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Q. How can we find out more about [Your Name]?

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You can and should get booked on local and national talk shows. I have been on many as mentioned in the lesson on promotional material.

Each talk show has a different set of criteria for selecting guests. Here is the information you need to submit yourself as a potential guest on some of the major shows on national television:

The two toughest and most desirable shows to get on are Letterman and Leno. I spoke with a representative at the Leno Show who told me: "We get hundreds of packages a week and we don't do Mentalists, Magicians, or Hypnotists and the packages are automatically sent back to the sender".

The only way for you to get on these shows, unless you are a celebrity or just happen to get lucky or work hard at being seen by the right person at the right time, is to be creative in your approach. They do not care how good you are. I am going to tell you how to fit into their current format. That is the most realistic way of getting on one of these shows.

Go to their web site and check out their current interests in stories. Find a way to fit into THEIR programming. Of course you will tie your magic into the approach. A clip of you performing magic on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or The Late Show with David Letterman will instantly increase your fee and marketability. Since this is the only realistic way to make this happen, why not give it a shot?

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