Ghost Sounds

Ghost sounds may be produced in the dark in the same manner in which they are produced for radio programs. Here are described several sound effects that are easy to make and which may be used to add chills to a ghost show or a seance. Read them over, use your imagination, and yovu'll find use for most of them. If you have a home recorder, you can make records of these sound effects and use them over and over again.

To produce a noise like a thunder storm, place a teaspoonful of BB shot into a rubber balloon, blow it up and shake it. The pounding surf upon a beach may be reproduced by placing the contents of a package of BB shot in a man's hat box and tipping it slowly from side to side. If you are trying to • contact the spirit form of someone who died by being scalded to death, place a straw in a glass of water and blow gently. It will sound like boiling water and give a more realistic effect to the production of the spirit. Rain may easily be produced, in effect, by pouring salt on a piece of tissue paper, the paper being held so that the salt runs over it and off. If you are trying to produce the spirit of a person -who died in a cave or by falling in a well, talking into a short piece of hose will give the effect of a voice from the depths of a cave or well. Or you could tell a story of some ghosts that dwell in a cave and that when you make contact, they will answer you. The answer, of course, comes through the short piece of hose giving a spooky effect. A ghostly voice may apparently be heard coming from the other end of a telephone by talking into and across the mouth of a drinking glass. Take an egg beater and turn it while it is in a pan of water. This will give an imitation of a motor boat. To produce the sound of a waterfall, let water splash from the faucet into a pan. The crackle of a campfire may be made by crushing cellophane in your hands. A rusty hinge may be used for producing squeaks by bending it slowly back and forth. The air escaping from a rubber balloon when the mouth is held between the thumbs and fingers of each hand and stretched, will produce a strange noise in the dark. Horses hoofs may be produced by using two halves of coconut shells and "clopping" them on the floor or a table. A shrill whistle blown suddenly in the dark will often produce chills up and down the spine. And so on. After reading over this list, you will no doubt be able to create some weird sounds of your own to use in your ghost show or seance.

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