cracks. And try to form different pictures and designs, and 1 felt if I could really tune into those cracks, 1 was really able to make some really interesting pictures. I found later dealing with people, that if I really tuned in on them, 1 had a feeling that they told me things, I had an empathy or rapport for them and many times they asked me how 1 knew that, and I would say, "I don't know, you must have told me." So I was able to sense different things. So I think its a natural ability, I'm a natural psychic. As far as training myself deliberately, the only training I've actually done is reading books on the metaphysical world. I've been tested at Duke University, with what they said was convincing results. I try to expand my mind by reading books on psychic awareness. And I think once you embark on this road to the psychic realm, you are in fact training yourself with each and every book you read.

Do you think children are better able to acquire psi ability? What of the special characteristics of autistic children... would that make them even more sensitive?

Most definitely. I think that within the 20th century children seemed to be conditioned like Pavlov's dogs. They've been told that they can't fly, that they can't do this or that, and that they can't do many, many things. I'm sure if they were raised with reverse psychology they'd find themselves doing many things beyond the norm. I do a lot of work with children, and I find that the children are very tuned into the psychic. I think there is a certain amount of negativity about parents, who can't do these things, because they don't feel they could in the first place. And there is always that part of their brain saying, stop fooling yourself, because you won't move the object anyway. But in Children who truly believe they can do these things, certainly they do. So I would have to say that in the psychic field, children are excellent subjects. This is true up thru their teen years, but, as they grow older, women are better subjects than men. As to autistic children I would have to say, yes, certainly, once a level of communication is established I think that these children or any children, with any kind of handicap, are very precognitive and they can sense things that are going to happen beforehand, and they would probably have "a batting average" on a par with the superpsychics.

In teaching, what do you advocate?

I think that my method is a little different from most of the parapsychology groups around, because I usually use hypnosis with the person I'm teaching to bring out that inner awareness. And 1 find that this does make a person extremely sensitive. And that's the method I've been the most successful with.

Do you believe that hunches-feelings-urges, etc., are manifestations of psi ability?

Definitely. It is just a knowledge we have retained in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is obviously like a giant tape recorder that was functioning before we were born. Even in the womb of our mother, we've been able to absorb energies, voices, and impressions in a sense that its added to our experience. And that experience comes out in hunches. I feel that psi ability is a strong hunch or intuitivenes. And there are many people in the world today who think that anything psychic is black magic, but yet they are intuitive or perceptive. So it's a question of following your hunches.

I believe that Witchcraft is nothing more than 'psi with props',... what's your feeling on this?

I'm being contacted constantly from people here and abroad, who want me to remove a hex or a spell. But I believe the only time witchcraft would work or affect anybody is when the person believes it will. But I would have to agree with that, that witchcraft is nothing but psi with props.

/ am a great believer in "mechanical" aids for beginners... What is your feeling on this?

I believe that the device itself whether in dowsing or psionics lends support to the person telling him, 'Hey, I might be able to do this, I can't do it on my own, I have to have something in my hands' and so they're able to transfer their ability to find whatever they are searching for. However, they might attribute their success to the mechanical tool that they were using, rather than their own ability. But, 1 certainly think that mechanical devices are an aid, to doing these things, and it gives them the support that they need.

In your own experience do you 'get' actual messages in word form or do you get symbols?

I very rarely get messages or hear words, 1 will just see things. I think probably 50% of the novices wait for words on the TV screen in their minds and when this doesn't happen, they feel they're not psychic. But many times people 1 met would give off a sense about themselves ... a certain symbol. For example, if a person is very spiritual, I might sense a cross or crucifix. If I sense a person's past lifetime, I might sense a triangle. If 1 feel that they're confined or boxed in, I might see a square. If I feel that they are paranoid, I might see a circle. And it goes on and on. I think it's a matter of developing your own set of symbols and once you've decided what a symbol means, stick with it. You'll find that you generally dream in symbols and it's not necessary to know what you dream as long as you understand what your symbols mean.

Do you get your insights at anytime day or night or is it just during special times set aside just for that?

1 can set aside anytime. The important thing is not to strain yourself, not try to make yourself get something. But rather to see what elevates from your subconscious mind. We all carry around a bundle of information within our subconscious mind. All we have to do is allow it to surface. But basically all it is, is to make yourself relaxed, open up yourself to this awareness, and let yourself concentrate.

If you believe in reincarnation, do you also believe that the more incarnations a person has, the easier he/she will find it to acquire psychic abilities?

