Weird Apparition

This is the production of hands and a face in the dark, followed by the appearance of a skeleton body. It must be done by an a ssistant, and when properly executed by him the effect is very frightening. The effect is as follows: The medium is bound to a chair, and the spectators sit in a semi-circle, and all hold hands. The lights are turned out and a ghostlike face and two hands appear in the dark. The hands are close to the face, and they move back and forth as they approach a spectator, then all at once, they make a grab for him with an unusually long reach. Next one hand starts moving upward, then the other one downward until they are ten feet or more apart. Suddenly, a gun is fired at close quarters, there is a flash of fire, and a full grown skeleton stands before the horrified spectators.

Get a skeleton halloween mask and a pair of white gloves. White working gloves from the dime store will serve the purpose well. Paint these with luminous paint. Also buy a black halloween suit with a skeleton painted on the front. It comes with a black hood and mittens which have bones painted on them to represent the bones in the hands and wrists. These mittens can be discarded as in this effect you use gloves instead of bony hands. Paint all the white which represents bones on this costume with luminous paint except those on the sleeves. Get a large piece of black cloth, such as black sateen, and make a sack?like dress to slip over the head. Holes are made on each side for the arms to go through. This may be made long enough to cover all the skeleton bones on the front of the costume that were painted with luminous paint. One snap fastener near the neck will hold the dress in place. This is worn over the costume to keep the skeleton body from showing. You will also need a 22 caliber revolver and some 22 blank cartridges. A bingo shooting device as sold by novelty shops could be used but the report would not be as frightening.

To perform, the assistant puts on the mask, gloves, costume and dress over it. The gun is placed in his hip pocket. The halloween costume snaps in the back and there is plenty of room to reach through to obtain the gun. When he makes his appearance only the head and gloves show. These gloves, or hands, should be held on each side of the chin palms forward and fingers slightly curved. As this apparently floating apparition approaches the spectators, the hands should move back and forth in short sweeps as though they are trying to grab someone. On the final grab, the hands are extended full length and almost touch the spectators.

Now, if the right hand is held over the head at an angle to one side and the left hand downward at an angle, the distance the hands are apart becomes very deceptive in the dark, and appears to be much greater than it actually is. If a straight line could be drawn from one hand to the other, the line would be in a similar position to that of one of the cross lines on an X.

Next, unsnap the fastener on the dress, place the top of the dress in a position to drop down, and hold it up with your left hand. With the right, remove the gun and fire it, at the same time letting the dress fall to the floor. Thus, the skelton body is materialized. After walking about and scaring the people, remove the gloves and mask, and hold them under the dress goods near the top. Hold this dress in front of your luminous bones, and sneak back to your hiding place.

In private homes this effect should be produced in the basement if a real gun is used as the flash from the gun might cause damage. I usually sneak my assistant in through the basement door before the seance begins, the guests being upstairs waiting for the others to arrive. Because there was no place to hide, I have often found it necessary to hide my assistant in the coal bin, having him sneak out into the room after the lights are off. In such an emergency, you may also have him come in from the outoide after the lights are turned out. Just leave the door slightly ajar, and be sure your audience is not facing the door.

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