Thread Divination

EFFECT: Several spools of differently colored thread are given to a spectator to examine. The performer turns his back, one is placed into his hand, and 1he others are hidden from sight. The performer turns around, holds the spectator's wrist with his right empty hand, and names the color of the thread.

EXPLANATION: Purchase four or five spools of thread, each of a different color. When a spool is placed in your hand, which is held behind your back, break off a small piece of it while talking. Keep the spool in your left hand and the piece balled up in your right hand between the first and second finger near the base. As you bring your right hand forward to grasp the spectator's wrist, glimpse the thread to ascertain the color. The wrist holding is for effect, and to afford an excuse for bringing the right hand to the front.

Slowly name the color of the thread, then before releasing the wrist, bring the spool of thread in your left hand to the front and hold it up so that everyone may see you are correct. If you repeat the trick, place your hands behind you while still facing your spectators, secretly place the piece of thread in your back pocket, then turn around to receive the next spool of thread.

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