The Rat Returns

EFFECT: The lights are turned out and the medium speaks, "Several years ago, in this very room, a large slimy rat was killed, at the stroke of midnight. Today is the anniversary of that vermin's death. Every year at this time, his spirit hoovers near by. When conditions are just right, it is possible to make the spirit of this rat visible to all earthbound believers. So tonight at this time, we shall attempt to call this spirit forth. " There is a few seconds of quietness, then in the deathlike stillness of the night the spirit of a rat is seen crawling slowly from one corner of the room. Steadily and quietly the spirit continues to move toward the sitters. Suddenly it jumps into the air. Blood curdling screams break the stillness of the night. During this pandemonium, the rat's spirit vanishes as softly and weirdly as it came.

EXPLANATION: First, obtain a large rubber rat from your local dime store and paint it with luminous paint. To his nose attach a strong black thread or string. The rat is hidden in a corner behind some object where it will not be seen when the lights are turned out. The thread is laid on the floor against the baseboard of the wall of the room, and runs from the mouse to where the medium is located. While the medium is talking in the dark, he reaches down, takes hold of the thread and pulls the rat slowly forward. When the rat gets near the spectators, he suddenly lifts it in the air by the thread and lets it swing toward them. The women usually scream of their own accord. If you have a confederate, he can let out a blood curdling scream and this will scare the others.

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