Selfcontrolled Ouija Board

An ouija board is placed on an easel in full view of the audience. The heart-shaped indicator is leaned against the board by placing it directly in front on the ledge of the easel. The performer passes among the spectators who ask questions. The heart indicator weirdly moves over the board and answers the questions by spelling out words, pointing to the "yes" or "no" and indicating numbers.

If you are performing on a stage before a large audience, you may use a regular large size ouija board for this effect, but, if before a small group, use a blackboard with letters, figures, 6tc. , written on it with chalk. If you do not have an ouija board, one can easily be made from quarter inch plywood or heavy cardboard. If you use a blackboard, prepare a heart-shaped indicater as shown in the illustration. Letter the blackboard so that it represents an ouija board surface.

Two threads are attached to the indicator as illustrated and passed through two screw eyes on top of the easel. These threads are controlled by an assistant off stage, or, if you are using the effect in the parlor, the assistant may be in another room or behind a screen, depending on the layout of your performing space. In this case the room must be dimly lighted. By manipulating the threads you will find it possible to make the point on the indicator travel to any letter, word, or number desired.

To perform, paes the blackboard (or ouija board) and heart for examination. Place the blackboard on the easel, and as you place the indicator on the shelf of the easel attach the adhesive tapes which are attached to the ends of the threads as shown in the drawing. Pass among the audience and have persons ask you questions which you ask the indicator to answer. The assistant pulls the threads causing the indicator to answer the questions as he deems fit.

If you have a knowledge of any one of the many codes used by magicians for transferring words, numbers, etc., to an assistant this act can be made even more mystifying. For use in seances, this effect may be produced in the dark by having the letters, words, figures, and heart indicator painted with luminous paint. This makes the effect creepy and uncanny.

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