Rope Release No

Two tapes or ropes, each about two y&rds long, are used for this spirit tie. The middle of one tape is placed over the wrist so that when it hangs down both ends arei even. It is then tied on the inside of the wrist, several knots being tied if desired. The second tape is tied on the^left wrist in the same manner. Now the performer places his left hand under his right arm pit, and his right hand OVER his left elbow. The tapes that are now hanging down are all tied together in the center of the performer's back. This is similar to the .way the hands are secured when fastened in a straight jacket. The performer now sits on a straight back chair and the four tape ends are tied to the top rail of the chair near the post on the performer's right hand side. The legs and ... the rest of the body are now tied to the chair with some more tape or rope.

When the lights are turned out, the performer leans back and at the same time sits as far forward in the chair as possible. He pushes his left hand as far under the right arm pit as he can, then with his right hand thumb he seizes the tapes which extend from the right wrist. .These he lifts over his head, and sits around a little toward the right. In this position he has some use of his hands and may obtain an extension rule, reaching rod, or other articles which he may have secreted on his right Bide. Jacoby used to clap his hands together several times and then quickly lift the tapes back over his head replacing his right arm in its original position. Of qourse the lights could be turned on and everything could be examined and would be found as before. Another good test which the author used to use with this tie is to have a harmonica and a ring placed on your right knee. After the lights are turned out, execute the previously described release, place the ring oh your finger and the harmonica in your mouth. Assume your original position and start blowing the harmonica. This is the cue to your assistant to turn on the lights. All may then be examined*

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