Picture Impressions

EFFECT: A geometrical figure is drawn on a small card and it is placed in an opaque envelope and sealed. The wizard holds the envelope to his forehead with his left hand and draws a geometrical figure on a blackboard with his right. The card is removed from the envelope and the two drawings are found to be the same.

EXPLANATION: For this effect, a special piece of apparatus is needed. It can be made from a vial and a piece of closely woven rubber sponge. Cut a

piece of sponge large enough to plug up the open end. See illustration. This sponge is soaked and the vial filled with alcohol. Typewriter cleaning fluid (carbon tetrachloride), may also be used. This apparatus is kept in the coat pocket.

To perform, go into your audience and give someone the card, envelope, and a pencil. Tell him to draw a geometrical figure on the card and seal it in the envelope while your back is turned. Take the sealed envelope and pencil. Place the pencil in your pocket and take out the vial keeping it covered with your hand. The sponge side should be upward so it may be covered with the thumb. As you walk toward the stage, rub the alcohol on the sponge over the envelope. It will become transparent and you can see what was drawn on the card. The alcohol will evaporate shortly leaving no trace. Reach into your pocket and remove a piece of chalk, which you should have previously placed there, and leave the vial in the pocket. Hold the envelope to your head, and draw a duplicate design as you pretend to get mental vibrations from the envelope.

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