The Dripping Dagger

"Most people are unaware of the fact that invisible vampires are eternally floating about us in space, and living off the blood in our bodies. At night when we are sleeping they suck our blood through the pores of our skin. These soft, ghostlike forms are always careful not to take more blood at night than we can reproduce duriiig our waking hours, so that they may visit us again and again. Working on the theory that anything once visible can be made visible again, scientists have discovered that it is possible to make this stolen human blood once again visible. If, by accident, you can pierce the invisible heart of one of these inhuman creatures, the bright red fluid will be seen. Here I have a dagger, and with it I shall do my utmost tonight to produce this strange phenomena for you. Success cannot always be assured, but let's try. "

After these words, the medium starts swinging the dagger wildly about in the air stabbing here and there. Suddenly and frantically he screams, "Blood! Blood! Bright red, dripping human blood. I did it! I did it! " The blood can be seen dripping from the dagger.

The medium finally calms down, smiles, and speaks, "Its a terrible ordeal to go through. The very moment you pierce the foul heart of a vampire, a strange, weak feeling creeps over you. Scientists say that it is no doubt caused by a hundred or more blood suckers attacking you while you are holding the dripping dagger. "

That is the effect. To accomplish it you, of course, need a dagger. This can be a real dagger or an imitation dagger such as a rubber one from the novelty store. The easiest way to obtain a dagger is to cut one out of wood with a scroll saw and paint the blade with silver paint, and the handle with black paint. The blood is produced with the aid of an eye dropper filled with red cake coloring. Red ink can be used but cake coloring is slightly thicker and looks more like real blood. The eye dropper is secreted in the palm of the hand with the opening down and held there by means' of adhesive tape. The dagger is held lightly in the same hand. When ready to produce the so-called blood, give the handle a squeeze thus pressing the rubber on the eye dropper causing the liquid to flow. Be sure that some of it drips on the dagger blade by tilting it slightly.

To heighten the effect, let the liquid drip onto a white piece of cloth and show it to be blood stained.

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