Spirits In The Dark

A deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator and three cards are freely selected, marked, and replaced in the deck, and the cards again shuffled. The lights are turned off, and the medium commands his spirit control to remove the chosen cards and place them in his pocket. The lights are turned on and the three marked cards are found in the medium's pocket.

This effect is so easy to do that you'll never realize the stupendous impression it makes until you present it as a spirit effect in the dark. Merely use a stripper deck. When the three marked, chosen cards are replaced, reverse the ends of the deck. In the dark run your thumb and second finger along the edge of the cards, remove the three chosen ones, and place them in your pocket. It is positively spectacular when performed in this manner.

Should one of my readers not be familiar with a stripper deck, one may b purchased for a small sum at any magic or novelty shop.

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