Lesson 22 Synergistic Ventures

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If you want to make some serious money, and I think you do, then start a business that is synergistic with your magic business. The right business, set up the right way, and operated with systems in place, can make you rich. It is ideal to choose businesses that complement your existing activities as a magician and that target customers to whom you are already marketing to. Also consider businesses that fit your lifestyle as a magician.

A natural and perhaps obvious business that you may consider is an entertainment-booking agency. The start-up cost can be minimal and the rewards will come to you in many ways. You can start immediately and begin earning income in your first month. I started an entertainment agency in 1987 as a result of having more bookings than I could handle and having an awareness of my customer's needs, plus a continuing desire for multiple streams of income. The business that I formed was called Funtime Express, and I sold the company for $299,000.00 in 1997. The business was a one-person home-based operation. I ran it during the normal course of my business day while also booking my own shows. The entertainment agency alone earned an average of $180,000 per year during the last few years I was in business.

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Another terrific business that I started as a result of being a magician was a toy company. In 1980, while still in high school, I noticed that Santa Claus would almost always distribute toys to the children at the Christmas parties that I was performing at. I began asking every company that I was being booked to perform at if I could supply the toys for their party. Most agreed, and my mom and my girl friend wrapped and labeled the orders, and the parcels were sent to each company prior to their party. In my first year, the sales were approximately $5000.00 for the month of December. I sold this company in 1995 when my December sales were just under $200,000 with a net profit of around $100,000 for the month.

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The synergy of my businesses is apparent. Every company that I would perform my magic show at was a potential client and usually became a customer of my toy and entertainment company. And guess what? Every new client of my toy company was a potential client and usually became a customer of my entertainment agency. They would also usually end up booking my show for at least one of their corporate events each year.

It is really not too hard to become wealthy when you have the advantage that we do as entertainers. You simply need to educate yourself, treat people fairly, and listen to the needs of your customers.

Toys and entertainment companies are by no means the only companies that are logical for a magician to be in. Both have worked well for me, and I recommend you start one or both of them yourself. Other businesses you might consider are a magic store, inventing effects, or building props. Whatever you do, consider using the Internet to your advantage.

By adding business and/or motivational content to your shows you can greatly increase your fees and open up a whole new world of opportunities for yourself. Speakers earn fees generally starting at $1,000 and up to $100,000 for some celebrities and ex-politicians. By simply adding 'educational' or 'inspirational' content to your presentation, you can instantly increase your fee by at least $1,000. Add yet another $1,000 if you join the ranks of 'author' and have a book published. Then add the profit from the books. Get the idea? Naturally, the principles regarding the quality of your entertainment apply to the delivery and content of your information.

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You will learn a lot just by reading the information on each site. I highly recommend you spend some time "surfing". You will need to be connected to the Internet to view the following resources.


The following recommendations have been among dozens that I have personally invested all very different and compliment one another. recognize from earlier lessons in this book.

Internet Marketing Center

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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