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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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A stack of ten Tarot Cards are shown and the history of the cards briefly discussed. A prediction is shown in a wallet. The participant is asked to name aloud any number between one and ten. The numerological significance of the number is discussed, and then the participant is asked to deal off that number of cards onto the table. The card they deal down to matches the prediction in the wallet, which is, of course, a joyous card that predicts much happiness in the near future!


You use a force that Bascom Jones discussed in MAGICK a few times, calling it 'the European 10-11 force.' To prepare for this force, while you say you have ten cards, you actually have eleven. The card third from the top is The Lovers, and the card fifth from the top is The Sun.

The Lovers predicts romance, and The Sun predicts success in all endeavors. Duplicates of these two cards are also on both sides of a Himber wallet or a double envelope. Here's how you arrive at either one of your two force cards:

• If the person names '2' you count two cards off the top and turn over the third card.

• If the person names 3' you count down to the third card and turn it face up.

• If the person says '4' you count off four cards and turn up the fifth.

• If the person says '5' you count down and turn over the fifth card.

• For 6, 7, 8, and 9, you turn the stack face-up and count from the bottom.

At any rate, you'll always end up at either The Sun or The Lovers. You open the appropriate side of your flip-flop gimmick and reveal their fortune.


If you hate your audience, you could predict Death or The Tower (which means destruction)! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHA!

The wallet I prefer to use for this routine is the Shogun Wallet and is available from Jerry Mentzer or Al Cohen. This wallet looks like a common bi-fold hip wallet, yet can do many of the same things a Himber wallet can do.

Another idea is to use the entire deck, and force the stack using the Criss-Cross force. Remove your stock and proceed with the routine!

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