USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition which

• Is a statement that explains how you are different from your competition.

• Summarizes the main benefit of your service/product.

• Can be based on anything related to your service/product.

• Motivates your prospect to do business with you, rather than with one of your competitors.

You can have several USPs. Write down all the benefits you currently provide and ones that you think will be appealing and can provide. Create statements based on the benefits and use some or all of them in all your marketing communication. You may choose one main one to use as a slogan on all your marketing materials. It certainly will be included in your marketing plan. Often this is where you will create them too.

Positioning your magic show competitively requires an understanding of your target market. Not only must you be able to describe every benefit of your show, products and support services, you must also be able to describe your competitors', and explain why yours is better. Positioning your show involves two steps. First, analyze your USPs, and decide how they differentiate your show/services/products from the competitors'. Second, decide what type of buyer is most likely to purchase your product. Pricing and placement are critical to competitive positioning. Keep in mind, though, often a higher fee translates to a better show in the mind of the booker. You may be competing with lower priced acts and that fact alone may give you a better chance of being hired. You should, however, be competing in a market that you know, through research, can afford your fee and therefore you are likely to be competing with similar priced acts. Do not base your USPs on low pricing. You would only do that if you wanted to be a "Hundredaire Magician" and not a "Millionaire Magician".

Note: Do the best show you can and offer extra service to increase the value. Compete in and target the highest paying market that your quality and type of performance will permit. Price yourself at the top of that market.

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