Icy Chills

In the dark, the spectators feel soft, wet objects touch their faces and bodies.

To produce this effect, purchase a rubber sponge and cut pieces from it about two inches square or less. These sponge cubes are tied to the ends of pieces of strong thread about two feet long, and these threads are tied intermittently to a long string. Each end of the string is fastened to a stick. Soak the sponges in cold water, and you are ready to perform.

During the performance, the sticks are carried by two people in the dark, one walking on each side of the room with the string and its sponges stretched up over the heads of the spectators. As the two assistants walk, the string is lowered so that the water-soaked sponges hit the spectators in the face and various other parts of the body causing eerie feelings. Sometimes, even icy chills creep and tingle up and down their spines.

Squashed handfuls of cotton, water soaked, may be used in the place of sponges, if the sponges are not available.

-A similar effect may be worked along by having one or two sponges dangling on threads from the end of a reaching rod. This is swished around in front of and against the spectators who are closest to the medium.

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