Convincing Spirit Paintings

EFFECT: A blank piece of white cardboard in a wooden frame is shown. Next a box of water colors and an artist brush are displayed. Attention is called to the fact that the brush and water colors are dry and unused. All of these are laid on the table, and the lights turned out. The spectators sit in a circle around the table and hold hands. Finally the lights are turned on, and it is seen that a picture has been painted on the cardboard with water colors. The picture, brush, and paints are passed for examination, the brush and paints being wet now, instead of dry. This is explained by the fact (?) that your spirit control used the brush and paints in the dark to paint the picture.

EXPLANATION: In this effect, the flap slate principle is used. Make a rectangular wood frame about 3/4" wide with grooves in the edge to hold a piece of cardboard. On the white cardboard, paint a picture with water colors, and place this frame about it, and glue or nail it together. From the same kind of cardboard, cut a flap to fit over the picture so that it fits just inside the frame. In your pocket, have a vial tightly corked, and full of water. You are now ready to perform.

To perform this trick, the medium must free one hand as explained elsewhere. In the dark, remove the cork from the vial and pour the water on the paints and brush. You will find you can remove the cork with one hand by holding it between your teeth, or by placing the vial in your right hand, and holding it firmly against the palm with the last three fingers, while you grip the cork with your thumb and forefinger and pull upward. Replace the vial and cork in your pocket. And smear the brush around in one of the paints. Next remove the flap from the frame and place it in your coat pocket. The frame should be small enough so that the flap will not be too large and will fit in the inside or side coat pocket. The lights may new be turned on and the effect finished.

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