Magician B

• Great Show most of the time, sometimes just a good show

• Always shows up 5 minutes before show time, often in a panic

• Usually friendly, but moody, so you never know

You have a $100,000 budget for special events for the year as the marketing manager. Who are you going to hire? Would the money you are going to save with Magician B, be worth the aggravation and uncertainty? No!

The example I give above is not based on speculation. The numbers are not exaggerated. This is based on my actual experience. Not on just one occasion, but time and time again. Do you get the point? You can charge higher fees and get more bookings by being great to deal with. You become the "Go To" guy or gal when it comes to booking a magician. Your clients brag about you and covet your time. They don't even consider booking another act regardless of cost. They throw incoming brochures or sales letters of other Magicians in the garbage. They have a special file for you if you care to see them. When possible they plan their event date around YOUR schedule.

Does this sound too good to be true. If it does, cancel that thought right now! Do not underestimate the power of building relationships and profiting from them. Sweet deals, favors, preferential treatment and a whole lot more can be yours. It all begins with you, your business practices, and your attitude towards others.

People form their opinion of you, consciously or not, within the first few seconds of contact. It is crucial to your success to present yourself in a professional and likeable manner.

There are certain specific traits that successful people share. Some will come naturally to you, some you will learn. Some you will not agree with, or like, and will resist. These are the ones you need to work on the most.

You see, the ones you are uncomfortable with are the ones that have been holding you back. They will be the hardest to understand or accept for a combination of reasons. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone if necessary. You won't find anything radical, so don't worry.

Here is a list of some of the traits I want you to think about now. Many more will come up and be discussed as you progress through this book. You will also be asked to refer back to some of these principles as we apply them in practical scenarios that you will be dealing with.

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