Unusual Living And Dead Test

Several slips of paper are passed among the audience and all except one person is asked to write the name of a living person on his slip. The one exception is requested to write the name of a dead person. A spectator collects the slips in a hat, thoroughly mixes them up, and then brings the hat to the performer. The performer removes a slip, holds it over a candle flame, and announces whether it is the name of a dead person or a live one. When the dead name is finally taken, it is announced as such ar d given back to the spectator who wrote it. There in large letters imposed over his handwriting is the word "DEAD" having apparently been written by some invisible hand.

Beforehand, the slip of paper on which the dead name is to be written is prepared as follows:

On one side, with lemon juice or invisible ink, print in large letters the word "DEAD. " (The invisible ink is made by mixing one part of suphuric acid-H-jSO^-- with ten parts of water.) On the other side of this slip of paper, rub parafin or soap. During the performance, this slip is, of course, given to the spectator with the request that he write the name of the dead person thereon.

After all the slips are passed out and collected, they are held one at a time over a candle flame. You will be able to tell the one with the dead name on it because it will be slicker than the rest and have a different feel. When this one is reached, dramatically announce that on this one is written the dead name, and that it has already made contact with the spirit world. Ask the spectator who wrote the name to come forward, take the slip and tell the audience what he sees written across his writing.

In absolute darkness, the performer reads what is printed on any business card handed to him. He also locates any card called for in a thoroughly shuffled, borrowed deck.

To prepare for these two feats, paint the back of one of your business cards with luminous paint. When the lights are turned out, turn your back toward the spectators, take your prepared business card, and hold it close to your body beneath your coat. The luminous glow will give off enough light to enable you to see the print.

Using the same light, go through the deck of cards noting the uppe;r left hand pips and pick out the card called for.

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