Beyond the Word: The World of Mime, Stefan Niedzialkowski, $13

From Mime to Sign, Gilbert C. Eastman, $28

Mime: Basics for Beginners, Cindie Straub, $22

The Mime Book, Claude Kipnis, $12

The Mime, Speaking: Poems, Thomas Gardner, $15

Mime Ministry, Susan K. Toomey, $11

Mime Spoken Here: A Guide to a Personal Style, Tony Montanaro, $20

Mime Spoken Here; The Performer's Portable Workshop, Tony Montanaro, $35

Mime Time: 45 Complete Routines for Everyone, Happy Jack Feder, $11

Talking About Mime: An Illustrated Guide, David Alberts, $15 Clowning

Be A Clown! - The Complete Guide to Instant Clowning, Turk Pipkin, $8

A Clown (I Want to Be Series), Ivan Bulloch, $5

A Clown (I Want to Be Series), Ivan Bulloch, $10

Fool of the Kingdom: How to Be an Effective Clown Minister, Philip D. Noble, $11

I Want to Be a Clown (Start To Read), Sharon S. Johnson, $6

The Most Excellent Book of How to Be a Clown, Catherine Perkins, S&L: $22

BUSINESS-SUCCESS & MARKETING BOOKS Sales and Selling Professional Services

Let's Get Real - Mahan Khalsa - Excellent book if you really can't stomach the thought of being a "sales-person".

Non-Manipulative Selling - Alessandra & Wexler- Effective approach to selling that provides a 'breath of fresh air' when compared to many other selling tactics.

Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive - Harvey Mackay -Mackay's first book full of great stories and the "Mackay 66" system for keeping track of prospects and clients. Another great one is: Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt.

The New Conceptual Selling - Miller & Heiman - Removes a lot of the mystery about selling and gives a deeper understanding of what is going on with the buyer and the whole process in general. Excellent. Their book The New Strategic Selling is also excellent, with more focus on selling to corporations.

Selling to Vito - Anthony Parinello - This is a unique book that focuses on the exact process for selling to VITO - the Very Important Top Officer. He gives details on everything from sending an initial letter to following up to closing the deal. Wow.

The Power to Get In - A step-by-step system on how to "get in the door" with anyone.

203 Ways to Be Supremely Successful in the New World of Selling -John Graham - The author of Magnet Marketing provides the same keen insight and understanding to the sales process as he did with the marketing process. You will make more sales after reading this book.

I'll Get Back to You - Robert Shook & Eric Yaverbaum- 105 very useful tips on how to get people to return your calls and other helpful sales tips. Just one tip could get you in for that all-important appointment.

The Zen of Selling - Stan Adler - A series of 17 wise stories about various sales principles. Simply delightful, you will read it over and over again.

Sales Dragon - John Scevola - It includes over 2,000 aphorisms about life, success and selling - many based on ancient Chinese wisdom. Very inspiring.

Mindworks: Unlock the Promise Within: NLP Tools for Building a Better Life - Anne Linden - A book about communication that explains NLP in an easy-to-follow style with great examples and insights. Excellent.

Stop Selling - Start Partnering - Larry Wilson - This book will help you to stop seeing selling as a collection of techniques and start to see it as a long-term relationship.

The One Minute Salesperson - Spencer Johnson and Larry Wilson -This little book distills some of the most important selling concepts and principles and is a must-read.

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