Coffee For The Spirits

EFFECT: A cup of coffee is placed on the table, hands held, and the lights turned out. A spirit is invited to drink all he wants. The lights are turned on and the coffee cup is empty.

EXPLANATION: A glass tube with a rubber tube slipped over the outside of it is used. The rubber deadens any sound that might be made if the tube should strike the coffee cup. A straw could be used, but it might bend in the process of taking it from under your vest or replacing it, as this is done with only the mouth.

Beforehand, this tube is placed in the shirt pocket at an angle so that the top of it comes just under the top edge cf the vest. See illustration. Have a small table (a card table will do) in front of you and have someone on the opposite side hold your hands. The cup of coffee is placed in front of you and your forearm and elbows should be resting flat on the table. After the lights are turned off, bend your head and get the glass tube in your mouth, drink the coffee by sucking it up through the tube, and replace it under your vest.

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