I think the more incarnations, the more you're able to sense. It seems to expose your sense and you become very tuned in. The more lives that you're exposed to the more tuned in you become.

What is your opinion about Past Life Therapy, where the problems of past lives are "carried over" into this one and affect todays ability? I believe that in treating a problem, either hypnotically or thru subliminal messages to the sub-conscius, that all or most of the "root" causes should be treated and not just the manifested "ailment". If any of these root causes come from the past life, or lives, / believe they are very deep and have intensive effects on "todays"personality. (As an example, there could be 3-4 or even more reasons why an obese person overeats and these should all be treated, if possible, rather than simply sending a message to stop eating). What is your opinion?

1 believed that for many, many years. Many times when I've been involved with a person, for a weight problem, for example, I'm fully aware of the fact, that the person may be overweight for many reasons. It may be from tension, stress, or something acted out from a past lifetime. There are many different reasons, some conscious, some subconscious. The person on a conscious level, may not realize what the problem is, so many times in a session, I may instruct them on a subconscious level to ignore past life reasons for overeating.

//one were to seek his/her soul mate, do you have any suggestion on how they could recognize him/her?

If I were to look at a group of people, and in that group of people there was one woman whose eyes struck me...they were beautiful...they were large...they were brown...they were whatever...but they were really a striking feature of this woman, I would have to feel that her soul mate would have the same eyes. 1 f I saw a woman or a man for that matter, who had a particular way of speaking, I think that these are minor, triggering means to the mechanisms that tune into your soul mate.

Have you ever had any experience with telepathic messages to animals? I realize that receiving such messages could be extremely difficult but what of "sending" to a family pet?

Well, the only thing 1 can say is that my wife and I raise dogs, and right now in one of my buildings, I have close to 100 animals. And I do believe it can be done with dogs and cats. I believe it's a matter of having that rapport. I once had a samoyed or sled dog. As a puppy, I would take a lifesaver and put it in my mouth, and I would call the puppy and he would jump in my lap, reach up and pick the lifesaver out of my mouth with his mouth. It got rather bizarre. It got to the point where if the puppy was in the other room, 1 could silently take a lifesaver, place it between my lips and the dog would come helter-skelter and jump up on the couch and take it out of my lips. It was really kind of a strange thing to see. So I do believe there are certain experiences with telepathy that you can do. I think some animals can be telepathically receptive, more so, than others.

My brother out in California learned a technique that he passed on to me, whereby you can run your hands down and around the outside of a persons' body and determine by the differences between cool and warm areas, just where that person is suffering a physical problem. I've tried it many times and it works well. His explanation though is that this is NOT a manifestation of psychic ability but rather a physiological ability in detecting the bodies (or auras) temperature differential. What do you think?

This is called body scanning. Often in a demonstration in the audience I will have people who are sitting next to each other, hold up their hands—hold up their palms about two inches apart. And generally some people will feel heat, some coolness, some a pressure. I don't think it's a manifestation of psychic ability, but I do think it lends a little bit of credence for anyone wanting to find out if they have psychic ability or not. It's very, very important that people receive the affirmation, the positive feelings about psychic knowledge, because if a person wants to learn about parapsychology and he fails miserably on some particular tests or experiments, I think he will go through the rest of his life feeling that he has no ability at all. Whatever tools you are able to use they should be used. Everybody needs a positive support. So this particular demonstration of body scanning with the hands is nothing more than a demonstration of sensing a persons' aura.

Do you have any further comments you'd like to make as we close this interview?

Well, as regards radionic devices, subliminal units, telepathy devices and so forth, I happen to be in favor of some of them. I will think that a person who is entering into this field, the field of metaphysics or parapsychology, would find they'd become very, very tuned in by using one of these tools as an aid. I was particularly impressed with the Omega device. I would think that if a person uses devices like the Alpha II, Alpha III, or Omega, I would think that they'd have the potential, adding to a persons' psychic confidence. If these units were available 25 years ago, there would be many, many more people today that would see themselves as psychic. These units should be used as an aid, not a cure-all or a miracle working unit, but as an aid to helping you discover your psychic ability. I would feel that there are probably thousands upon thousands of small psychic groups around the country, of 4, 5 or 6 people where these instruments would certainly be of benefit as a group tool. They'd certainly get many, many years of use out of it. It's going to be an aid to the conscious as well as the subconscious mind, so I would feel that's a good thing.

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