Onboard Hierarchy

Captain (Master of vessel)

Staff Captain (2nd in command)

Chief Purser (3rd in command)

Hotel Manager (4th in Command)

Cruise Director (responsible for all entertainers)

Guest Entertainers

Musical Director (responsible for sidemen and musical groups) You

Officers: Officers are a breed apart. Unless you have already been exposed to a military environment, it can take some getting used to. Officers live in a world where strict obedience and respect are of the utmost importance. If you show officers the respect they expect, you will not have a problem. The best answer to an officer's command is a prompt and enthusiastic "YES SIR!"

Cruise Director: He/she is in charge of all on-board entertainment and has a long and hectic schedule. The Cruise Director can fire anyone who is not fitting in. Make it a point to cultivate a good relationship with your Cruise director.

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