Girls Name

EFFECT: Eight pieces of cardboard, each bearing a different name of a girl, are handed to a spectator with the request that he remember any one of the names. He is now asked to mix the cards well, and place them face down on the table in two rows. The performer takes a pencil and slowly taps each card. As he does so the spectator mentally spells his card in his mind, thinking one letter with each tap. When he has completed spelling the name mentally he says stop. The card last tapped is then turned over and on it is the name of which he thought.

EXPLANATION: This is a self-working effect that can easily be made. Eight pieces of cardboard about 1 1/2" x 2" are cut from some office index cards. On each one is typed the name of a girl. Use the following names: Ann, Ruth, Alice, Evelyn, Lillian, Lorraine, Geraldine, and Clemintine. On the back of each card is typed the words, "A Girl's Name.11 One letter in those words on each card is struck over once or twice so that it will be slightly darker than the other letters on that same card. After the first two raps, which may be on any two cards, the taps follow a certain sequence, and these dark letters are your guides. The first

dark letter is "G" and this is made on the back of the card bearing the name "Ann. " Strike over the letter "I" on the back of the card with the name Ruth, "R" on the one with the name Alice, "L" on the one bearing the name Evelyn, "S" on the one with the name Lillian, "N" on the one with Lorraine, "A" on the one with Geraldine, and "M" on the card bearing the name Clemintine.

You will notice that each name in sequence has just one letter more. Thus, by tapping any two cards first and the one with the dark "G" third( if the chosen name is Ann) your pencil automatically falls on the correct name. Your fourth tap would be on the dark "I" which is Ruth, and which consists of four letters, and so on. Further note that by beginning your third rap with the proper dark letter and following through as though spelling the word's "GIRL'S NAME, " there is nothing to be remembered.

NOTE: The typing should be done before the cards are cut small as it is difficult to type on such small cards. To make the job easy, use the upper left hand corner of a #3" x 5" office index card for each name and cut away the surplus.

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