Varied Ghost Producer

This is a handy mechanical gadget which may be carried in the coat pocket and used for producing small designs, such as skulls, horseshoes, crosses, and the like, in the dark. It is made from two square pieces of cardboard and one circular piece of cardboard or disk. See illustration. All of these are painted black. On top of the black circle, at various intervals, are painted the designs with luminous paint. A hole, or window, is cut in the top square large enough to permit a luminous design to show through. The apparatus is put together as follows: The square cardboard with the window is placed on top, the disk in the middle, and the solid square on the back. All three are fastened in the center with an eyelet so that the wheel disk may be rotated. A straight pin or a short bolt and nut could also be used for fastening them together.

As the disk extends over each side of the square, it can be rotated with the forefinger. You'll find that this ghost producer can easily be operated with one hand. A turn of the disk and one design appears and the other vanishes.

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