Ghost Spiders

During a seance, the medium causes ghosts of spiders to appear and float about the room spinning their invisible webs. As they pass near the earth-bound sitters, some of them scream as they feel the eerie cobwebs brushing against their hands and faces.

This effect, if properly presented, is a real spine chiller. Go to your nearest novelty store and purchase some metal spiders. Dip these in luminous paint so they will show up in the dark. To each leg, fasten one end of a piece of black thread about three feet long. A spot of glue will keep the threads from falling off. To the back of each spider, solder an eyelet, and tie one end of a piece of black thread about six inches long to it. Tie the other end to a small wire ring. These spiders are dangled about on the ends of a reaching rod by placing the ring over the hook, or if you use a confederate who sneaks into the room after your circle has clasped hands, the spiders may be hung on long sticks. If two long sticks are used with a spider on one end of each one, one stick may be held in each hand. Thus, the spiders may seemingly float about tar apart, high or low, and up and down as though slowly crawling up an invisible web.

When one of the spiders approaches and passes over an individual, he experiences a creepy feeling as the threads brush against him because they are invisible. Before their appearance, the medium should impress upon the minds of his audience that ghost spiders spin invisible webs. This heightens the effect.

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