Stage Movement

Acting And Stage Movements, White, Marguerite Battye, $12

The Articulate Body, Anne Dennis, $16 The Expressive Body, David Alberts, $16 TYPES OF ACTING Comedies

Comedy Improvisation: Techniques For Actors, Horn, $12 Commedia Dell'Arte, John Rudlin, $18 The Craft Of Comedy, Athene Seyler, $15 Improv: An Actor's Handbook, Greg Atkins, $12

Improv Comedy, Andy Goldberg, $12 Improve With Improv, Brie Jones, $12 Improvisation Starters, Philip Bernardi, $12 Dialects

American Dialects: An Actor's Manual, Lewis Herman, $17 Dialect Monologues Vol 1.1, Roy Karshner, $15 Foreign Dialects: An Actor's Manual, Lewis Herman, $20 Dramas

Drama Improvised, Kenneth Pickering, $12 Drama Worlds: Framework For Drama, Cecily O'Neill, $24 Improvisation In Creative Drama, Betty Keller, $11 Improvisation In Drama, Anthony Frost, Ralph Yarrow, $40 Shakespeare

I graduated from William Davis's (the Cancer Man on X-Files) fulltime acting school in 1999. Our final project was "A Midsummer's Night Dream', in which I played, Bottom (the Ass). Talk about type casting!

Acting In Shakespearean Comedy, VHS, Janet Suzman, $40 Acting With Shakespeare Janet Suzman, $11

Classical Acting, Malcolm Morrisom, $18 Free Shakespeare John Russell Brown, $11 Free Shakespeare's Voice, Kristin Linklater, $12 Playing Bits & Parts In Shakespeare, M. M. Mahood, $30 Shakespeare & The Actor, Meredith Anne Skura, $18 Careers in Acting/Directing/Film

These books will provide useful pointers on the business of acting. They will also help you understand the all important industry etiquette.

Acting As A Business, Brian O'Neil, $13

Acting Professionally, Robert Cohen, $13

The Backstage Handbook: Who To Contact, Sherry Eaker, $16

Careers For The Stage Struck, Lucia Mauro, $8

Career Management For The Actor, Terrance Hines, $13

Careers Without College, Kathryn A. Quinlan, $14

Creating A Complete Career, Rosary H. O'Neill, $20

First Steps Towards An Acting Career, Rideout, Dench, $15

From Agent To Actor, Adgar Small, Edgar Small, $12

How To Be A Working Actor, Mari Lyn Henry, $16 How To Become A Working Actor, Susan Wright, $9 How To Market Yourself As An Actor, Andrew Reilly, $16 How To Sell Yourself As An Actor, K Callan, 1996: $15 Glam Scam: Avoiding The Casting Couch, Erik Joseph, $12 A Guide To Breaking Into Show Business, Terry Chayefsky, $13 It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here, Charles Grodin, $12 Launching Your Child In Show Biz, Dick Van Patten, $14 Successful Careers In LA, Judy Kerr, $16 Movie Extra's Guide Book, Cullen Chambers, $16

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